Easton Hanging Baseball Helmet Bag Review [Dugout Storage]

Easton Hanging Baseball Helmet Bag Review 2022 [Dugout Storage]

The Easton Hanging Team Helmet Bag is a critical item to have in any baseball dugout. That is if you want to enhance the level of organization in the baseball dugout. Yes, you know how chaotic players, especially kids and even teenagers, can be when it comes to keeping their baseball equipment and gear in the dugout.

It’s not far-fetched to hear of lost helmets, bats, and so on. The primary reason why this happens is because of poor organization in the dugout. If players toss their helmets without any arrangement, it won’t be surprising to get some unpleasant incidences in the dugout. Helmets and other gear will be misplaced; players will spend time and mental plus physical energy looking for their helmets and other accessories in the dugout. That is not the way to go in your dugout.

However, you can use many ways and equipment to organize the dugout, but all do not always have the same results. That’s why you have to go for a dugout organizing concept that makes your storage user-friendly and convenient. That is where the Easton Hanging Team Helmet Bag comes in. Let’s see why this dugout organizer stands out from the crowd as one of the best helmet organizers in the market in 2022.


The design of this organizer is one big plus. Think of an organizer that you can mount on any chain link fence. Unlike other storage methods that occupy space and increase clutter, an organizer that you can hang on the fence, like Easton Hanging Team Helmet Bag, is a must-have. This bag has three “J” style hooks, which help spread the weight evenly when players put their helmets and other gear in it.

You’ll also like the fact the organizer holds up to 12 helmets. This means with just a couple of these storage items. You can have an entire team’s helmets neatly secured in the dugout. On the same note, the pockets are large enough for full-sized helmets. Whether you are training kids, college students, or adults, this bag will accommodate the helmets irrespective of their sizes.

Of course, you won’t be leaving the bag in the dugout once the baseball game is over. That’s why an easy-to-transport bag is a significant boost to your dugout. Now, this bag super-easy easy to roll up for transport. Once rolled, the thing is compact and will occupy very little space in your automobile or any other means you use to transport it.

What’s even better is that the Easton Hanging is not just designed for helmets. Players have the option of using this storage.  The kids or older players can put their water bottles and even gloves at the top of their batting helmets.

In any case, the bag is quite versatile.  When the kids have their helmets on, they can put on their ball caps can go in. Besides, their baseball gloves fit pretty easily inside the helmets, so everything stays organized.


The material used to make this hanging helmet storage bag is a very sturdy thick fabric. This makes the bag a solid and sturdy item that withstands rough handling as the kids put and remove their baseball gear from the storage.

Besides, if you want to get even more organized by ironing numbers or names of your teams on the bag, this Easton bag will take in the heat getting damaged.  

The bag has strong nylon straps, which ensure it would snap and tumble to the floor. Thanks to these sturdy straps, the bag hangs securely to the dugout fence, and your players can place the helmets, batting gloves, and other baseball gear in order.

The durability of This Helmet Holder

With this helmet holder, you won’t have to think of a replacement any time soon. The sturdy material used in its construction, plus the strong nylon straps and the robust “J”-shaped hooks, make this a durable bag that will serve your dugout for many seasons to come.

Advantages of the Easton Hanging Baseball Helmet Bag

Whether kids or adults, you and your players will reap numerous benefits, which make this a bag that you should have in the dugout. Consider the following:

Reduces clutter in the Baseball Dugout

There are tons of gear and equipment like a helmet, bats, gloves, baseball caps, and more that find their way to the dugout. Without a proper and effective organizer, all these can clutter the dugout.

This dugout organizer helps put everything in place in a neat and organized manner. No more equipment and gears sprinkled all over the floor or shelves.

When your dugout is free from clutter, your players will be able to focus on the game instead of having to worry whether or not they will find their helmets, gloves, caps, and other related gear.

On the same note, a clutter-free dugout eliminates the chaos that would otherwise arise as players scramble in search of their gear after the game.

Besides, a clutter-free dugout is a safe dugout. Players will not knock over equipment on the floor as they use the dugout. Remember, this is a hanging bag, and so it helps keep any need to put equipment on the floor.

It helps preserve the Helmets and other Equipment

Helmets and other baseball equipment cost money. Anything that will help the players to preserve these items is welcome. This Easton Hanging bag does just that. It ensures the helmets and any other gear inside do not damage due to mishandling or accidental falls and knocks. In any case, with a well-organized dugout, the kids will hardly lose any of their baseball valuables, and the parents will spend less replacing damaged or lost baseball equipment for their kids.

If you are thinking about the best way your team can store their helmets and other equipment while keeping the dugout clutter-free, you have the Easton Hanging Team Bag to think about.

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