Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double Barrel Bat Review

Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double Barrel Bat Review

If you are a hitter, you might have heard about the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat and wondered what the talk is all about. In case you’ve not heard about it, this is one piece of equipment you should familiarize yourself with if you want to improve your chances in this game in 2020.

This review is meant to give you background info about this gear and help you choose by selecting the best bat for this season and beyond. And yes, we said bat because that is what it is. For starters, before we take a closer look at this equipment. Let’s have some knowledge of the manufacturer.

About the Manufacturer

Like every other commodity, a baseball bat is only as good as the manufacturer. If you go buying and using bats from non-descript manufacturers, you’ll most likely end up a frustrated hitter. There are many companies making baseball bats out there. Some of these companies have made a name for themselves by producing high-quality products.

One of these companies is Easton Sports. Incorporated back in 1985 by Jim Easton, this company has time and again produced some of the best bats on this market ever since.  These bats are renowned for their signature pop, durability, and performance all in one swing.

Looking at the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat, one is justified to want to know whether it stands up to the expectations.

What it has to offer

As a hitter or trainer in baseball, you know well that there are many bats with an amazing performance out there. However, you must have noticed the glaring shortage of available options when it comes to barrel length. Different players prefer different barrel lengths since not everyone is of the same build or has the same swing.

One good thing about the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat is that it comes in 5 different barrel lengths. The shortest of these bats that you can get measures only 30 inches and weighs 20 oz. For players who want something longer, the 31-inch variant weighing 21 oz. is an excellent option.

You’ll also get variants for 32 and 33-inch barrel for the mid-length sizes. These weigh 22 and 23 oz. respectively.

The longest Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat is the 34-inch model. This bat weighs 24 oz.

One exciting thing about these barrels is that they all cost the same. You don’t have to spend more to purchase a longer barrel bat.


Balanced Swing Weight

While it’s true, some players prefer end-loaded bats others prefer balanced weight bats. The latter allows you to swing faster, which can mean more power if you swing correctly.

2-Piece Connexion Construction

This construction means the bat has two enjoined pieces, unlike the single-piece bats that many players use. A 2-piece construction brings with it several advantages over their one-piece counterparts.

A 2-piece construction like the one used on the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat produces a whip effect every time you swing the bat. This effect can physically increase your swing speeds, and that way increase the power of the impact between the bat and the ball.

It’s for that very reason that contact hitters who have average speed and even those with below-average speeds tend to prefer 2-piece bats such as this one. The whipping effect compensates for their slower swing speeds and makes these hitters produce excellent home runs when their teams desperately need it most.

On the same note, if you’ve used one-piece bats, you’ve most likely noticed how still they feel every time you make contact with the ball. The results on your muscles are nothing but pleasant. You end up with sore muscle just after a few hours of training.

We are not rubbishing the one-piece bats; they too have their strong points –at least at some players. For instance, these bats don’t flex at all, so when you use it for your hits, you lose no power from your swing. So if you don’t need the whip effect to boost your swing power, then a one-piece bat will still work for you.

However, if you don’t mind boosting your swing power, then a two-piece bat like the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat might serve you better than your old one-piece bat.

Still, on the construction, the barrel material is a true statement of Easton’s reputation as a manufacturer of high-end bats built for durability, comprehensibility, and the optimum amount of flexibility.

Like Easton’s models of previous years, the 2020 Easton Ghost bat has two barrels – an outer and an inner barrel. The inner barrel is responsible for controlling the performance of the bat’s middle parts while allowing the outer section to get peak performance in every swing.

Mass Approved

You can quickly get a premium bat for home runs, but if it’s not approved and certified by reputable associations, it might not do you much good beyond your practice and friendly or local tournaments.

The Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat steals the show when it comes to official approval and certification. The bat is approved by the USSSA (which incidentally approves all Easton bats as products that meet the approval criteria).

This bat is also certified by the Norman Showcase Academy, Allen Sports Association, and the Impact Sports Academy.

What’s even better is that this bat is approved internationally by the International Softball Association. This approval means if you plan to use the bat in a tournament overseas, you are in good stead with the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat.

Comparable bats

If you are comparing super end-loaded 2020 2-piece bats, then none comes anywhere close to this barrel. But if you are comparing the swing weight, then the 2020 Slugger Xeno can come safely come next to Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat. However, even at a second position, the 2020 Slugger Xeno is legitimately 10% lighter than the 2020 Easton Ghost.

In any case, at its weight, the Easton offers a much softer connection compared to other similar end-loaded bats like the LTX and CFs available on the market today.


If you take some time and research on this product online, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the number of fantastic reviews that you’ll come across. All these reviews cannot be biased. Listening to the tone and insights of these reviewers, you get to know that a majority of them are informed, people. They are players who have baseball and baseball bats in their veins – they are knowledgeable and passionate about the game and its equipment.

The Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat is, without doubt, one of the most favorite bats of many experienced fast pitchers. Reading through those reviews, you quickly realize that more reliable hitters in search of more initiative to boost their swing power while still keeping the smooth feel of a high-end bat prefer the 2020 Easton Double barrel bat.

Smaller players with less swing power find this bat to be excellent equipment in the game. They are using it to increase the total energy of the impact or – the total mass at impact. This impact delivers more power and faster and more accurate hits.

A word of caution is vital, especially to the smaller and less powerful hitters. This bat does swing heavy. It swings nearly 20% heavier than bats in the same category. So if you chose to use the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat, you have to plan your sizing appropriately. The good thing is that the model offers different lengths and weights to choose from.

Determining the Right Weight and Length

With the numerous weights and lengths of this bat available, it’s vital to know how to determine the best bat category for you. While this is not prescriptive, it just gives you a general guide on how to establish the most appropriate Easton Ghost double barrel for you.

When select in the best weight and length, remember, it’s not always true that lighter bats generate more boat speed. Yes, with such a bat, you might be able to swing harder and send the ball flying, but you might not have to swing that hard if you hit the ball with a bat with more mass and weight on it.

In short, heavier bats like the Easton Ghost Double Barrel have more density and will give you more pop and strength.

For youth baseball players, consider the players swing power and height when buying the baseball bat. At least if you are still growing, get a baseball bat that you can grow with over the coming seasons. Better even, you can seek the advice and insights of more experienced hitters. These baseball players have real-life and practical experience to guide you in selecting a baseball bat that is ideal for your unique circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned baseball player, the Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double barrel bat (ASA, USSSA certified) stands out from the crowd as one of the best bats for baseball hitters 2020. Make your choice today and make your 2020 baseball season one to remember.

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