Best Youth Baseball Pants Reviewed and Compared

9 Best Youth Baseball Pants Reviewed and Compared 2022

The baseball season is here with us again. As a young player or a parent to one, you know it’s time for some of the best baseball activities this year. Of course, beyond the ball and the bat, there are other gears that you need for you to have the best times in the field. One of these is the best youth baseball pants for this season.

If that’s what you are looking for, you are in the very right place. This review highlights some of the best baseball pants for this category of players and winds up with some vital tips to help you zero in on the best pants for your kid in 2022.

In this list, we cover almost every style of youth baseball pants you can imagine from the short baseball pants to the elastic bottomed open-bottomed, full length, and many other styles.

Expect to see products from the leading brands such as Easton, Under Armour, and Rawlings, and so on.

Let’s go straight to our list of what we have found to be the top-rated baseball pants for boys and young adults.

Best Youth Baseball Pants

Best Youth Baseball Pants

Wilson Youth Poly Warp baseball Pant

Comfort and performance are the hallmarks of this leading youth baseball pants. These pants offer a proper fit, thanks to the graduated inseams as well as the cuffed hems.

Other features that add to your comfort and performance include a two-snap closure, a zip front, and an elastic waistband with nice looking belt loops.

If you are a fan of the Wilson brand, the pants have a sewn-in pocket with the ‘W’ Wilson logo giving you an excellent opportunity to showcase your passion for the company’s high-quality sportswear.

These pants offer you a choice of three different colors, namely, Grey, Black, and classic baseball White. Don’t worry too much about the available sizes; the manufacturer has done a decent job of availing these pants in 6 different sizes from extra small through to XXL.


  • A sizeable elastic waistband with beautiful belt loops.
  • Graduated inseams
  • A made-with-brass YKK zipper with a two-snap closure.
  • It has a stylish back pocket that bears the renowned Wilson logo.


  • There are a few complaints about the durability of these pants.
  • Some users have had issues with the pants’ sizing, with some finding the legs shorter than expected.

Under Armour Boys CleanUp Baseball

Under Armour is another brand famous for its high-quality sportswear. These pants are proof of this claim. The pants are purposely designed to provide the young guy with the utmost comfort, high performance, and durability.

The 100% polyester material and the pants’ construction ensure maximum moisture-wicking capability. The pants dry up fast, keeping you fresh and comfortable even in the hot summer weather.

Besides, the pants come with seven belt loops (although they don’t come with a belt), a stretch waistband, dual-layer knees for additional protection, and a zip fly with a double snap closure.

If you prefer a looser fit with unhemmed bottoms, then these are the pants for you.

In terms of size, you’ll find pants small to extra large sizes.


  • Moisture-wicking polyester material keeps you cool and dry throughout the game.
  • The dual-layer knee construction provides added protection and durability.
  • The seven belt loops provide a proper fit.


  • Available in only one color.
  • They are rather pricey compared o similar pants from other brands
  • Lack of elastic at the bottom makes them susceptible to run long.
  • They don’t come with a belt so you might have to buy one separately.

Mizuno Youth Select Short Pants

Going by the reviews available, we can safely say that this style from Mizuno is among the most popular youth baseball pants available on the market presently.

In terms of style, thee pants have an old school shorter appearance. The inseam falls slightly below the knee, and the elastic hemmed bottoms ensure the pants’ legs stay where they are meant to be. So if you are looking for a pair of pants that won’t sag, this might be your best bet.

Like other leading baseball pants, the Mizuno Select Short Pants are made using 100% double knit polyester. This material provides added comfort, protection, and durability.

These baseball pants also feature a zipper fly front with a two0snap closure and a waistband with belt loops. The pants come in multiple sizes ranging from small to XXXL and give you the option of selecting from two colors, namely White and Grey.


  • The Moisture-wicking DryLite technology ensures you remain cool and dry.
  • It comes with a double –layer and double-knit fabric for added protection and durability.
  • The old school short style is a plus if this is your preferred style.


  • They are not a great choice if you prefer a more extended look.
  • Some users find it too tight at the waist.
  • Its price is on the higher side.

Rawlings Youth Semi-Relaxed Baseball Pants

These are baseball pants that have a semi-relaxed fit. They are made of 100% double-knit stretcher, thus providing you with better flexibility to play in all parts of the field, be it in the batter’s box or on the pitcher’s mound.

You can count on the pants’ medium weight material to keep you comfortable throughout the game. Besides, the Rawlings Semi-Relaxed pants come with double-lined knees for added protection, belt loops, two back pockets for your batting gloves, and a front zip fly.

Players who love pants with open, unhemmed bottoms will find these pants an excellent choice. Size-wise, you’ll get pants ranging from small to XXL sizes in White, Black, and Blue-Grey colors.


  • They have two back pockets for holding your batting gloves or any other appropriate gear.
  • Stretch polyester construction makes the pants comfortable to wear.
  • Double-layered knees bring added protection and durability.


  • They have no elastic bottoms; hence they might run long.
  • Some players think the waist is too tight.
  • If you are a shorter player, you might prefer a different style and model.

Easton Youth Pro Pull Up

You want your kid to feel like a pro. One way to do this is to buy a pair of pants that deliver just that. This is what you get with this pair of pants from Easton. These pants are well-constructed for maximum comfort and performance.

The Easton Youth Pull Up baseball pant is made of micro-fiber and polyester using some of the manufacturer’s most innovative technology. We are talking of things like Bio-Dri (an advanced moisture-wicking technology that ensures the fabric dries up super-fast), powerful stain resistance, and UV protection.

These pants have many other compelling features that make it an excellent choice for your young player. These include a waistband with drawstring, cuffed bottoms, and a back pocket with an Easton logo.

The inseam for the extra small to medium sizes measures 18 inches, while large and extra-large sizes feature an inseam of 18 1.5 inches.

If you are keen on the colors available, then these pants come in 4 different colors – Black, Grey, White, and Black-Red-Gold.


  • It features new protective technology in terms of UV protection, stain resistance, and Bio-Dri technologies.
  • The pans have both front and back belt loops.
  • Easton Logo if you are passionate about this manufacturer.


  • Not the best choice if you prefer a more extended look.
  • Some users feel the pants wear out rather fast.
  • Some felt the size was inconsistent.

Easton Boys Deluxe Pant

This pair of pants is another product from Easton that finds its way to our top-rated youth baseball pants, and there are good reasons for that.

For one, these pants bear many of the features mentioned in the Easton Pro Pull Up reviewed above. These include the moisture-wicking Bio-Dry technology, UV protection, and active stain resistance

However, the deluxe pants come in a slightly different fit. The Deluxe shave a looser and more relaxed fit with double-layer knees and elastic hems for better protection and improved durability.

The Easton Deluxe youth baseball pants are constructed using a blend of microfiber and polyester. This mix makes the pants both comfortable and highly functional. Also, the pants offer you some nice extras in the form of two sewn-in back pockets and an elastic waistband with well-made belt loops.


  • UV protection shields your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun.
  • Bio-Dri technology enables faster moisture-wicking, thus making you cool and dry throughout the game.
  • Stain-resistant finish ensures the pants are much easier to clean.


  • Some players thought the sizing was not consistent.
  • The legs run long if you prefer shorter legs.
  • Some buyers complain the waist area is slightly uncomfortable.

Champro Youth MVP Relaxed Baseball Pant

These pants, made of soft polyester, are designed with utmost comfort and protection in mind. As the name rightly suggests, these pants are made for you if you don’t like close fit. The full-length legs and open bottoms make it one of the best choices for youth players looking for a semi-relaxed fit.

This kind of fit gives you a full range of movements that will not restrict you as you dash and slide in your baseball game.

The Champro Youth MVP Relaxed Baseball Pant has other features that you’ll find appealing. These features include a 2-inch elastic waistband that comes with two belt loops, double layer-knees, two sewn-in back pockets, a zipper fly with a double snap enclosure, among others.

These pants are available in sizes extra small through to extra large, as for the choice of color, you can opt for Black, Grey, or White pants.


  • You get a full range of motions thanks to the semi-relaxed design of these youth baseball pants.
  • The 2-inch elastic band with belt loops and a double snap closure ensures the pants don’t sag as you play.
  • The double-layer knee provides added protection and durability.


  • The pants might tend to run long.
  • They are only available in 1 color.
  • The pants are not moisture-wicking.

Wilson Youth Classic Fit Baseball Pant

If you are on a budget but looking for a simple yet relatively inexpensive youth baseball pants, the Wilson Youth Classic Fit Baseball Pants might be the solution.

These are baseball pants made of soft and comfortable 100% polyester. These top-rated pants have reinforced knees for added durability and protection.

The elastic waist is pretty easy to use than the usual zipper or a snap front, which makes these pants a great choice for much younger baseball players. The pants’ bottoms are elastic while at the back; you’ll find a single back pocket for the younger one to secure the gloves and other gear. For more information on the best safety arm and elbow gaurds [Read our Full Guide]

These pants are available in White, Black and Grey colors and the size of the pants range from extra small to extra large.


  • They are made using soft and comfortable 100% polyester
  • The elastic waist and bottom ensure a secure fit.
  • Reinforced knee construction provides added durability and protection.


  • The pants are not moisture-wicking.
  • There are no belt loops.

Some customers say the pants don’t run right to size

C6 Pro Series Youth Pants

These pants are another excellent youth baseball sportswear. If you were looking for a pant with piping design, you might have noticed this is the first one on this list. Yes, it has that stripe down the pants that you’ve been looking for in this review. But that’s not the only thing that makes it an excellent choice.

These pants from C6 Carbon have innovative features and fresh design that simply make it irresistible to many youth baseball players. A closer look at these pants reveals that it’s made of two-way stretch material. This important because it means the pants promote flexibility and the ability of throwing the baseball faster during a game.

Its 100% polyester with moisture-wicking capability ensures you remain cool and dry throughout your time in the field. And as you play, don’t be distracted by some sagging pants. The adjustable inseam at theneeded full range of motion like t bottom of each leg takes care of this by ensuring you get a perfect fit.

Other notable features include belt loops and a jersey-grip waist. You’ll get a wide range of 8 color schemes to choose from in the extra small to extra large sizes of these pants available on the market.


  • Made of soft, comfortable 100% polyester material.
  • Elastic waist and the bottom ensure a secure fit
  • Reinforced knee construction improves the durability of these pants.
  • A jersey-grip waist helps you secure your jersey if you don’t want it hanging loose.


  • Not moisture-wicking.
  • It has no belt loops.
  • Some players say the pants don’t run right to the stated size.

Youth Baseball Pants – Things to Consider When Purchasing

Consider the following when buying the best youth baseball pant.


The material used to make the pants determines how comfortable the youth player will be during the game. Pants made of 100% polyester will serve you very well. This material is durable, highly washable, and won’t stain easily.


Baseball pants can be short or long. Each of these lengths has its pros and cons. For instance, long pants will offer maximum protection to your leg though they might not be the best pants for hot weather.


Nothing can be as uncomfortable as having liters of sweat flowing down your legs during a baseball game. Moisture-wicking pants quickly help you get rid of this problem by sucking in the moisture and leaving you cool and dry throughout the game.

With these tips and our review of the top-rated youth baseball pants you can now make an informed decision and pick the pants that best meet your requirements for a fruitful, stylish and fun-filled baseball season in 2021 and beyond.

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