Best Tee Ball Bats For [Pee Wee]

Best Tee Ball Bats For 2022 [Pee Wee]

The tee ball bat is commonly referred to as the ‘baby steps’ of baseball. Such bats are used by young baseballers trying out the sport for the first time. 

The term ‘tee bat’ emanates from the plastic stand that comes with the bat, whose primary role is to hold the ball in place to help the novice baseballer learn how to swing and hit the ball. The stationary ball on a tee stand is crucial in helping your young one grasp the basics of hitting the ball.

Young baseballers are usually introduced to the game from as early as four years, and similar to other types of baseball types, tee balls come in varying sizes from different manufacturers. Finding the best tee ball bat for your little one, as most parents will agree, can be quite a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time tee bat shopping.

To help you settle on the best tee ball bat, we have compiled a list of the best products around. We’ve taken it a notch further and discussed the various features, pros, and cons of the leading products in the tee ball bat market. Hopefully, by the end of the read, you will be well placed to select the best tee ball bat for your little champ.

Top 5 Tee Ball Bats Reviewed


With an impressive weight drop ratio of -13.5, the Easton Mako Beast TB 17MK135 is easily among the best tee ball bats in the market. The bat boasts of an ultra-slim 29/32″ profile on top of being constructed from composite material. 

What makes the Easton Mako stand out is its unique rolled-end design that makes it easy for first-timers to hit the ball and develop proper swinging technique. The barrel is 2 ⅟4″in size, making it fairly easy for your little one to hit the ball accurately.

The composite material helps to increase the durability of the bat while at the same time keeping it lightweight enough for your child to enjoy a swing. The Easton Mako Beast (-13.5) TB17MK135 Tee Ball Bat comes with a cushioned grip handle to increase your little athlete’s comfort and overall stability when swinging the bat. 

The one piece design of the Easton Mako improves its overall performance, allowing your child to swing the bat at full force when hitting the ball.

Impressively, the Easton Mako comes in different sizes to accommodate children of varying heights. You can select either the 25 or 26 inches bats, which weigh 11.5 ounces and 12.5 ounces, respectively. 

The manufacturers offer a one year warranty on the Easton Mako, meaning your little one’s bat will last long enough until he or she is ready for the next level.

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When it comes to world-class tee ball bats, the Rawlings TBRR12 Raptor T-Ball Bat needs no introduction. Rawlings is among the most popular bat manufacturers and is known to produce some of the best baseball bats in the US. The Raptor T-ball is made from 100% alloy material, which serves to increase its overall strength while keeping it lightweight.

The tee ball bat features a 2 ⅟4″ barrel, which is appropriate for teaching young novice players power hitting. The Rawlings Raptor uses alloy material to help improve your child’s hitting technique as alloy materials are more appropriate for strength conditioning than their composite counterparts.

Another impressive feature of the Raptor T-ball bat is its slim handle that is toppled with synthetic grip to increase your little one’s grasp when swinging. With a weight drop of -12, you don’t have to worry about the bat being too heavy or cumbersome for your child. 

The Rawlings bat includes a unique perimeter-weighted plug that acts as the bat’s end cap. This helps a young player to release more energy when swinging the bat to make for a stronger, harder hit.

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The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus is made from 100% alloy material, meaning it will last long enough until your little athlete can upgrade to the next level. The tee ball bat, due to its alloy material, is conveniently lightweight, which allows the player to swing the bat at fast speeds while also channeling maximum force to the barrel.

The Xeno Plus bat comes with a single-piece design and a -12.5 weight drop ratio that makes it light enough for first time batters to swing and make hits. The 7/8` grip inch profile makes the Xeno Plus appropriate for novice young players who know little about handling baseball bats.

The Louisville Slugger Xeno tee ball bat comes in three length options, 24 “, 25 “and 26” that weigh 11.5 ounces, 12.5 ounces, and 26 ounces, respectively. An amazing feature that makes the Xeno tee ball bat stand out is its highly affordable price, which makes it possible for parents to acquire it without breaking the bank.

The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Girls Softball T-Ball Bat comes with a 12-month warranty, meaning your child is guaranteed to use the product until he or she develops adequate baseball skills.

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The Franklin Sports Inferno Tee Ball Bat is widely perceived to be among the most aesthetically appealing tee ball bats for young baseballers. The product comes in different color schemes that have unique patterns that contain the words Inferno embedded in blazing flame towards the barrel. The tee ball bat boasts of a single-piece design constructed of 100% aluminum.

The tee ball bat uses aluminum due to its lightweight properties and ability to swing at great speed once in motion. The Inferno bat has a good amount of flex due to the use of aluminum in construction. 

The high degree of the Inferno’s flex allows the barrel to bend inwards before rebounding upon making impact with the baseball. This allows players to hit the balls further and harder, thus training them on how to prepare for the more advanced type of bats.

Boasting of a 24-inch length that fits your little one perfectly, the Inferno tee ball bat is also easy to swing and handle due to its light weight of 16 ounces. For ease of use and proper swing management, the Franklin Sports Inferno Tee Ball Bat comes with a PU bat grip that is dual-color to make it more appealing to your little athlete. Some of the available color options are green, pink, and blue.

The single piece design of the Franklin Sports Inferno Tee Ball Bat allows for the conservation of your little athlete’s energy levels. 

The swing force produced by a player when attempting to hit the ball is directly transmitted to the barrel, leading to maximum conservation of your child’s energy. This helps increase the productivity of your training session while also maintaining the first-timer’s interest in baseball.

In addition to the single piece design, the Franklin Sports Inferno tee ball bat comes in different color schemes, allowing your child to select exciting colors that make training fun. The age-friendly colors help learners create attachments with their cool bats, which helps boost their interest in the game.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Rawlings brand of bat manufacturers is one of the best in the business. This explains why it has two tee ball bats in our list. The Rawling Storm T-ball bat is manufactured using high-quality allow material, which not only increases its solidity when making hits but also ensures the t-ball bat is lightweight enough for young, first time players.

Rawlings Storm Alloy T-Ball Bat has a -12 weight drop and comes with a 2 ⅟4 “barrel. Designed to appeal young baseball players, the Rawlings Storm T-ball boasts of a vibrant pink color scheme which gives it a stylish and playful outlook meant to appeal to any young athlete. The crackled themed handle is meant to increase your child’s grip when handling the tee ball bat, and its lightweight of 13 ounces helps to make the bat light enough for use by young players.

With an overall length of 25 “, the t-ball bat is a perfect fit for any child looking to start learning how to play baseball. The one year warranty gives you the assurance that the tee ball bat was meant to last, and will be put to good use until your child is skilled enough to move up to more advanced bats.

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Sorts of Tee Ball Bats

Tee ball bats are frequently founded on the material utilized in developing them. The significant kinds of tee ball bats are as per the following:

Composite Bats – They are from aluminum that they blend in with other lightweight material. The primary bit of leeway of these bats is that they have more slender, progressively responsive dividers, which ordinarily have an increasingly enormous pop.

Composite Bats – These sorts are from a blend of graphite, carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass. They are the absolute most lightweight bats, that is the reason they appear to be the best decision for youthful players. In any case, before procuring this sort, consistently get some answers concerning your group rules since certain associations limit their utilization.

Half breed Bats – These are typically the blend of the amalgam and composite sorts. Commonly, the handle is ordinarily from composite material so as to limit the all out weight. This offers speedier swing speeds while the barrel will be an amalgam material to give an additional pop.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Tee Ball Bat

Most guardians whose significant intrigue is for their children to appreciate playing tee ball have not generally been fortunate to locate the best bats for their children. There is a high likelihood that you will wind up with an inappropriate bat for your young fellow in the event that you don’t have the correct data. Our fundamental objective in this area is to edify you on how you can settle on the best decision of a bat for your child.

Weight – There are a few details you have to think about the heaviness of tee ball bats. Generally passage level bats have – 10 weight drop proportion. Consequently, on the off chance that you procure a 25-inch bat, the relating weight will be 15 ounces. Additionally, note that bats with – 13 weight drop are the most lightweight, while those with – 10 drop are regarded the heaviest. Your child’s body quality will decide the bat weight that suits him. A child that isn’t too solid won’t have the option to appropriately utilize an overwhelming bat. Fortunately, more lightweight bats are less expensive and reasonable than the substantial ones. In this way, it is constantly fitting to have your child take a stab at each bat before acquiring any bat. An ideal one ought to be to empower your chap to swing with solace and opportunity.

Length – Checking the tee ball measuring graph is significant when searching for the bat with the correct length for your child’s stature. This outline is in every case extremely helpful on the grounds that it fills in as the reference point for guardians who are uninformed of the fitting piece length. Another way you can decide whether a bat is of the correct length for your child is by having your child stretch his arms wide, and setting the bat from the center of his chest down towards the wrist. The outcome is, if your kid or young lady can contact the tip of the bat utilizing their palm, at that point you can think of it as appropriate for him.

Measuring – This is another fundamental element to factor in. Tee ball bats for youthful players come in 3 standard sizes, which are 24″, 25″ and 26″. Before picking a specific bat, you should as a matter of first importance think about the size of your child. On the off chance that your chap is exceptionally tall, you ought to get him a bat of relative length. Also, your child’s body size and a manageable distance are what decide the ideal size for him. Purchasing a bat with an inappropriate size will keep youthful players from having an open to swing.

Bat Lifespan – Bats are solid and very strong. Most players exceed their bats. With regards to deciding if to go for an increasingly strong bat or not, two things are included. On the off chance that your youngster needs to play tee ball for quite a while, you ought to consider purchasing a bat that will last more and the one he can develop into. Recollect likewise that most children will probably not play for such a long time as they will progress to either softball or baseball. In this manner, acquiring an excessively expensive tee ball bat may not be practical. In general, your most solid option is go for an increasingly moderate great quality tee ball bat.

Brand – This is another angle you should not neglect on the grounds that simply like other baseball or softball gear, the brand is key with regards to tee ball bats. It is frequently prudent to consistently pick bats by legitimate brands since it is simpler getting the best bats for your child from them. This is on the grounds that they are known to have the most recent front line innovation and aptitude to build better tee ball bats. A portion of the popular makers of these bats are Louisville Slugger, Easton, Mizuno, and DeMarini. Be that as it may, mind you, generally do your due steadiness before deciding on any top brand all together get the best bat for your fellow. Generally, numbness is never a genuine safeguard for settling on an inappropriate choice.

Step by step instructions to Maintain a Tee Ball Bat

It is a typical conviction that composite bats tend to be more delicate to temperature than amalgam bats. A few creators regularly recommend least temperatures perfect for utilizing their bats. Be that as it may, as a dependable guideline, you ought to abstain from swinging with your bat under temperatures beneath 12.77 degree Celsius. Relatively, composite bats have improved fly in more sweltering climate.

Extra Tips on Maintenance

Here are more tips for you on the most proficient method to deal with your child’s bat:

Dimpled balls can debilitatingly affect your bats, abstain from rehearsing with them.

Abstain from utilizing your bat to clear off earth from your spikes as this may harm the bat.

The less hits on your bat the more solid it will be, to lessen the quantity of partners that utilize your bat.

To abstain from breaking your bat rashly, swing with the mark looking toward you.

On the off chance that you draw in your bat in the batting confine regularly, it might begin wearing and tearing sooner than anticipated. It is smarter to sit tight for the principle game.

The importance of finding the perfect t-ball bat for your child cannot be overstated. It is at this tender stage of practice that your child either develops or loses interest in baseball. A good bat will not only have your little one eager to practice every now and then, but it will also increase his or her batting confidence while also ensuring proper batting skills are acquired at a tender age.

Thus, if you think your young athlete has genuine potential, or you just want to try out and see if baseball works for him or her, you will need to get the perfect sized bat. A decent bat will help your child or trainee develop relevant baseball skills at a tender age, increasing the chances of a successful transition to higher leagues as he or she becomes older.

Ideally, the perfect t-ball is one that suits young players in regards to overall weight, height, and other equally important aspects of construction like material used. For instance, an overweight bat will, without doubt, weigh a young player down, consequently limiting his ability to swing effectively and enjoy himself. Similarly, a tee ball bat that is extremely long will affect your child’s swing ability, and the last thing you want is your child disinterested in baseball due to your incorrect tee ball bat selection.

The best tee ball bat is one that meets the height, age, and weight requirements of your son or daughter. This means you should take such factors into great consideration when looking to select the best tee ball bat for your little one.

Although choosing the perfect t-ball bat is no walk in the park, you should be well placed to make the right choices based on our above review. Remember to check on the important features like height, weight, the material used, and even certification if you want your child to use the bat in some youth league tourneys.

We also urge you to consider your child’s favorite color or select bright colors to help increase your little one’s enthusiasm as he or she gets to learn the beautiful game that is baseball.