Why Do College Baseball Players Use Aluminum Bats

Why Do College Baseball Players Use Aluminum Bats?

In almost every game, the players making use of the equipment determine how the game moves on. Attempt playing tennis thirty-year-old racquets made of wood or try making an imagination of an American football soccer game!

Making changes to the equipment and a different game you come across with. In our opinion of the Baseball game, we intended to analyze the baseball instruments, specifically bats.

Types of Baseball Bats

different types of baseball bats lying against a chain-link fence

With the technical advancements moving quickly, safety guidelines move slowly to get closer to certain bats until they get to player bags.


These advancements were designed by the BBCOR Bat, being the only bat design available for college and high school baseball. Just put it like this, these bats are designed to sustain equal efficiency across their lifetime to regulate safety properly. They are also resilient compared to their counterparts to management.

Composite Bat

This bat is the peak of the madness. Informal observers might realize the discernible “THUD” of those kinds of bats that most bats develop while hitting a ball compared to the typical “PING.” Composite bats don’t break down in a true supervillain fashion. But, over time, they get stronger.

The Invention Of The Aluminum Bats

During the mid-20s, the initial metal baseball bats, although when they communicated with the baseballs, they did much-admired starched scars. In case proper contact was developed, they would occasionally bend and dent.

In 1970, aluminum bats were adequately efficient for massive production. Immediately in 1974, the NCCA authorized the use of Aluminum bats, and Easton began the revolution with Louisville slugger quickly chipping in.

Why college players use baseball bats made of aluminum?

In terms of both performance and weight, aluminum bats are incredibly different from bats made of wood. They are lighter than up to five ounces in terms of weight. Due to this lightweight, it has wider barrels. Therefore, it is effortless to swing aluminum bats while playing Baseball compared to a wooden bat.

Once the ball comes out of the ball, the toughness and the hardness of aluminum bats lead to efficiency and higher speed. In the leading Baseball League, all the teams utilized bats made of wood since aluminum bats control the Baseball game on the lower levels. Hence, in small college teams, such bats are preferred.

Strictness on Aluminum Bats

Wood vs. metal has been a confusing topic over recent days. There are many claims that more battered balls are highly vulnerable to injury to fields and pitchers. Both infielder and pitcher are greatly influenced by aluminum bats. Up to 108,976 children were treated in emergency healthcare facilities in 2009 due to accidents related to the Baseball game on a Product Safety Commission basis. In both high school and middle school, using aluminum bats must be banned.

Changes in the Aluminum bats by the NCA board

Using aluminum bats is not safe. They don’t make Baseball players get prepared for the second game, like players who play the game using wooden bats. Through reducing the ball’s maximum output speed, the committee altered the aluminum bat specifications. Therefore, during the 2011 season, they are said to create wooden bats in plenty. Later in 2011, a high rate of aluminum bats drop-off took place at the college level.


Which ones are more preferred between ash/maple bats?

Intensity and density are the significant differences between maple and ash bats. Without much, ash timber is more flexible and denser, whereas maple is dense and strongest.

Which wooden bat is known to be durable?

The first baseball bat is Hickory, and it’s considered to be the toughest and heaviest of all fattening tree species. It’s incredibly rigid and has no bend.

Who invented the first aluminum baseball bat?

In 1924, William Shroyer owned the first metal Baseball, although it was not used in Baseball until it was introduced later in 1970 by Worth. The first small aluminum bat and the first aluminum unit bat were later established by Worth.

Why do aluminum bats hit farther?

They have bigger barrels, and since they are a bit lighter, you can swing them faster compared to how you can swing the wooden bat. Additionally, their resilience and hardness results in further greater speed once the ball comes off the bat.

Final Thoughts

Baseball players are very powerful and can arrive at harmful levels. The most important thing is, after all, but time for a change. The involvement of modern technology in any game’s equipment will generally lead to fundamental changes.

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