VeloPro Harness Review Improve Bat Speed By 5-7 MPH

Velpro Baseball & Softball Hitting and Pitching Training Harness Review 2022

As a baseball or softball player, you might have heard about the VeloPro Harness but you are not very sure of what this training equipment is all about. If that is the case or if you know what it’s all about but don’t have the fine details about it, this review is for you.

What is a Velopro Training Harness?

The Velopro Training Harness is a training gear that attempts to release the greatest power and speed for pitchers and batters.

This tool was created and popularized by a previous Major League pitcher, Jim Parque, and is at present being used by many MLB teams.

This VPX Harness has changed the way baseball and softball players train since it trains them to open their most noteworthy potential while improving their precision and speed.

VeloPro Harness

Velopro Harness in Baseball and Softball

Baseball and Softball are similar sports which include four principal activities: pitching, fielding batting, and base running.

While in this article we are not talking about fielding and base running, we can comfortably say the VPX Harness Training gear unquestionably has taken care of us in pitching and batting in both softball and baseball.

Velopro provides a similar training gear for both the games as the preparation associated with the two is generally the same.

Many pitchers around the world have improved their pitching, and many batters have fine-tuned their swinging procedures in both baseball and softball with the use of this training aid.

So, to summarize it, VPX Harness has done marvels for players in softball and baseball who were hoping to advance their swinging effectiveness or ace their pitching efforts.

How Velopro Harness Improves Batting?

Regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt, inevitably, your presentation relies on your latent capacity, and this is the place Velopro comes in the image.

Irrespective of whether its softball or baseball, batters on the field regularly battle with swinging procedures and other mechanical issues.

Once in a while, they are late with their leave speeds, or here and there they can’t find that ‘sweet spot’ on the bat bringing about a mishit. VPX Harness causes them to fix all these and different blemishes inside long stretches of training.

The Velopro Harness furnishes players with prompt positive or negative input with each rep, along these lines aiding them to remain ‘associated’ with their body and consequently improving their exhibition.

This equipment has also improved the batters’ plate inclusion, in this way empowering them to expand their batting zone.

This game-changing harness can build your leave speed by 20-25% while giving you an improved dispatch edge by over 5%.

Numerous batters have improved their entrance and leave speeds, swinging slip-ups, and hip movement by utilizing this apparatus.  This, however, encourages you to build your hand and bat speed by 5-7 MPH.

The VPX Training Harness has truly improved the game for batters by upgrading their swing efficiencies as well as by in a split second amending any development lack.

How Velopro Harness Improves Pitching?

Coming to pitching, the VPX Harness training gear has made huge commitments in this segment of the game also.

First off, this tool improves the pitching efficiencies for the pitchers and encourages them to open their true power.

Pitchers are known to increase 4-6 MPH of speed inside 3 weeks, hence improving their turn and order rates just as amplifying their dispatch points.

The VPX harness prepares your hips to stack, empty, and move vitality appropriately. It has likewise drastically changed the position of pitchers on the field by aiding them to arrive behind them after tossing a ball.

A fruitful heel landing massively improves a pitcher’s general stretch point, in this manner aiding them to upgrade their precision and speed.

Aside from this, it likewise prepares you to build your turn rate by 20% and your order rating by over 30%.

Different pitchers around the globe are known to have encountered better order, pitch speed, off-speed break, and so on after strictly training with the VPX Harness.

It has worked for the MLB pitchers, and it will unquestionably work for you too. 

What is Included in the Package for the Velopro Harness?

The Velopro Harness is available in different bungee and waist sizes to ensure that they can care for the requirements of all players in all positions and ages.

Not just that, the total package of the VPX Harness Training system incorporates all the essential gears to guarantee that you have the correct understanding.

Each Velopro buy incorporates:

  • 1 Foot Strap
  • 1 Waist Belt
  • 2 Bungee Cords.

These Bungee cords are specific resistance bands with astounding adaptability so they can withstand intense training sessions without wearing out or snapping.

So also, the waist belt and the foot strap and are made of strong and sturdy material to ensure that you can practice with ease.

How to Put On Velopro Harness

The straightforwardness of this harness is the thing that makes it stand out. Disregard complicated gears that expect you to filter through a manual each time you need to put it on. With VPX Harness Training gear, it will take you a moment to strap it on and get going.

You can use this harness in the back hip and on the front hip. Each ‘use’ necessity relies upon the player and his pitching need.

To accurately put it on, suck in your stomach and wrap the stomach belt around your waist over your tummy button. Ensure that it is firmly secured and put well over your hip bone.  Confirm that the D rings are situated along the base of the waistline.

Get in a stooping position and venture inside the foot strap while cutting the bungee rope to guarantee safety.

Additionally, ensure that your belly belt doesn’t droop. ‘Drooping’ can cause inappropriate working of the harness.

That is it! You are now prepared and great to go with the VPX Harness.

General Product Quality of Velopro Harness

Quality is the key, and that is the thing that we are going to cover in this segment.  In the first place, the waist strap and the bungee lines are available in various sizes to address all the requirements of the different players.

Other than this, the bungee cords have a double-walled design that gives consistent resistance when contrasted with the other commercial cables found in the market.

They even give satisfactory ‘heat reception’ that ensures that the elasticity of these cords doesn’t wane with training.

Aside from the gears previously included with the harness, it likewise arrives with a discretionary thigh strap that smooths out opposition along your straight drive lines, which further enhances the outfit for you.

On durability, the bungee cords the waist belt as well as the foot strap; all the three things are made with solid impenetrable material that can endure many years of training sessions.

This harness can be used by players of diverse sizes and body types who are 11 years old and above.

This harness comes with a ‘100% guarantee for satisfaction.

Indeed, Velopro has such a great amount of confidence in its product that they guarantee if the players don’t see notable improvements within three weeks, they can send back the harness and get their cash back!

Expected Improvements after Using Velopro Harness

What upgrades should be expected with the VPX Harness? By what method will you notice these enhancements? Let’s get the answers to these questions.

It is vital to bear in mind that this is a self-training gear that will assist a player to focus on his imperfections and correct his body movement to ensure that he/she can do the best on the field.

However, the improvements, in the long run, vary from player to player; it eventually comes down to which skill they are attempting to improve and how well they are practicing with the equipment.

In a nutshell, the improvements may appear to be unique for various players since this is a multi-purpose self-rectifying harness.

It’s worthy to note that this harness gives quick sensory feedback if there an inappropriate movement occurs the gear encourages the player to recognize his mix-ups and correct them immediately.

It boosts your mechanical efficiency as well as improves your precision and speed on the field.

The VPX Harness additionally prepares a player to upgrade his dispatch angle and divert his posture to ensure that he increases his energy loads.

It likewise lessens the odds of getting injuries by giving extra ‘throwing shoulder support’ which further improves the recuperation rates of the players in the event of an injury or sprain.

Throughout the years, numerous batters and pitchers have improved their game by upgrading different skills like their, their swinging mechanics, pitching deliveries, heel landing, improved plate coverage, better launch angles, increasingly vigorous entry, and exit speeds, and so forth.

This equipment has enabled these players to remain in a state of harmony with their entire body while using appropriate hip movements and great footwork when on the field.

While this outfit has a great deal to offer, it finally comes down to how well you remember it for your training regime.

FAQ about Velopro Harness

How long does it take to get results?

The VPX Harness is an incredible training aid that empowers a player to utilize their 100% power while tossing or batting a ball.

And taking everything into account, the players experience excellent results within 3 weeks or less.

What is the right bungee waist size or length for me to purchase?

Since each competitor is distinctive concerning their shape and size, the Velopro has created diverse waist belts and bungee lengths to fit the requirements of these players.

Also, as you buy, you will be furnished with the measurements alongside the available alternatives for the same.

Likewise, in case you buy an inappropriate size, you can email them and get the equipment replaced.

How regularly should I practice with this tool?

You can’t see the ideal outcomes except if you put in the necessary efforts.

What’s more, the same is pertinent here. For you to see the important improvement in your performance, you should use the VPX Harness Training gear about 3-4 times each week for at least 30 minutes in every training session.

However, you have to ensure that you are using the harness accurately and holding fast to the directions given.

Final Words

Of course, you know that without practice, perfection becomes an ever-elusive goal. What’s even better is that using the right harness in your baseball practice makes you unbeatable.

The VPX Harness Training gear is changing the way baseball, and softball players practice their sporting skills.

Any individual who is battling to expert sharpen swings skills or improve their pitch deliveries can purchase this piece of equipment.

This equipment doesn’t simply assist you with fixing your imperfections but it also trains you to realize your full power capability.

If you are somebody who is hoping to polish your ability on the field, at that point this one is for you.

With the Velopro Training Harness, you’ll hardly get it wrong. Use the equipment as directed and ensure you up to your baseball or softball skills and prowess.

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