Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts

10 Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts 2022

If you are looking for the 10 best youth catcher’s mitt, you are in the very right place. Yes, it’s great and rewarding to be a catcher in a baseball tournament. Like many other young people, your young and aspiring player wants to take up the challenge and become the best catcher there’s ever been. That’s okay, but this is one of the most challenging and demanding positions to play in this game.

In this position, you are the one to help lead your team of pitchers to greatness. 

To be a useful and excellent catcher requires more than just stamina and durability necessary to catch endless tournaments each season. You need the right catchers equipment to protect you from home plate collisions, foul balls, and the day-to-day grind that comes with this position. You need to have the best catcher’s mitt. 

As you rightly know, getting the best youth catcher’s mitt is not necessarily a walk in the park. There are myriads of brands and models of youth catcher’s mitts out there, so selecting the best can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the right information, you can simply sift through the maze and land on the best of what you want.

This review shares the highlights of what we’ve found to be the 10 best youth catcher’s mitt 2022. But before we delve into the specifics, what critical considerations should you make when selecting the best catcher’s glove. To read more on the best required catchers gear [Read our Buyers Guide]

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts

Best Youth Catcher’s Mitts

Marucci Geaux Series Mesh

Marucci prides in producing some of the best past and present stars in this game. This has happened, time and again, thanks to the company’s superior products. From their bats to their famous gloves this company is no push-over when it comes to the production of high-quality baseball equipment. 

Here we focus on the Marucci Geaux Series Mesh 31.5 inch Mitt for youthful players. Although this glove is designed for young players, it comes with many of the appealing features and top-quality design characteristics of their adult counterparts.

For instance, did you know that each of these gloves for youth players is individually crafted just like their adult counterparts? This gives each glove that sense of uniqueness so famous with Marucci adult baseball gloves.

If you’ve ever wondered what raises these gloves above its competitors, it’s this attention to detail that does the trick.

Let’s delve a little bit more on the design of the Marucci Geaux Series. The design process starts with a blend of cowhide leather and Steerhide.

The softer cowhide used to line the interior side of the glove’s fingers is more resilient; thus, it is placed in critical areas such as the webbing and the pocket.

When it comes to performance, the design of this glove features two-piece closed webbing. Why is this important? You know, as a catcher, you need to quickly snap your glove shut and effectively secure the ball trapped in the mitt’s pocket. The two-piece closed webbing not only makes this possible but also helps reduce the possibility of the ball popping out of the glove.

If you look at the back of the glove, you notice it is made of an airy mesh material. This air mesh material is what makes this youth catcher’s mitt breathable and extremely light.

Finally, there’s the added padding that surrounds the index finger. This padding does a great job of protecting your child from the jet-like force of the ball as it zooms straight into the waiting hand.


  • It comes with the same high-quality features of the adult mitt version but scaled down to the youth version.
  • Steerhide endures the glove is durable compared to similar gloves from other brands.
  • Easy to instantly snap the mitt closed.
  • Each piece is individually handcrafted, giving it unbeatable quality.


  • The glove is pricier than some competing brands.
  • Some youth players find the 31.5-inch pattern rather small for their hands.

This youth catcher’s mitt is pro-inspired and blends mesh, steerhide, and cowhide leathers to deliver performance, comfort, and lightweight agility.

Akadema AGC 98 Prodigy Series

A relatively new series, the Akadema AGC 98 Prodigy, made its first appearance in the market in the late ’90s. Although relatively new in the youth catcher’s mitt market, the series is gaining ground ass a competitor to watch, thanks to its remarkable quality. What accounts for this increasingly noticeable performance?

This is a 32-inch pattern glove and is made using top quality steerhide leather used in the gloves webbing and palm areas. It is this feature that makes the glove a better option in offering excellent protection to the glove hand.

The steerhide leather also accounts for the durability of the glove, which ensures you don’t have to keep buying new gloves for your youngster every other season.

When you look at the back of the glove, what you see is not just any leather. Instead, Akadema synthetic leather is used to make this part of the glove. Why this leather? This synthetic leather cuts down the overall weight of the glove and gives the young player more excellent maneuverability and faster transfer of the ball to the glove hand for quick throwdowns.

What’s more, it’s easier to break in the mitt thanks to this synthetic material.

The ‘Praying Mantis design’ of the mitt comes in handy when absorbing shock. It also makes the pocket more expansive for a better grip of the ball.

Renowned for its shock absorption power, this glove series utilizes the patent-pending Stress Wedge and double-sided slim padding that rests where it critically matters- between the thumb and the index finger. This, in turn, is what helps eliminate the potentially uncomfortable sting when your youngster receives a hard pitch.

For a gigantic pocket, the series uses a triple hammock webbing design to enhance the player’s grip on the baseball.

Now that this is a youth’s catcher’s glove, maybe you are wondering whether it fits all sizes in this age category. The answer is yes, it does provide a super snug fit for almost every imaginable youth player. How?

First, the open-back design, combined with the spiral-lock web, makes it pretty easy for your young player to wear the mitt.

Secondly, the glove has a grasp-clasp wrist system that tightens around the wrist and the hand and offers the secure fit that every catcher needs for effective performance in this position.

Finally, inside this unique glove, there are the two Finger Hammocks which create a secure and comfortable positioning of the fingers.


  • The stress wedge feature and the double-side padding eliminate the sting on the youth’s glove hand.
  • The high-quality steerhide leather is where it is most useful.
  • It has multiple features that help to create a tight and comfortable grip for the young player.


  • It might take quite some time before steerhide leather breaks in.
  • The glove is only limited to the 32-inch pattern. This might be quite small for some youthful players.

Despite the few drawbacks, the Akadema AGC 98 has all that the youth catcher needs in a mitt.

Mizuno Prospect Series GXC105

Are you looking for a catcher’s mitt for a young catcher eager to learn the fundamentals of the game? If so, the Mizuno Prospect Series GC105 might be what you need.

This series has proven time and again that it is one of the best at introducing and developing new players into this game. Why is this so?

This Mizuno prospect series has a 32.5-inch circumference. This is a surface area large enough for not just the youth to play but more so for your prospective players to learn how to catch a well-pitched ball.

Secondly, this glove utilizes PowerClose Technology. This technology aids the catcher to snap the glove shut as soon as the ball gets into contact with the catcher’s mitt. This offers an invaluable training experience on how to lock the glove shut at lightning speed.

In any case, this is useful even to more experienced youth players in need of some little help in closing their hand glove.

Don’t let the repeated hammering of pitches scare away your young catcher from this position. Some youth catchers shy away due to the discomfort and soreness occasioned by the repeated pounding of the hand. 

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 remedies this problem rather quickly. The glove features a shock-absorbing ParaShock Pad. What does this mouth-full of a thing do? This is pad technology that disperses the otherwise severe impact of a pitch across the entire palm. This dispersal makes the impact of the sting much softer and more bearable to your son or daughter.

Another thing you might find quite appealing about the Mizuno Prospect Series is that it’s made using soft leather. This ensures the leather glove breaks in immediately for a more comfortable and friendly feel for your youngster.

However, on the flip side, softer leather isn’t that durable, so don’t surprised if you have to replace these gloves faster than you’d have done with similar gloves from competing models.

On the upbeat side, the limited durability seems to be compensated by the relatively lower price of this series of catcher’s mitts.


  • It’s a feature-rich, yet affordable catcher’s mitt that improves your youngster’s performance.
  • The PowerClose feature aids the player to slam the glove closed after every pitch quickly.
  • The above feature helps the young player to trap the baseball without bobbling or dropping it securely.
  • ParaShock Pad helps get rid of the sting associated with hard thrown fastballs.


  • The 32.5-inch size might be too large for some young players.
  • The softer leather is not as durable as you would ideally want.

Indeed, the Mizuno Prospect Series GXC105 is among the best catcher’s mitts for your new youthful player to learn the game and become confident behind the plate.

Shoeless Joe Junior Series 3000JR

This catcher’s mitt might be one of your best options if you are looking for a glove for the youngest catchers. There are several reasons for this.

For one, the gloves come in a small 30-inch pattern making it an excellent choice for a 9-year old catcher. 

Secondly, these gloves come game-ready the moment you purchase them. A light pre-game catch is enough for the gloves to break in thoroughly. This means your young player will not have to go through any waiting period before getting to the field and enjoying the first game.

This youth catcher’s mitt has a two-piece closed web that offers a nice pocket for catching, trapping, and retrieving the ball.

Although the sturdy steerhide leather used to make this mitt is ultra-tough material that usually takes time to break in, the glove’s unique aging process speeds up the process of breaking in. This is a big plus for young enthusiastic players who might mostly be impatient to wait for eternity for the stuff to break in.

Mitts construction is another consideration that makes it an excellent choice for your young catcher. A unique blend of “Old Time Ingredients” is rubbed into every single mitt. Besides, the glove is made using Aged Antique Tobacco Leather. Together, these two factors help to create an exciting game-worn feel in the gloves.

It’s noteworthy that each glove is cut by hand and sewn individually, which makes each glove a bit unique. Also, each of these gloves is made to look, feel, and smell like a vintage glove.

The downside here is that since each glove is individually made, the break in process might vary from one glove to the next. This can be a bit discomforting to youth players who might be particular their webbing and pocket.


  • Individually handmade construction ensures the catcher’s mitt is high-quality.
  • An aged look and feel only found in a Shoeless Joe glove.
  • Near-zero break in time as the gloves are game-ready by the time of purchase.


  • Only limited to a small 30-inch pattern.
  • Relatively high cost for a catcher meant for the youth. It’s like you pay more for the feel and look than for its performance.
  • Difficult to control the glove’s break in.

Though it’s rather costly, this is one of the decent youth catcher’s mitts that gives the player the feel and experience of having an aged glove.

Wilson A900 34-Inch Mitt

If you intend to buy a catcher’s mitt for the young player who needs a grownup-size glove, this product might be the one you need. This is a 34-inch glove best suited for 12 to around 13-year-old players who need more giant gloves.

One thing you’ll notice about this mitt is that the material used to make is a bit different from the ones used to make other kid’s catcher’s gloves. This one is made using full cowhide, dark brown leather. 

This material helps to ensure durability and, at the same time, gives the glove a beautiful, classic look. 

Being a large mitt, the Wilson A900 34-Inch uses a Low-Profile Heel technology to the mitt’s flexibility for more effortless closing and opening.

It’s not surprising that this mitt is said to need a short break in period thanks to the soft cowhide leather used to make it.


  • The Low-profile heel gives the catcher a better ball control and enhances the glove’s flexibility
  • With a 34-inch design, this is one of the giant catcher’s mitts for the youth, but it’s also a great choice older and bigger youth gamers.


  • Break in period might be longer than what the company suggests.
  • Its mid-range price could be a little bit on the higher side for this kind of soft glove.

If you want a youth catcher’ mitt with a large catching surface and other features that enhance performance and make the young player’s job more comfortable, the Wilson A900 might just be what you are looking for.

Rawlings Gamer Pro Taper 32-Inch

This is one of the best Rawling’s catcher’s mitts for young players then this is the product you might be looking for.

This is a scale down version of the equally popular Rawlings Pro model. The Pro Taper 32-inch delivers a Big League experience to the youth catcher.

With its smaller opening and finger stalls, this mitt fits snugly in the hands of a majority of youthful players.

Of course, you want a mitt that offers adequate protection to the growing fingers of your son or daughter. The reinforced palm padding, as well as the back lining on this glove, delivers just that.

It creates a protective and cushion-like bubble around the hand of the player, thus offering maximum protection against powerful stings from the thrower.

Fewer or no stings will mean more comfortable games for your young baseball player. This means the youthful one can stay in the game longer and have fun to the fullest.

The Pro Soft Leather Shield use to make this glove ensures the young player gets a soft, comfy feel while at the same cutting down on the glove’s break in time.

Although the glove is made from such soft leather, it’s still more durable compared to other similar youth catcher’s mitt. Why? The Tennessee Rawhide leather lacings give the glove more life and help it retain its shape long after the season is over. 

In the front, this top glove features one-piece closed webbing while on the reverse side; it has a conventional open back design. All these make it pretty easy for a smaller hand to close the glove comfortably.


  • The glove maintains its integrity and shape despite using soft leather in its construction.
  • It’s a standard 32-inch glove tapered to fit comfortably in the hand of a younger player.
  • Easy to close around the ball thanks to the glove’s one-piece closed webbing.


  • Availability limited to 32-inch design only
  • The mid-range price might be more suitable for better quality leather.
  • It might not be the best choice for bigger than 13-year olds who might find it too tight for the larger hands.

Under Armour Farmer Series Mitt Youth 31.5"

Under Armour is no stranger in the manufacturing of high-quality sports equipment. This manufacturer has a reputation beyond the world of baseball. The company is renowned for its comfortable athletic wear made using innovative technology.

It is this kind of expertise and commitment to quality design that the company applies to the baseball world with its Framer Series youth catcher’s mitt.

The Under Armour Farmer Series Mitt Youth 31.5″ aims at achieving the following two key objectives:

  1. To help young players develop and polish their catching skills.
  2. To avail of a lightweight glove that youth catchers can move around fast in different situations.

At the back of this best catcher’s mitt for young people is a high-quality synthetic material. This is part of the reason why this mitt prides of being lightweight. This material is used in sections of the glove where durability is not a primary concern.

An open perforated back – akin to the material used to make Marucci Geaux – is used to reduce the glove’s weight and add breathability.

Don’t let the lightweight nature of this glove make you think it’ll compromise your kid’s safety and comfort. The PHT Padding Technology makes this mitt as protective as the mitts made using more substantial mattress material.

This baseball glove for young catchers comes with a deep pocket with sufficient surface area, which offers a large target to the pitcher. This is a great feature, especially if you want a catcher’s mitt to train your young player.

The glove has a thicker toe pad and heel, which play an essential role in helping to secure the trapped ball inside the mitt. These two qualities help reduce the rebound off distance inside the glove.


  • This youth catcher’s mitt is deliberately built to be lightweight. 
  • It’s a good mitt for throwing out a runner or placing a fast tag.
  • It offers excellent protection against stings.
  • The mid-range price seems agreeable, given the numerous design elements and performance-enhancing features available in this catcher’s mitt.


  • The 31.5-inch glove design is small for young players.
  • The price might not be very budget-friendly.
  • Lightweight material may wear out faster than you expect.

This catcher’s mitt isn’t the cheapest youth catcher’s glove here, but it may give you decent performance for your money, courtesy of its numerous design elements, and performance-enhancing features.

Louisville Slugger Omaha 32-Inch Mitt

Any serious baseball player knows something about Louisville Slugger. Although this company is a renowned manufacturer of baseball bats, they are also famous for their baseball gloves, which, of course, include youth catcher’s mitts.

So what does their Omaha 32-inch have to offer to the young catcher?

This mitt has a conventional open-back design, which is a common feature in catcher’s mitts. The Louisville Omaha 32-Inch Mitt is a durable mitt that retains its shape for a long time compared to other similar mitts. Why?

The manufacturer uses full-grain steerhide leather to make this baseball glove. As you well know by now, this is a long-lasting material that can see the mitt last for several seasons.

Despite the long-lasting material, there’s a drawback here. The mitt has a long break in period, so if you are in mid-season and are looking for a replacement glove, this is not an excellent choice for you.

A significant drawback of this mitt is its price. This is a mid-to-high price mitt for young players, but it doesn’t live up to the many high-performance expectations that you might have. It looks like you are paying for the high quality of the leather used rather than the performance feature you are looking for.


  • It’s made using high-quality steerhide leather, which gives it durability even in rough play.
  • It’s a product of the Louisville Slugger, a well-known and respected brand.


  • For its mid-range price, it doesn’t offer much in terms of performance-enhancing features.
  • It has a long break in period.

This is a sturdy, primary catcher’s glove that will last for some time, but you can still get other options with better features at the same price.

Easton MAKO Youth Series Mitt

Easton is yet another reputable company in the manufacturing of baseball gear. Whether it’s their mitts, bats, or catcher’s equipment, Easton consistently delivers top-quality equipment.

It’s therefore not a wonder that in every significant –and even minor- tournaments, Easton is always more than well represented through the baseball gear and equipment that finds its way to the baseball field.

If you what you have in mind is a scaled-down 31-inch pro glove that’ll fit your young player’s hand well, the Easton MAKO youth catcher’s mitt might just fit the description.

This mitt offers superior comfort thanks to the added finger linings made from super soft, sponge material. The super-soft material does more than that; the sponginess even helps dampen the ball sting as it hits the pocket. This way, it thus enhances the young player’s comfort and confidence in the game. 

To deliver a lightweight glove, the manufacturer utilizes Easton’s HYPERLITE technology. This technology is a light polyurethane material that works together with the model’s JPro Cowhide construction.

To further save on weight, the manufacturer uses HYPERLITE material on areas where durability isn’t a crucial consideration. This material makes the glove more balanced.

The break in time of the Easton MAKO Series Mitt is very short. Why so? It’s the unique combination of synthetic materials and lightweight, soft feathers that account for this fast break in time. This is a big plus for this series since once your young player can play almost immediately after getting this baseball mitt. 

What may surprise you pleasantly is the mitt’s relatively modest price. The downside is that this price comes at the expense of durability. 


  • It uses HYPERLITE technology which is a performance-enhancing feature. This cuts down the mitt’s weight and enhances mobility.
  • The short break in period ensures your glove gets game-ready faster.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • Easton is a big brand that you can bank on for a top youth catcher’s glove.


  • You may have issues with the durability of this glove due to the synthetic and soft leather materials used in its construction.

Going by its price, the Easton MAKO youth series is a remarkable option for any youthful catcher.

All Star Young Pro Series Mitts

This series is an excellent choice for almost any baseball player. But unlike the other gloves reviewed above, this is not a single model; instead, it’s a series that comes with multiple models. A distinguishing feature of these gloves is that each one of them adjusts with a wrist strap. Thus, these gloves fit many hand sizes.

Despite coming with this wrist strap, all these gloves feature a 31.5-inch circumference. Now, this is not the right fit for every player. If your young player’s wrist is more significant than this measurement, the glove will not fit comfortably.

The different models of the All Star Young Pro Series mitts carry different price tags ranging from the low to high-end gloves. These prices depend on the quality of leather used and the kind of features that each respective model boasts of having.

Take the All Star Pro Series CM1100 model, for instance. This mitt model is manufactured using top-quality Japanese steerhide leather and features a padded wrist guard, an extended pocket and other features not found on its cousin, the CM1010BT. The latter model is an inexpensive mitt made using soft cowhide leather.

If you don’t need an All Star Pro glove with the added protector, for instance, you can opt for the mid-range priced All Star Pro Series mitt. This second option offers a wider heel d a flex-action crease and will perform almost as well as the pricier model mentioned earlier.

These features of the cheaper mitt make it easier to close the glove – which is crucial for inexperienced youthful players.


  • This series offers youth catcher’s mitts that are easy to close and securely trap the pitches.
  • The adjustable wrist strap gives a snug fit making it a good for almost any young player’s hand.
  • With the various price options, it’s easy to find a great mitt at any budget.
  • You can use cheaper models for practice and use the more expensive ones for actual games.


  • Low-price All Star Pro Series models may not be as durable as you might expect.
  • Break in period depends on the model you select. The cheaper models take longer to break in.
  • Although there are numerous models of these mitts, they all come in size 31.5-inch.

You can count on the wide variety of models to select an All Star Pro Series mitt that meets your requirements.

Youth Catcher’s Mitt Buyers Guide

All mitts are not equally useful; they differ in quality, performance features, and price, among other factors. When selecting the best baseball, consider the following: 


Baseball mitts are measured by the circumference rather than the length of the finger. The latter is used to measure the other baseball gloves other than the catcher’s gloves.

The standard size range for baseball mitts is from 29.5 inches to 34.5 inches. 

As you’ll notice in this review, some models of catcher’s mitts come in only one size, while others have numerous size options. So, before you make a purchase, ensure the glove you are purchasing is of the right size.


This is arguably the most crucial factor to consider when buying a youth catcher’s mitt. Why?

The material plays against two vital qualities of a catcher’s glove: flexibility and durability. In most cases, the more flexible the material, the less durable it is.

In terms of options, there are various types of materials used to make these catcher’s mitts. These include synthetic, cowhide, steerhide, top grain, and full-grain, among others. Each of these materials has its upsides and downsides.

Synthetic material, for instance, is cheap and lowers the overall cost of the mitt. This material also has a fast break-in period. However, this synthetic material has a short life meaning you’ll have to replace the glove quite frequently.

Cowhide is the midway point of the catcher’s glove leather quality. The material is relatively flexible and does not require a long break in period. Of course, cowhide material is as durable as other higher grades of leather.

Steer Hide is much stronger than cowhide; however, it’s also much stiffer as well. A catcher’s mitt made using steerhide will, therefore, require a much longer break in time before it’s ready for play.

Other equally important factors to consider as you scout around for the best youth catcher’s mitt include padding, pocket size, and the webbing. 

With that sorted out, let’s now focus on the 10 best youth catcher’s mitt 2021. Note that this review focuses on the best gloves for the age bracket 9 to 13-year olds.

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