Best Weighted Baseball Training Balls Sets

8 Best Weighted Baseball Training Balls Sets in 2022

Taking part in sports is good for your health, you may choose to train in any type of game depending on the one you are interested in. Baseball might be a good choice for you. Baseball is a game that is played by two opposing teams. Like any other game, there are rules and orders to this game that each player is required to understand.

Are you ready for baseball training? You need to consider getting trained with the best baseball training aids. Weighted baseballs have played a big role in the development program of many pitchers and athletes. Weighted baseballs are great training tools to help you further or develop your skills in baseball or softball.

When getting trained in baseball always consider starting with the heavy balls as you progress to using lighter balls. Heavy balls travel a longer distance than a normal weighted ball, a normal weighted ball weighs 5-1/4 ounces. Weighted balls are made from cork rubber then wound with leather to make them last longer.

There are several baseball training balls in the market today but you need to consider choosing the best out of all of them. This guide helps you make a good selection. Take a moment before spending your money on just any weighted baseball training balls. Consider knowing the best. The following information will enable you to explore the best-weighted baseball, training balls.

Best Weighted Baseball Training Balls Sets

Best Weighted Baseball Training Balls Sets

The Go Sports 16oz Weighted Training Balls

These weighted balls help to slow down pitching and batting movements to help identify the key areas of improvement.  This way the player and the coach can fix the mistakes.

Each of these balls weighs 16oz and is made from soft, durable rubber shells that enhance safety during training.

The balls are great for all skill levels. They are perfect for beginners and experienced players who want to develop their skills.

Coaches prefer these weighted balls since they are essential training tools for perfecting batting and pitching.


  • Ideal for pitching
  • Good size for beginners
  • Good for training
  • Used to slowly train and fix mistakes
  • Well-priced
  • Durable material


  • More color options

Pinty Heavy Weighted Training Balls

These weighted balls are heavier than normal balls. They are 16oz plus weight. This makes these balls perfect for amateurs as well as professional games. They help players build upper body strength quickly.

The balls are made from soft, durable plastic shell, filled with iron and sand ensuring hardness and durability.

When practicing with these weighted balls the risks are minimal since they are heavier. They travel at a limited speed within a small distance hence the coach and team can focus on the practice without worrying about hurting someone.

These balls are brightly colored. This improves both coaches’ and player’s ability to see the path of the ball through the air enabling them to adjust their swing perfectly.

They come in 12 in a set or 6 in a set and are affordable.


  • Brightly colored for improved visibility
  • Balls are soft
  • Made using durable material
  • Ideal for pitching practice
  • Good weight
  • Affordable
  • Come in a dozen or half a dozen


  • Can travel a little more off the bat

Keenstone weighted Baseballs Training Balls

The balls are created to help develop hitters to drive the bat barrel through the ball.

They are made with highly durable materials including rubber that reacts very fast. They won’t easily crack even after years of repeated hits and throws. They are perfect for all training needs.

The weighted design of these balls reduces their velocity while pitching. Both coach and player can evaluate the pitch.

These balls are designed such that any player regardless of age can use them for practice. They come in packages containing 6 or 9 balls. They are well-priced.


  • Colorful balls for increased visibility
  • Ideal for training purposes
  • Work to reduce travel velocity
  • Come 6 or 9 in a pack
  • Well-priced
  • Durable material


  • Have a bit more velocity to them

PowerNet 2.8" Weighted Hitting Batting Training Balls

These balls come 9 in a pack. They are very bright in color to facilitate the pitcher’s vision. Both coaches and pitchers can see the clear trajectory the ball takes after pitching.

They are heavy hence do not travel very far. This makes it possible to use these balls indoors. They give the players instant feedback if the ball was hit correctly. If not hit correctly, the ball will not travel far.

The players’ are required to hit these balls with a lot of power and this strengthens their arm muscle.

The balls are made using a thick plastic cover that is very durable. It won’t easily crack even after being hit continuously. They are a bit pricey as compared to others.


  • Weighted balls hence don’t travel far
  • Brightly colored
  • Easy to spot for the coach and pitcher
  • Made using durable material
  • Don’t get damaged easily


  • Expensive compared to others

Precision Impact Weighted Training Balls

They are heavy weighted balls set for pitching. They weigh 12oz and are designed to be compatible with the existing training programs.

These balls are also made from highly durable PVC leather material and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are packaged as 9 balls in one order and come in various colors to choose from.

They are the ideal weight for training improved arm muscle strength while causing little damage due to injuries. They are pricey compared to other balls in the market.


  • Ideal balls for pitching practice
  • Compatible with the existing training program
  • Come nine in one pack
  • Brightly colored for easy spotting
  • Made of durable PVC leather
  • Good for improving arm muscle strength


  • Pricey

Hit Run Steal Weighted Practice Balls

You can get these balls in a set of 3, 6, or 12 while ordering. Select the number you want.

They are designed for both baseball and softball practice. They give players instant feedback on their baseball swing.

The heaviness of these balls enables the players to generate more power in their swing, which allows them to hit more home runs.

These balls are made from a quality, durable PVC shell. This makes then last even longer.  The bright colors are good for easy identification on the field while practicing.

They are sand-filled to 15oz. and are perfect for any payer regardless of their age. They are a bit expensive compared to others.


  • Come in three sets to choose from
  • Made using quality PVC leather
  • Durable
  • Ideal for practice to build strength
  • Weighted for better impact
  • Brightly colored
  • Good for all ages


  • Priced a bit high

Gonex Weighted Balls

They come as a 6-pack with 3 colors. They weigh 16oz, the best weight for adults in training.

These balls are good for testing accuracy. They test how proper hits and miss change the distance of the ball.

Their heavyweight enhances velocity by increasing throwing and hitting speed. They also enhance power since they must be hit with a lot of energy. This helps players build their muscles.

The bright color helps in easy identification on the field. They are made using quality and durable PVC leather. You can use them for a long time without needing replacements.


  • Made using quality PVC leather
  • Durable and flexible
  • Brightly colored for easy identification
  • 6 in a pack make for easy sharing
  • Help players build muscle strength
  • Good price


  • Not ideal for all ages

ProNine Heavy Weighted Training Balls

These balls are designed for baseball training, pitching and throwing practice. They weigh up to 10oz. Their weight helps players develop greater arm strength.

These balls are durable, made from cork rubber and covered with leather.

ProNine balls are convenient for throwing drills at any place of your choice, be it your backyard or local field.

They are beautifully designed and have bright colors for easy spotting on the field. They are very cheap.


  • Cheap
  • Beautiful bright color for easy spotting
  • Designed for pitching practice
  • Help build muscle strength
  • Made of quality material
  • Durable


  • Not good for young players

What to Consider when Choosing Weighted Baseball Training Balls

Purpose of the Ball

You need to determine if you are going to use the ball for batting or pitching practice, or both. This will enable you to choose the right ball for you. Some balls are designed for a specific type of training while others are open to both.

Who its Meant For

Consider the group you are choosing the ball for. Is it meant for youths and younger children because there are restrictions and recommendations apply? In this case, you may be required to choose less weighted balls.

The Color

Choose a weighted ball that fits the time you will be using it. If it is going to be outside at dusk, choose a brightly colored ball. Brightly colored balls can be seen even in the dark.

Number of Balls in a Pack

Get weighted balls that come with several balls in one pack. This is an advantage to the team since they can share the balls for warm-up/ pre-games before the actual game start. Practice makes perfect, give your team a chance to do the practice.


Consider the durability of the materials that have been used to make the weighted ball.  Some balls are used for throwing and may fall on hard surfaces. If you fail to choose a durable ball you may end up getting frustrated due to tears.

Size of Field

What is the size of the space you wish to play from? For those players that wish to play baseball in their homes, they should go for weighted balls that are of lesser weight. Light-weighted balls do not travel a long distance.

The Price

How much are you willing to spend on the weighted balls for pitching? Have your budget set before you start scrolling for the best ball to buy. This helps you keep a level head and not go beyond your limit.

Considerations when Training with Weighted Balls

Before you think of training with weighted balls, you should check whether you’re fit for the training. Almost every interested player joins the training programs including adults, young children, and youths. The following are some of the things people should consider before training with weighted balls.

Be a Teen or Older

Training with waited balls may include activities such as throwing the balls. Some of these balls are very heavy and may cause dislocation of the arm for those who are younger.

Be Pain-Free

If you start the training programs with pain, let’s say on your shoulder or any other part of your body, you may be getting yourself in trouble. Some trainers have adapted joint screening of their players before they begin training.

Have Acceptable Moving Quality

This is true especially athletes who are willing to take the training programs. They should have sufficient external rotation, cervical rotation among other body movement qualities.

Adequate Weight

Those willing to take training programs should meet weight requirements to be eligible to participate in the activities done in the course of the training. Any effective throwing program should incorporate throwing strength, and arm care as one of the programs, this will help improve coordination of the muscle contraction.


Although there are drawbacks to using weighted balls in baseball training, they are an excellent addition to your training. It is advisable to keep in mind that without proper implementation of techniques and programs, you can sustain injuries. Training with weighted balls has proved to be beneficial to the players and coaches.

For those interested in baseball, they should ensure that they familiarize themselves with the weighted ball before they start training. Knowing these training balls will enable players’ use those balls the right way. For individuals who train on baseballs by the use of training aids, they should ensure they purchase those that suit them. This guide helps you know which the best weighted balls are.

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