The Top Leg Guards for Catchers

The Top 10 Leg Guards for Catchers in 2022 Reviews

Anybody that has ever played catcher will know exactly how unpleasant and rough it tends to be. It harms, from twisting around and making about unimaginable gets, to getting hit with batted balls. It’s not generally the best time to work on the planet. If you have ever scrutinized the industriousness of a baseball or softball player, you may need to reconsider it, in any event to the extent this position goes. 

Today, we will be discussing leg monitors, a fundamental component that all catchers must have to keep them safe and save them in the game to the extent that this would be possible. You won’t do much this season without the best leg guards out there, so we’ll be investigating them and separating it for you today in our purchasing guide.

We’ll likewise be bringing the best ten list to you, so sit back (or hunker down) and prepare! 

A Short History

Baseball can be traced to a period where life was substantially more essential than it is currently. In any case, that doesn’t imply that they were pondering the best in class mechanical progressions that would assist them in showing signs of improvement and being increasingly secure. Some portion of that was the leg watch.

As time passed, they understood that a leg watch was necessary and that it must be a piece of the whole catcher’s set. Like a jouster without his leg watch, a catcher without one would be an objective ready for the picking.

While the capacity hasn’t changed in almost a century, new augmentations have been made to make them increasingly portable, adaptable, lighter, and simpler to put on and take off, and more protective. Here are a couple of notes that have been trademark minutes in the advancement of the leg monitor.

– In 1907, Roger Bresnahan turned into the primary catcher to wear anything looking like the current closet, starting the trend on which others would fabricate.

– As time went on among Bresnahan and the 1950s, more cushioning was added to make it, to a higher degree, a comfortable feel.

– In the 1950s, the pivoted leg monitor was made, permitting more adaptability than any other time in recent memory. They likewise got lighter and more difficult, helping battle spikes that got stopped in the material.

– In the 1990s, leg guards started to hit the market with customizable thigh pieces to make it simpler to hunker down.

It’s anything but difficult to see a make way of movement here. The leg watch has gone from unwieldy, however amazingly important to something comfortable, cushioned, and ready to permit somebody to work regularly without putting an excess of worries upon them and their ambushed body. The Top 10 Leg Guards for Catchers in 2022 Reviews!

Easton Elite-X Catcher’s Leg Guards

This leg guard has triple-layered knee protection. This, alongside a strengthened thigh zone, will make it progressively secure as well as improve the fit for every particular player. It has a full knee to support steadiness, and likewise, to hinder a couple of additional balls, you may not, in any case, have the option to get to.

With excellent ventilation all around, just like a soft toe fold to keep batted balls away, it’s a decent choice. It costs a lot. However, they aren’t the most costly, so that is one issue you may be worried about.


  • Reinforced and mobile
  • Excellent, secure fit
  • Stable in the knees


  • More expensive than most

Under Armor Professional Adult Leg Guards

Under Armor has gradually been fashioning its name in the sport of baseball, and it keeps up that work with these leg guards that are a lot of upper levels. 

The exceptional value you pay may be a lot for a few; however, you do get a ton of extraordinary highlights. You can play like the significant leaguers because of having triple knee protection that will remove any odds of getting penetrated there. 

With a gel knee cushion inside, it further comforts you and will likewise ingest stuns when you unavoidably do enduring those hard shots to the knee and legs. With additional thickness in high utilization area s, they are a lot of worked considering sturdiness.

You may feel this would make them sweltering, yet that is not the situation, either, with a great deal of ventilation working to ensure you can inhale on the most sultry of days in the bursting summer sun.


  • Three layers of knee protection
  • Comfy and shock absorbing
  • Breathes very well


Very, very expensive

All-Star Youth Player’s Series Catcher’s Leg Guards

This leg guard is a significant player in baseball, and it comes around here with a decent starter pair of leg monitors for the young player. With a modest cost for an amateur to pay, it won’t set them back much and will keep them glad. 

It does this with the various vents, 38 altogether, that permit most extreme breathability. This increases overall comfort, and combined with a twofold knee configuration, it will be effortless to move in.

 It won’t offer you unfathomable measures of assurance, yet it will take care of business for you at the most junior levels without causing you an excessive whine. 

It closely resembles that of a pro; however, you don’t have a similar cost or remarkable assistance. Yet, to be reasonable, you don’t generally require it at this time!


  • Looks and feels like pro grad
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Good price


  • Not superbly protective

Rawlings Renegade Leg Guards

With some more hues to pick from and are a low value, the Renegade from Rawlings is a decent pick for players stirring their way up to full estimate. With a strengthened knee, that makes them look old fashioned, these will keep your knee secured without a portion of that additional mass that others are bringing to the blend in the present commercial center.

The toe fold works superbly, remaining in position consistently regardless of how rapidly you get up or move from side to side. Perhaps the most significant bit of leeway with these is that they are exceptionally versatile and lightweight, helping you get around speedier than with such a large number.

You do forfeit a portion of the protection that you get with others, yet since these are made in light of a lower level of play, you ought to have the option to pull off that. Only something to consider as you think about your choices!


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Light and not bulky
  • Old school look


  • Not as super protective as others

Schutt Scorpion Double Knee Leg Guards

Contingent upon the size and color, which the list of choices is almost boundless, you can get a magnificent arrangement on these. One of the calling cards of the Scorpion is its mobility. They have built these to be considerably more adaptable than numerous available, letting the young catcher move around simpler.

With such a significant number of mix-ups being made at those levels, a clear should have for you to have. With a more slender style in the shins, this makes them lighter while as yet being defensive enough to get you through a whole game.

Likewise, it is a more level structure than the vast majority of the others out there, which makes them progressively unsurprising to peruse bobs off of.


  • Flexible due to thinness
  • Lighter and mobile
  • The flat design makes the job behind the plate slightly easier.


  • Not as protective as some

Easton Prowess Fastpitch Leg Guards

Easton comes back to the list here, just with a determination for quick pitch softball this time. These leg guards are exceptionally formed explicitly for the female competitor, done compelling you to press into or venture into a folks’ size.

This is a two-piece shin protector with a fold that fits over the calves and shins simpler and covers more areas, ensuring you don’t get pinged there. With a lighter plan because of the twofold layered assurance in the knee and merely having commonly fewer materials, you won’t be kept down as much similarly as with others that are made for baseball.

The two sizes are for more significant level softball players, so there won’t be extremely inexpensive. So, they are still definitely justified despite the cash if you are getting the chance to be a further developed player and need a genuine pair of leg gatekeepers to keep you in the game.

If you have had this model previously, know that they are more significant than past ones, so remember that and figure that your effective procedure.


  • Light and mobile
  • It is specially made for females.
  • Great for advanced players


  • On the expensive end

Champro Senior Pro Plus Leg Guards

This product from Champro, is a decent choice for the junior players, regardless of what the name may infer. With punctured foam and a removable coating, it will be incredible to air your legs out and keep you comfortable.

It fits well with four ties to make sure about them set up; however, it will probably take a town to set up your youth for the field. 

This leg guard is sufficient for the more youthful player and permits him to move around somewhat better thanks to two layers of knee protection. One thing to remember is that they have been known to send inappropriate color out, which is slightly irritating and maybe something you have to consider.


  • Reasonable price
  • Great breathability
  • Just enough protection without going overboard


The wrong color has been shipped out.

Easton Gametime Catcher’s Leg Guards

In the medium value run is another baseball choice from Easton that will keep you content with both execution and cost. Mind ha fortified triple knee framework; it’s going to cover the knee completely. While it won’t be as portable as the UA above, due to the more inflexible plan, it’s despite everything going to secure and bolster as the past pair did.

With a more extensive knee area, it will be progressively steady in your hunch and can likewise oblige marginally ‘greater boned’ catchers also, a genuine reward that shouldn’t be disregarded. The knee zone has sewed cushioning to build your comfort, and the whole shell, notwithstanding how it may show up, is made with vents worked in to permit better breathability.

Not all less expensive models incorporate a ton of this, so it’s ideal for checking whether you are venturing up a level or two in the game. The liner inside is made out of breathable EVA, which is likewise comfortable to build your pleasure.


  • Good value
  • Very stable in the knees
  • Very breathable


  • Not quite as agile as others

Easton Junior M7 Catcher’s Leg Guards

Set yourself up because you’ll be seeing this name a considerable amount on this list. Easton makes a list at #1 with one of the reasonable sorts. The leg guards, be that as it may, don’t forfeit assurance with a triple layer of it in the knees to support you while squatting and keeping in mind that coming out of it.

 Notwithstanding that, they have adaptable foam within the knees to help ensure those significant knees even more. With a vast toe watch that stays set up all through the entirety of your movements, as well, you will likewise be secured there, lessening your odds of getting hit.  

Bear in mind that these are made for a tiny player, so there won’t work for anybody that is extremely big! They even have metal clasps to them to help to affix and save them set up for a long life expectancy.


  • Good price
  • Very protective
  • Excellent for junior catchers


  • It might not fit size 4ft 11.”

MacGregor Youth B-64 Double Knee Leg Guards

We wind up this review with this product from MacGregor, another in the moderately priced category of baseball leg guards. With three colors to pick from, you can depend on these leg guards to make your kid star glad. With two layers of protection in the knee, it won’t be excessively unwieldy for them to move in.

These leg guards have a recently designed system for ventilation, which makes them better and preferable as far as breathability is concerned.  The shock ingestion system inside will even cushion in there to help manage the blows when they inevitably occur.

The lower legs are entirely secured here, including a great deal of support without the additional weight. This fact makes these leg guards are a perfect choice for a first-year player or somebody that wouldn’t like to pay much for a one-season pair of leg watches. Be cautious, since they just sell one leg guard, not a pair, making it exceptionally baffling for some purchasers.

How Leg Guards Protect

You may believe that it’s conspicuous what leg guards are there to accomplish for you, and keeping in mind that a portion of that is valid, there is a ton more that goes into it. Here’s a glance at a part of the things that leg gatekeepers will help keep from happening in the playfield.

Scraping of the knees

It would be overly simple to scrap your knees on the ground after a wild, low pitch.

Blocking runners

It’s not exactly what it used to be for having the option to obstruct the plate (of course, runners can’t merely destroy you stealing bases, either), yet it’s as yet imperative to have leg guards on just if you have a type of crash. No one can tell when it could happen or what it could happen with, so it’s ideal to have that additional help. 

Foul tips

The ball is once in a while going to be excessively quick for a hitter to hit neatly, and when this happens, it can and will come in reverse and go in a wide range of headings and scenes.


At lower levels, especially, the bat can turn into a weapon of sorts in possession of the undeveloped. ‘Throwing’ of the bat is genuinely ordinary, so leg guards must be close by to ensure they keep you secured in that occurrence.

Essential Elements to Consider When purchasing Catchers’ Leg Guards.

Protection: This is at the head of the list when you are contemplating purchasing the gear. Security is, by a wide margin, the most significant element to search for. For more information on the best full cathers gear set [Read our Full Review]

Durability: Will the player play a long season with numerous games? You should consider purchasing gear that can keep going for quite a while.

Comfort: While catchers’ gear may not be the most open to, getting protective equipment that is as agreeable as conceivable is fundamental, as catchers need to change position habitually.

Brands: You should pick one brand over another relying upon surveys you have perused. Every single significant brand highlighted at quality games stores or on legitimate sites can offer excellent protection. However, high-quality brands might be a superior buy contingent upon specific factors, such as the span of use and the player’s level.

Price: Catchers that play occasionally will have the option to spend less on equipment that won’t keep going long. This is not the same case for the player who will play at any rate one game seven days all through different seasons.

Size: Catchers’ gear sizing is as significant as picking quality equipment. If you choose quality equipment but are in an inappropriate format, it won’t function as expected.

What the Pros Wear

In case you are purchasing for an advanced high school player who has dreams of playing in the professionals one day, maybe you need to buy a portion of the absolute best equipment, like what the geniuses use. With the entirety of the choices accessible, what kinds of catchers’ equipment would the aces use?

About 50% of major league players use leg guards.

Twice the same number of catchers wear usual style protective helmets as the individuals who wear hockey-style head protectors.

However, all catcher gear is crucial if you have to succeed and protect yourself from doing your baseball and softball practice and game sessions.


Now there is no reason why you can’t get a pair of the best leg guards for catchers. You have this review with you. You need to identify the best leg guard for catchers that suit your needs and budget and make the purchase.

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