Best Women’s Baseball Gloves

Best Women’s Baseball Gloves

If you are looking for the best women baseball gloves, you are in the very right place. Unless you are new to this favorite game, you know that all baseball gloves are not created equal. Some gloves are made specifically for certain field positions such as infield, outfield, catcher, pitcher, etc.

On the same note, some manufacturers craft baseball gloves that can be used for almost any position in the game.

Other than your position in the field, another factor determining the best women’s baseball glove is size. By this, we mean the size of the glove as measured and indicated in inches. You have to establish the right size for your requirements, depending on your size and before you make a purchase.

We present a review of some of the best women baseball mitts on the market presently. Never mind your game position because this review covers all the leading baseball positions and numerous glove sizes so that you won’t miss something just right for you.

At the end of every review, you’ll find the necessary info telling you the intended position and exact size for the specific glove. We start with the review then wind up with a buyer’s guide to help you make the most appropriate choice of a baseball glove.

Top-Rated Women’s Baseball Gloves


Why We Cherish It

The founders’ series is high quality utilizing only the best materials and extraordinary scrupulousness, guaranteeing that every glove is made to last. While Marucci is better known for their superior wood bats, their gloves are probably the best available. 

Rich Japanese kip leather offers prevalent quality and strength. The dainty heel on this ball glove accommodates a quicker break-in while giving the player a better feel for the ball in the pocket. A twofold bound web offers important fortification to provide the glove with a more drawn out life.

In case you are a first-class woman outfielder intrigued by a glove that syncs with your degree of play, keep the Marucci 2018 founders’ series 12.75″ baseball glove as a primary concern. It won’t disappoint.

  • Position: Outfield
  • Size: 12.75


Why We Cherish It

Wilson is broadly known for making one of the most outstanding gloves for this game. It’s no wonder that informed women (and men) players opt for this remarkable product.

The Wilson Pro Stock leather mixed with the super skin makes this one of the most long-lasting outfield gloves while remaining very light.

The A2000 1799 Super Skin includes a double post web, perfect for a woman outfielder’s capacity to shield the sun while retaining the visibility of the elusive fly balls. Wilson’s double welting, included on the rear of the glove, keeps up the glove’s legitimate shape all through the glove’s life. The deep pocket helps outfielders get hold of the ball, whether on the ground or in the air. Just in case you are a professional woman outfielder searching for a sturdy, light glove, you’ll be on track if you consider the Wilson 2019 A2000 1799 Super Skin 12.75″ baseball glove.

  • Position: Outfield
  • Size: 12.75″


Why We Cherish It

Under Armour is a renowned brand in the baseball world. This manufacturer has ventured into the gloves market in a big way. These flawless series are built using the top 5% of Japanese Tanned Hide. This glove is versatile thanks to the single post web and the 11.75,” which makes the glove useable at any spot in the baseball field.

You’ll find this glove one of the most comfortable in the market because of the world-class Pittards palm lining that enhances the feel of the glove on your hand.

This Under Armour Flawless UAFGFL-1175SP glove is an excellent choice for you if you are a woman infielder searching for a comfy and long-lasting baseball glove.

  • Position: Infield
  • Size: 11.75″


Why We Cherish It

If you play baseball, you probably know that being a catcher is perhaps the hardest position in this game. You should have an inherent and nearly instinctual knowledge of the game and know your opponent’s lineup like the back of your hand. The craftsmanship and commitment to high-quality material make the CM3000SBT one of the most applauded baseball glove on the market today.

Breaking in your glove is significant regardless of what position you play; however, it’s more meaningful for catchers. The All-star Pro Elite is known for how rapidly it breaks in. This glove is known for durability. It forms nicely to your hand, and catchers state it’s the best glove they’ve ever used in their games.

This glove is made of restrictive Japanese leather, taking into account a quicker break-in. It includes the best materials and mind-blowing craftsmanship. After only a single round of utilization, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how well this glove is made. The all-star pro elite 33.5″ is the best quality level for catcher’s mitts.

  • Position: Catcher
  • Size: 33.5″

5. WILSON A2000 1788 11.25" BASEBALL GLOVE - 2019 MODEL

Why We Cherish It

If you are passionate about brands, then this is one glove that won’t let you sown. The 2000® is one of the most notable gloves around the globe. This model is a popular choice for third basemen, center infielders, and is perfect for players who field various positions.

The glove has a shallower pocket than different models, and when broken in, it has a leveled, yet flared, shape.

The 2000®  is formed with an H web, and Wilson® has given it their best shot to give women players of any age a glove that can help distinguish somewhere in the range of 2 and 12 catching errors in a season.

In case you’ve seen any of the mitt reviews on the A2000®, you’ve likely seen this glove is profoundly solid yet very light. Wilson had the option to accomplish this dynamic by utilizing its robust yet rich Pro Stock leather. These materials make for an all-around comfortable mitt but without compromising on the quality of the product.

  • Position: Infield
  • Size: 11.25”


Why We Cherish It

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync line of ball gloves is worked with the familiar game-day examples of the top Rawlings Advisory Staff players. 

This glove won’t just be very durable, but it will be one of the more agreeable catcher’s gloves you can come across.  The mitt is constructed using deer-tanned leather covering and steer hide leather shell, and this combination accounts for the superior quality.

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync 3.0 34″ baseball catcher’s mitt comes in 34 inches, an ideal size for catchers who lean toward a somewhat longer glove with a deeper pocket.

This feature makes the glove an ideal fit for you if you are a woman baseball player with such hands. Furthermore, the use of the 1-piece durable webbing design makes this glove incredibly reliable all around. 

In case you are a world-class level baseball catcher searching for a comfortable yet reliable catcher’s glove that will last various seasons, the Rawlings Heart of the Hide ColorSync 3.0 procm43bp 34″ baseball catcher’s mitt is the ideal option for you.

  • Position: Catcher
  • Size: 34


Why We Cherish It

The Rawlings Heart of the hide of baseball gloves keeps on being perhaps the best glove at the cost.

Aside from the Rawlings PRO3039-6CBS being an extraordinary looking glove, it highlights Rawlings finger-shift innovation which makes it a comfortable and practical outfield mitt.

This glove is worked with the top 5% of all cowhides and high-grade ribbon to help make a very comfortable, yet sturdy glove. The Rawlings PRO-H web is the perfect web for any woman outfielder as it gives a deep pocket and space to see through while obstructing the sun effectively.

In case you are scouting for a top mitt at a sensible cost, consider the Rawlings PRO3039-6CBFS 12.75″ Finger Shift Baseball Glove.

  • Position: Outfield
  • Size: 12.75″


Why We Cherish It

As earlier mentioned, separate the Best Women’s Baseball Gloves from great brands. It’s no wonder that the Nokona is known for its top-notch handling gloves irrespective of the position you play. With the X2 Elite, pitchers get a glove made of Nokona’s exclusive top-grain Kangaroo cowhides and Stampede steer hide.

While the X2 Elite is perfect for pitchers, this glove is amazingly sturdy and can be used in the infield and outfield. The X2 Elite mitt is made with one of the most robust materials on the planet, kangaroo leather that requires negligible break-in.

This glove has a closed web which enables you, the pitcher, to effortlessly hide the ball on the mound from the opposing hitters. In case you are an expert pitcher searching for a flexible glove that can be used at any position, the Nokona X2 Elite 12″ Baseball Glove may be for you.

  • Position: Pitcher
  • Size: 12”


Why We Cherish It

Wilson is well known for making sturdy ball gloves that break-in rapidly, all while holding the weight down. The Wilson 2019 A2000 2800 12″ Baseball First Base Mitt is no different.  This mitt is one of the lightest, best-molded, and most honed first base baseball gloves currently available on the market.

As Wilson’s primary baseman model, the A2000 2800 highlights an imaginative pocket design with double breakpoints close to the thumb and heel, which help make the ideal break-in. A strengthened single post web makes a deep pocket to help secure each toss, whether good or bad, over at the first base.

Any first baseman searching for a high-quality glove that is lightweight and sure to go for years, the Wilson 2019 A2000 2800 12″ First Base Mitt won’t frustrate.

  • Position: First Base
  • Size: 12”


Why We Cherish It

We wind up this review of the best women’s baseball gloves with this remarkable infielder’s glove from Rawlings. The Rawlings Pro Preferred line of ball gloves keeps on consolidating top-grade game-day patterns and materials to convey the quality and execution that help make probably the best mitts in the game.

This Rawlings 11.75″ mitt blends durable kip skin leather and a superior sheepskin lining to help retain the glove’s shape and give an agreeable fit.

The Rawlings Pro I Web, combined with its size of 11.75,” makes it an incredible fit for any infielder, even though it plays best on the left half of the diamond.

This glove comes 30% broken in, giving you a lot of time to form and shape the glove precisely as you would prefer.

In case you’re an exceptionally competitive infielder searching for one of the top mitt decisions of 2019, look at the Rawlings PROSNP5-2C Pro Preferred 11.75″ Baseball Glove.

  • Position: Infield
  • Size: 11.75″

Best Women’s Baseball Gloves Buyer’s Guide

Of course, there are myriads of brands and models of baseball gloves out there. Each of these promises one thing or the other; they range in quality from the basic to the excellent. So choosing the right or even best baseball mitt for you can be a challenge. However, with the right background info, you can easily navigate around this maze and settle on the best glove for your needs.

To land on the best mitt, you need to consider the following:

Position in the field

As earlier noted, your position in the field is a critical determiner of the baseball glove that you choose.  Outfielders will need a different glove from infielders. Similarly, a catcher and the first baseman each have their gloves to pick from. Middle-fielders, too will have it rough if they choose gloves meant for outfielders.

As you can note, if you are a seasoned baseball player, selecting the right glove for you is critical to your gaming success. For more information on how to properly chalk a baseball field [Read our Full Guide]


Of course, you want a baseball glove that is right for the size of your hand. Remember, these baseball gears are made with scale in mind and range anywhere from 11.5″ to 13″ in size.  If you have a tiny hand, the smaller gloves will come in handy. In a nutshell, know the size of your hand and get the most appropriate size. 

Leather types

Gloves are made using various leathers, which affects the feel, look, break-in time, durability, and price of the glove. Some of these leather types include full-grain leather, kip (or kip skin), premium steer hide, and leather or cowhide. Some manufactures go a step further and throw into the mix other technologies meant to give the glove a better performance and durability.


Your budget will affect the choice you make. Take some time and get the best bargain for the price you are most comfortable paying for your baseball glove.


There are hundreds of women’s baseball gloves available, but among all these, some have demonstrated unequaled superiority in performance and durability. This review gives you what we’ve found to be the best women’s baseball gloves yet. Pick one that suits your unique circumstances and let your next baseball game and the entire season be nothing but fun.

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