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8 Best Youth Catcher’s Gear Sets in 2022

In almost all open-field games, the safety of the player is paramount. This is especially true when it comes to baseball. But maybe you’ve heard or even thought, like many some people have, that baseball is NOT a contact sport. So there’s hardly any need for comprehensive catcher’s gear.

A catcher in baseball holds a critical position in the sport. To be a productive catcher, you need the right gear to protect you from the numerous hazards that come with this position. Think of the home-plate collisions, foul balls, hard slides when stealing bases, flipped bats, and the like.

Without adequate and high-quality catcher’s gear, you might as well find this a tough position to play. The good thing is that the market is awash with different brands and types of catcher’s gear. The only challenge is how to select the best equipment for your favorite sporting activity.

However, with the right kind of information, you can easily acquire some of the best youth catcher’s gear in the market. This 10 Best Catchers gear buyers guide 2022 is your ultimate solution to this problem. The guide answers the following two fundamental questions that bother youthful catchers around the world:

  • Among the available catcher’s youth gears, which one is the best for 2022?
  • What qualities do you look for when selecting the best youth catcher’s gear for this year?

Read on for plenty of general information and a selection of the relevant reviews of the best youth catcher’s equipment for 2022.

Catchers Gear for youth

Best Youth Catcher’s Gear Sets

All-Star System 7 Axis

Compared to other youth catcher’s gears in our 10 Best Catchers gear buyers guide 2020, the All-Star System 7 Axis is expensive; there’s no doubt about that. This gear is not your ordinary catcher’s gear; it’s meant for top catchers playing in big leagues. So if you are on a budget, you might be tempted to skip this gear and read reviews of the less expensive gears.

Although there are several versions of this gear, the differences are more cosmetic than functional – one is the USA inspired while the other one comes with a digital camp pattern.

The main thrust of this gear set is mobility. This is important to you and a youth catcher. You need to dive effortlessly into the dirt to block balls, race down a fast pass, or even catch a pop behind the plate and more.

Pitchers in travel ball and other similar big leagues throw harder and much is at stake. That’s why the catcher’s in these kinds of high-level sports need the agility provided by the All-Star System 7 Axis.

The All-Star MVP helmet has an impact-resistant ABS shell, which provides the young catcher with the right shield at the right place.

Even though the System 7 axis has a thinner mobile design, this kit still offers excellent protection to the catcher.

All these features of this high-end catcher’s gear set combine to deliver a lightweight, mobile catcher’s set.

 The All-Star Axis’ chest protector comes with a form-fit design courtesy of its DeltaFlex harness. The helmet is something that should interest you because, on the interior, it features a 3D mesh liner, a lightweight material designed to reduce the weight of the helmet.

The set’s leg guards have more extensive knee surfaces and a high-quality LINO Hinge System. This means the guards protect a larger area of your legs. With these two features, you don’t have to worry much when sliding in the block position because the two features offer you a better sliding experience. 


  • The helmet’s ABS plastic shell is super-resistant to high-speed impact.
  • It allows the catcher to move quite naturally behind the plate thanks to the set’s extreme mobility.
  • It’s the best set for experienced youthful players.


  • It’s quite expensive and thus out of reach for players on a budget
  • The size of the helmet is rather small; it only runs to a 7-inch hat.

So if as a youth you don’t mind the kit’s price, this is the best catcher’s gear for your age bracket.

Louisville SluggerYouth PG 5 Catcher’s Set

Indeed, Louisville Slugger is renowned for making high-quality baseball bats; however, their catcher’s equipment is worth your attention.

For the youth category, this manufacturer has come up with the Series 5 3-piece Youth Catcher’s kit.

This inexpensive kit is an excellent choice for beginners.

The safety gear in the kit provides your head with comprehensive protection thanks to the full helmet, adjustable chin pad, and mask. If you like something stylish, the helmet with its matte gloss finish looks super-cool.

The helmet sizes range from 6 3/8 inches hat size to 7-inch size. The moisture-wicking material inside the helmet gets rid of moisture and sweat and makes it pretty comfortable to wear this gear as you catch the pitchers thrown at you.

What about the chest protector? You’ll find a high-density foam padding in the entire construction. It’s clear that all parts of this equipment help to shield the catcher from potential harm.

The Louisville Slugger 5 Youth set is made to be flexible and not inhibit the catcher’s movements during play. With each leg guard made separately, expect a more anatomically correct fit around your legs, which makes it comfortable to wear and move around in.

But don’t think that this ease of movement to compromise the protective nature of these guards, thanks to the guard’s double-knee design. This design feature covers your knee cap in shielding, thus ensuring this sensitive part of your leg remains unharmed as you play your role in this sport.

The Louisville Slugger catcher’s set comes in numerous color choices for those who are positively fussy about the color of the gear they buy.


  • This set is flexible enough not to limit your natural range of motion as a catcher.
  • A variety of color options and the gloss finish on the helmet make this set stand out from the crowd.
  • One of the least expensive, best youth catcher’s sets on this list.


  • Being a low price, the material used to make it might have durability problems.
  • Some larger players might find the sizes a little bit too small. 

If you are a serious buyer but on a low budget, this might be your best bet for a decent youth catcher’s gear set. 

Easton M10 Catcher’s Gear Set

The M10 catcher’s helmet is something to pay attention to. It is made using a lightweight HYPERLITE EPP foam which is wrapped nicely in an ABS plastic shell.

HYPERLITE EPP is some featherweight, and when combined with the helmet’s smooth radius design, the outcome is a quick and easy-to-throw-off helmet. The advantage here is manifest when you are chasing a passed ball or gunning down a runner.

As for the ABS plastic, it reinforces the light foam and ensures maximum protection.

What about the comfort of your head when wearing the helmet? Well, this piece of baseball safety gear by Easton is dotted with ventilation holes, which means your head remains cool even in a hot day’s game.

Turning to the chest protector, this is optimized for right-handed people. You can count on the protector made using ZERO SHOCK foam memory designed to absorb energy to provide maximum protection to your chest. This chest protector keeps the ball rebounds at a mere minimum.

There’s a difference in size between the sizes of the youth and intermediate chest protectors. The M10 chest protector measures 14.5 inches while the youth size is 12.5 inches in size. This makes the M10 protector more suitable for older and bigger youths.

Finally, the last piece of this set is leg guards. Both the left and right guards are asymmetrically built to improve fit and comfy wear. 

Behind, the plate is an EXOS vent system and adjustable knee pads that allow hot air that circulates air to keep this part of your leg cool.

You’ll most likely like the performance of this set. The TRUBLOCK anti-roll design of the leg guards helps to improve your ability as a young catcher to shift into a blocking position but without losing your balance or stability.

These two sets have different sizes: youth leg guards measure 12.75 inches while intermediate measures 14 inches. 

If the color is an issue to you, count yourself lucky. The M10 catcher’s gear comes in different color combinations. So if you want a color that matches your team’s uniform, you are sure to get something that suits your needs.


  • The ZERO SHOCK chest protection offers your chest maximum protection
  • The ultra-lightweight helmet is pretty easy to remove.
  • The TRUBLOCK anti-roll leg guards enhance your stability and balance.
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from.


  • The chest protector is designed for catchers who are right-handed only.
  • It’s quite expensive, even for intermediate players.

Other than the right-handed throwing design, this set offers excellent protection where it’s needed and is exceptionally breathable and performance-enhancing.

Easton M5 QwikiFit Catcher’s Set

Easton appears to be budget sensitive. If you can’t afford the M10 but still want a similarly quality catcher’s kit, the M 5 QwikFit is an excellent alternative. Why? It offers unique features at a much lower price tag.

Although it doesn’t have quite the same features as the M10, this kit has some appealing features that make it worth your consideration. For example, it has an easy-to-adjust QwikFit strap system, which makes it super easy to gear up between innings. This is very convenient if you are a new catcher and are not used to handling this equipment.

If you are playing in Little League, this might be one of your best choices.

The helmet in this kit uses tiny perforated holes and ventilation channels similar to the M10’s. This ensures there’s sufficient circulation of air in the helmet, which in turn helps to keep the catcher’s head cool even in the middle of the hottest tournament.

The ventilation on the helmet does more than just keep you cool; it helps your gear to last longer. Why? Minimal sweat buildup of sweat inside the helmet reduces the chances of the helmet deteriorating fast. This way, the ventilation helps preserve the helmet for much longer.

You want a catcher’s gear set that does what is crucial – protecting your body. The Easton M5 QwikFit Youth Catcher’s set does a great job on this front.

Inside, the helmet and chest protector features dual-density foam padding. This foam does a great job of absorbing the impact of the balls thrown to you but which don’t end up where they are supposed to – in your mitt.

To enhance the protection of your head, the helmet has a steel wire cage explicitly designed to offer ultimate safety without compromising visibility too much.

On the leg guards, just like the M10, the M5 QwikFit has the TRUBLOCK anti-roll technology on the leg plates.

Similarly, you can count on the gear’s high-quality design for enhanced stability and the much-needed balance behind the plate.


  • The ventilated helmet keeps your head fresh during the game.
  • It’s easy to adjust the gear to get a snug fit irrespective of your body size.
  • Very affordable to a majority of players.


  • The Velcro straps used in this gear have durability issues.

If you are scouting around for a catcher’s gear that is very protective yet very affordable, the Easton M5 QwikFit is the solution. It’s easy to adjust and is comfortable to wear. This is an excellent choice for beginner catchers.

Wilson EZ Catcher’s Gear Set

This yet another inexpensive catcher’s gear set that you can buy for your favorite sporting activity. The low price is simply because this is set a simple no-thrills design. If you are a new catcher, or you are looking for the best catcher’s gear for 8-rear-old this set is a great choice. 

This catcher’s set comes in two sizes; the Large-XL for ages 7-12 and the Small-Medium for ages 5-7.

The low prices rightly indicate that this set has performance-enhancing features. However, it is still protective enough for the youngster to use in the field. But if you are looking for a catcher’s gear set for travel leagues, you might have to dig deeper into your pocket and invest in superior, more expensive catcher’s gear.

The helmet, with its ABS plastic lining, fully encases the player’s head, thus providing sufficient protection from harm.

The shin guards and double-knee give the front of the player’s legs some decent shielding. The chest protection features some foam padding, which absorbs the shock from balls that have strayed away from the target.

The QuickChange closure system is another notable feature of this gear set. The EZ gear set is remarkably easy to put on and take off hence the EZ part on its name.


  • The most inexpensive catcher’s gear in this review.
  • Great design when suiting up or down.


  • Fundamental design with limited protective shielding.
  • Unsuitable for higher levels of baseball games.

This simple catcher’s gear gets the right choice for beginners or anyone on a pretty low budget. Don’t expect too much from this set, but it’s a good starting point if you want something that won’t break the bank.

Rawlings Velo Catcher’s Gear Set

The Velo is, without doubt, the best youth catcher’s gear set from the Rawlings. Why? This gear set, available in both youth and intermediate sizes, is feature-rich and worth your attention.

For the above reason, don’t be surprised that, price-wise, this set is on the higher end. Never mind that it lacks in the variety of colors available. What it lacks in style it compensates in its design.

If you want a youth catcher’s gear set with some of the best airflows, then the Velo is your most likely option. It’s merely one of the coolest catcher’s kits in the market today.

With the Velo, sweat and moisture in your helmet will be unknown. Thanks to the COOLFLO venting system that delivers a total of 15 air vents and the set’s Pro Dri Plus moisture-wicking features for absolute comfort and moisture prevention.

The Velo’s large, impact-resistant cage gives your head maximum protection while providing you with the best masking style for visibility as you play.

The Dynamic Fit System makes the Velo’s chest protector comfortable to wear and sufficiently lightweight to move around and flex in easily.

You’ll like the adjustable and removable chest piece shoulder caps for the comfort and convenience they bring to your baseball experience.

Unlike the other catcher’s gear sets in this review, the Velo not only has a cooling mechanism in the helmet nut in the chest protector and leg guards as well. Here The Heat Exchange Foam in the ribs and shoulders creates an airflow pattern that keeps you comfortable throughout the tournament or practice session.

Inside the leg guards, the Velo uses the same Pro Dri material used to cool the helmet. 

The lightweight material and the triple-knee design allow you to be agile and able to move around quickly.


  • The Velo offers even protection covering all the necessary parts of the youth catcher’s body.
  • The COOLFLO helmet vents and the Heat Exchange foam help keep the catcher fresh.
  • It offers comprehensive protection from head to toe.


  • The price might be way above the ability of some buyers.

If you want a pricey and cool feature-rich youth catcher’s gear, the Velo is the answer. 

Rawlings Renegade Catcher’s Gear Set

If you still want a youth catcher’s gear set by the Rawlings but you are on a lower budget, then the Rawlings Renegade Catcher’s Gear Set is your next option in our list of 10 best youth catcher’s gear.

This set by Rawlings is much more affordable than the Velo but still has some great features that can make your sporting experience fun and worthwhile.

The helmet of the renegade fits hats ranging in size from 6.5 to 7 inches. On the other hand, the chest protector comes in a 14-inch patter while the leg guards ate 13-inches in size. In general, this is a good set for youths of 9-12 years of age.

The renegade features the same COOLFLO ventilation system and the PRO DRI PLUS as the Velo and offers the same cooling and anti-sweat benefits to the young catcher.

To protect the catcher’s head from any high impacts, the renegade comes with a hockey-style caging and an ABS plastic shell helmet.

The chest protector is adjustable and features some Velcro straps to ensure a snug fit.

The leg guards are designed to keep the renegade light and agile. To protect the knee, the shielding around the equipment’s knee area is reinforced with flexible material.


  • More affordable than its Velo cousin.
  • Lightweight design ensures you can move around much quicker.
  • The helmet is adequately protective and keeps your head cool.


  • It comes in limited colors and designs.
  • The Velcro straps can quickly lose their integrity
  • Capping at a 7-inch size, the helmet might be too small for the heads of some players.

The Rawlings Renegade Youth Catcher’s gear is an excellent choice to anyone who wants a lower-cost Rawlings catcher’s gear but which still has some great features.

Under Amour Victory Catcher’s Gear Set

Quite like the Renegade, the Under Amour boasts of a lot of features and compelling design elements. Plus, its price tag is on the affordable range when compared to other leading catcher’s sets.

However, the Under Amour is not a very good contender when it comes to the number of colors it comes in. 

When buying this youth catcher’s set, make sure you get the right size. Yes, the set comes in three sizes reflective of the age bracket catered for in each size. These sizes are: Large (ages 12-16), small (ages 9-12) and junior (ages 7-9­)

Interestingly, the Under Armour all the three size options have one unique feature not familiar to the other catcher’s gear sets in this review. This feature is the AEGIS Microbe shield helps protect the young players from harmful bacteria and odors that might be present in gear. This is a one-of-a-kind moisture prevention system.

The I-Bar style cage of the Under Armour’s helmet helps preserve vision throughout the sporting session. Besides, this headgear has an adjustable inner chin for enhanced comfort.

The chest protector of this youth catcher’s gear set has moldable plastic inserts. This is another feature unique to Under Armour products. This feature allows for customizable protection in vital places such as the sternum, throat, and shoulders.

To protect the knee, this set comes with a double-knee design by flexing too naturally match the movements of your body.


  • Flexible and lightweight design allows the young player to move with ease behind the plate.
  • The Microbe Shield helps to prevent bacteria and odors from forming inside the gear.
  • ABS plastic shields the young player from high impacts.


  • The Under Armour has no color options.

Under Armour has several high-end features but still retains a reasonably affordable price.

Things to Consider

The following are some of the critical things you have to consider before purchasing the best youth catcher’s gear set this year.


The primary reason why you are buying this set in the first place is your sports safety. The gear set you buy should offer maximum protection to all the relevant parts of your body. These include your; face, head, hands, chest, and legs.


Of course, you don’t want to carry unnecessary weight as you catch the pitches. If the gear is too heavy, it will hinder your mobility and tire you fast. Lightweight gear is the best catcher’s gear to pick.


Your ear should not turn you into a robot; it should not interfere so much with your natural pose and movement. Just confirm that the gear you get uses thinner but high-quality padding.

After reading through this 10 Best Catchers gear buyers guide 2020, it’s obvious you now know why you should also consider other factors such as adjustability, airflow, and rebound control as you chose the best youth catcher’s gear set 2020.

With this informative review, you are now on your way to making the most informed choice. You can go through this review once again and check out the products from the links provided then select the best youth catcher’s gear set that suits your requirements.

You’ll never regret your decision.

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