Hack Attack Pitch Machine Review Buyers Guide

Hack Attack Pitch Machine Review 2022 Buyers Guide

Are you looking forward to boosting up your hitting skills? If yes, then you are at the right place. A pitching machine is always the best way to go. The beauty of having a pitching machine is that it assists you in upgrading your hitting skills wherever you’d like and at your own time.

Most pitching machines are lightweight, making them easy to carry from one field to the other. Furthermore, they can be plugged into any standard wall outlet and are sold at pocket-friendly prices. However, with the introduction of innovation and technology, it has become a stressor to understand the kind of pitching machine suitable for your skill level, budget, and age.

In this article, we’ll have a detailed review on Hack attack pitch machine. But what do you think makes this powerful machine different from the others?

Well, it’s not that different from others in terms of design. Immediately you purchase it and run it, that’s when you’ll realize why it’s a cut above the others.

In simple words, this is a versatile and fantastic pitching machine.

Before we dive into the product features, let’s look at the benefits of using the Hack Attach Pitch machine.

Hack Attack Pitch Machine

Benefits of using Hack Attack Pitch machine

1. It will help you train on your own

Baseball is a team sport. Although, sometimes you need to train on your own if you need to hone your skills. If you want to improve your battling ability, you must make some effort without the group’s availability. With Hack Attack Pitching machine, you’ll have some extra time you need to upgrade your battling skills personally.

2. Improves a Batter’s Fundamental

If you wish to work on the perfect way to hit a ball, you must use a battling machine. Hack Attack Pitch machine will assist you to fire repeated baseball rounds. You can stand in one position then hit the balls once they start coming in your direction. Doing such an activity will assist you to focus on your hitting skills and form. Once you use the perfect way and hitting skills, the Hack Attack pitch machine will assist you to practice these characteristics until you they change to your second nature.

3. Assist You In Adjusting To Different Forms

Not every pitcher can throw a ball using the same speed or form. Most pitchers throw the ball in a curve while others throw their balls straight. While most pitchers are taught to throw their balls differently, they have a consistent manner of throwing the ball. Immediately a batter realizes that they can perform more hits during a match.

Therefore, the Hack Attack Pitch machine will help you adjust to different ways of throwing the ball from a pitcher. You can set the machine to throw palm balls, screwballs, and curveballs. The pitching machine has different features that will allow you to perform different throws.

4. It Helps You Improve Batter’s Timing

Timing is essential when you want to hit a ball moving faster at approximately 100 mph. Most perfect pitchers do throw the ball using this speed. A batter must have proper eye coordination and a solid hand. Furthermore, they should know the exact moment to swing at the ball. Therefore, batters must use a Hack Attack Pitch machine to boost their timing. Doing this will assist them to hit a ball more accurately and effectively.

Hack Attack Pitch Machine Specifications

  • Electrical Requirements: 220/240 v and 110 v also available
  • Ball types: All kinds of the ball including leather
  • Transportability: Can fit on a full-size car, SUV, or through a standard doorway
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Fungi: The machine can pivot groundballs instantly and fly balls.
  • Pitches: Knuckleballs, split fingers, sliders, curveballs, and fastballs
  • Level of play: Commercial, professional, college, and high school
  • Ball sizes: You can use a converter to convert to softball

Hack Attack Pitch Machine Performance

  • Distance: 60 feet
  • Speed: 100+ MPH
  • Accuracy level: The ball held in three places offering excellent accuracy and control
  • Vision: A complete ball vision that offers a realistic timing sense
  • Fungo: 380 ft. fly balls
  • Efficiency: it has a dial-in pitch selection. You don’t have to throw head adjustments, thus maximizing on time.
  • Recovery time: It’s almost instant and recovers at 5 seconds due to the three wheels
  • Portability: Can easily roll off and on the ground

Unique Features of Hack Attack Pitch Machine

1. It Comes With A Three-Wheel Design

This amazing pitch machine from Hack Attack features a unique 3-wheel design that helps you to have a complete and clear view of the ball from the feeding motion, acceleration then release. It works exactly like a live pitcher.

A big thanks to this feature as it helps the hitter to see when to stride, plus the angle of release offering him a real live-arm sense of location and timing. With a fast turn of the Hack Attack dials, you can easily throw main league fastballs as well as left- and right-handed breaking pitches that include split fingers, sliders, and curveballs.

This eye-catching three-wheel design helps you change the breaking pitch plane by adjusting simply the wheel speed dials. (the two-wheel units need time-consuming and awkward throwing head adjustments to shift it from right- to left-handed breaking pitches or from fastballs to curveballs.

What’s more, the machine’s elevation adjustment handle is essential in lowering and raising the pitch. With a single turn, you can quickly move the pitch down or up around the striking zone between pitches.

2. Designed With An Inside Or Outside Adjustment

This feature is essential as it offers an instant, minute ball location change on the plate. It’s vital to centring the first pitch without the need to turn the entire machine. You don’t necessarily have to kick your back leg. Additionally, the feature allows you to transfer the pitch outside or inside with a single turn of the handle. About the elevation control, move a pitch to any region of the strike zones between the pitches.

The machine’s throwing head pivots quickly to any direction for the entire fungo activities that include deep fly balls that can quickly drive fielders to the fence, towering grounders and infield pop-ups, and catcher’s pop-ups using a reverse spin.

It’s a fantastic practice tool that makes the most vital use of training time with reduced throwing head adjustments required. You can deliver more strikes at each practice! Also, the machine is designed to quickly move on and off the ground with a simple tilt.

3. Front Wheels That Ensure The Throwing Wheels Don’t Touch The Ground

Most pitching machines are designed to be moved using throwing wheels and this facilitates the collection of dangerous gravel and dirt that can cause wear and tear as well as inaccuracy.

The machine is constructed for use with dimpled practice balls, Wiffle balls, regulation leather baseballs, and all soft practice balls. It’s an easy-to-use machine as it doesn’t require any assembly. It comes fully packed making it ready for quick use in the field.

4. An Amazing Pitching Machine Quality

This baseball pitching machine is durable enough to digest any recoil, promising you maximum accuracy, yet a lightweight machine that one person can move from one place to another.

A big thanks to the manufacturer for designing it with an extended tripod base that adds real safety and stability on baseball playing surfaces and pitching mounds. It is constructed using a weather-resistant aluminum casting and tough heat-treated and high tensile alloy that helps in protecting the throwing ability.

Furthermore, the machine comes with a rugged and powder coated rustproof steel frame that promises you extended seasons of use. It’s designed with throwing wheels that out-last all the other types of baseball pitching machine wheels. What’s more, the wheels are sturdy and won’t melt during the direct summer heat season.

The machine has three incredible speed motors that are designed to drive up to three intractable 14-inch throwing wheels.

5. Extra Features

The Hack Attack pitch machine performs an amazing role while itching. Although that’s not all the machine can perform. The machine is designed with an ability to stimulate up to 380 ft. fly balls to help fielders work on their game, and it’s a great machine for realistic infield pop-ups, line drives, catcher’s pop-ups, and grounders. In simple terms, it’s a full package, best not only for the hitters but also for the fielders too.

In case its elevation doesn’t impress you, you can easily change its setting. Compared to those on-two-wheel machines that you must release a locking mechanism, this one you don’t necessarily have to. With the two-wheel mechanism, you don’t only have to release its lock but you will be needed to reset its throwing head then re-lock it again.

Adjusting the Machine

Hack Attack machine is not a light machine! If you want something that is too mobile, you’ll have to buy the wheels or simply go for a different model. However, the best thing about the machine is that it has a broad variety of pitches that you can use to dial up. And the machine will perform each of them with total accuracy.

Its 3-wheel design offers ultimate flexibility in terms of manipulating the spin on your baseball. It allows you to easily replicate almost every pitch from a righty to a lefty.

When having the Hack Attack machine placed in the right place, you can easily make use of the hand crank to perform little changes to the height and the wheel assembly can be turned to make changes in and out.

The biggest variations will be perhaps on the speed settings. Although, the included recommending settings are a nice starting point.


  • The machine is backed up by a one-year warranty
  • It’s constructed using high-quality materials making it durable
  • A lightweight machine that you can move with from one place to another
  • Setting up the machine is easy
  • It’s designed to throw a range of pitches


  • The machine can only be used by high school players and up
  • Might take more time before you get used to it

Customers View On the Hack Attack Pitch Machine

This amazing machine from Hack Attack for sale is in high demand the reason being, there are many positive feedbacks from past customers. Kristie came up with a review stating that the machine has the “best curves” never found on any other machine.

Additionally, Bret suggested the same review and further said that it’s a great machine for all pitchers who love different styles.

Brett also said the same thing and added that it’s suitable for hitters with different styles.

Also, the positive response has been received from John of Minnesota, Rex of Oakland, and Shane of New York, all suggested that the machine is durable and versatile. Once all the reviews are analyzed, the results are that the Hack Attach pitching machine is great.


What happens once a ball is hit back on the machine?

This machine is indestructible. It’s designed with both rear and front guards that ensure the throwing wheels are safe.

This machine from Hack Attack is heavier compared to other machines, why is heavier better?

Excess mass grips recoil leading to extreme accuracy. Hack attack machine is more stable and can’t move from the recoil. More weight is centered along the midpoint. There is no cantilevering like the others. In terms due design and weight, the machine is lightweight than other units.

What makes the machine wheels best in quality?

Proper testing of quality parts generates a good product. The machine’s wheels are hard to replace as a result of melting, weather, or tear.

What is the benefit of a three-wheel machine?

The three-wheel design machine ensures that a batter never loses the ball sight. On a 2-wheel machine, it’s easier for the Batter to lose the ball sight due to the top throwing wheel location.


As the review on the Hack Attack machine has spelt out what the machine delivers. It’s not the perfect product but pretty close and offers a level of features that’s hard to find on other machines

Hack attack is a well-known brand for producing quality products.

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