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Best Sports Eye Black Anti-Glare Buyers Guide 2022 [Grease and Strips]

As a baseball or softball player looking for eye black, you are in the right place. An eye black is a strip or grease that you apply under the eyes to reduce glare. Eye black is a form of functional makeup. American baseball and lacrosse players often use American baseball and lacrosse players to mitigate the effects of bright sunlight and the glare of powerful field floodlights.

Although these are seen as simple accessories, eye blacks still come in different designs and provide additional advantages depending on the type of eye black you pick.

There are hundreds of brands of these products, so picking the best can be a daunting task. To help you select the best eye black for your baseball requirements, we have compiled a detailed and insightful review of the best eye black brands and products for you. If baseball sunglasses may be a better option for you [Read our Full Guide]

Franklin Sports Eye Black

This eye black product is one of the best options you can get. This is not only because they provide outstanding reliability after sticking them to your face but also because of their excellent versatility.

These unique eye-black stickers reduce glare from the sun and the lights quite nicely. But the unique advantage they bring about is the customization feature. These eye blacks allow you to write all kinds of stuff because they come with an additional white pencil that comes with the pack.

Thus, you not only reap the benefits of anti-glaring effects, but you can also intimate your baseball opponents in the process.

This pack arrives with 24 stickers and a white pencil. This pack can last you up to 24 baseball games, making it is a long-lasting pack for players who have many baseball games on the list. Remember, the collection also works for anyone, including kid baseball players and fans.

Anyone can benefit from these stickers without problems. If you play other games and sports other than baseball or softball, these eye blacks are a great companion as you can use them for a wide range of different sports. Also, if you use them in a disguise party or something similar, they’ll work exceptionally well too.

If you don’t sweat much, these products have some additional advantages: you can use these stickers twice.

Similarly, if you are a fan who doesn’t sweat too much and you want to get the benefits of an anti-glaring eye-black a couple of days or matches in a row, these stickers allow you to do so. That’s how amazing they are.


  • They are versatile as they work for anyone and in diverse sports.
  • The other white pencil allows you to write intimating stuff on the sticker.
  • They are long-lasting eye black stickers.
  • You can use each sticker up to twice.


  • The white pencil might not be an ideal extra item for a baseball player.

EyeBlack Black Athletic Eye

This eye black comes from one of the most reputable brands in the market- the EyeBlack Athletic. The product arrives in a pack of eighteen pairs at a super-friendly price.  You can use this item for several baseball tournaments without issues.

EyeBlack Athletic Eye is of the thinnest options available. Thus, it delivers a mild but helpful result without affecting your gameplay in any way. While you play, you won’t even remember that you have some sticker on your face – that’s how thin and comfortable these accessories are.

They are easy and quick to use because they come in a peel-n-stick design. With this feature, you won’t need to spend much of your time and effort sticking them on your face.  Instead, you’ll have to detach the sticker from the glue and attach it to your eye to get its effect.

Another good thing is that the stickers are scent-free, so you won’t be distracted by unwanted scents as you play.

EyeBlack Athletic Eye works well for anyone. Even fans can use this product on sunny days to reap the benefits it offers. For the services it provides, this product is relatively inexpensive.

The stickers are safe to use as they have little to no damage to your skin and last for long if you apply them correctly. Even the swiftest of players will hardly experience a falling sticker.


  • They are safe and non-toxic stickers.
  • The highly efficient anti-glaring construction is a big plus
  • They are effective in reducing visibility problems
  • The excellent peel-n-stick design ensures they never fall down
  • Extra thin design works well without causing distractions


  • Some users might find the glue to be a little too hard to take unstick and might cause pain or redness.

Warrior black Single Stick Eye-black

A great sticker is more than the design of the eye-black pick. The Warriorblack proves just that. This sticker comes as a marking stick that you can use to create the imaginative eye-black design you want on your cheek safely and reliably.

This approach to the application provides several benefits. Not only is such a sticker easy to wash, but it also prevents the damage caused by glue when unsticking it from your skin. Also, it is easier to apply and lasts longer on your skin.

The formulation of the stick with a non-greasy build is one of the most durable in the market.  The real advantage is from the ingredients used in this product. These include Vitamin E for better health of your skin, aloe, and antioxidants to prevent damage and any unwanted effect. It also contains some caffeine to enhance a little alertness to the user.

You can enjoy an excellent experience with this product. It blocks the glare from affecting your baseball game while you get no side effects when using this product.

The package comes in a 15-ounces stick. This means it lasts pretty long.

All these mean you get a product that won’t disappoint you. This black-eye stick reduces glare exceptionally well and has no known side effects.


  • The exceptional non-greasy formula offers long-lasting results
  • It keeps glare at bay more effectively than sticker options
  • It is easier and more comfortable to apply on different parts of the face
  • Its formulation and ingredients have no known side effects.


  • The small stick won’t last too long, especially for busy players.

EyeBlack Black Grease Seal

A sticker of black-eye is helpful – but nothing compared to this variety of Black Grease Seal. This another product from Eye Black. This item is easily one of the most reliable and durable products on the market, courtesy of its greasy formula.

Although many people tend to get away from grease, it is nevertheless an excellent choice for you if you want a cheap yet highly reliable black-eye for your baseball craze.

Whether it is baseball, softball, or even football, grease remains for longer on your face and doesn’t fall off due to sweat or any other effect. You only need to add the paint of your choice under the eye and let it dry. After that simple procedure, you’ll have your black-eye for hours.

This product is one of the harmless options available too. Compared to standard stickers, a grease seal doesn’t cause any damage to the skin in any way, yet it provides an easier way to play. You only need to use the same way people use lipstick, applying it to the desired area on your face, and that’s it.

In case you want to play around with eye-black, this design offers you the chance to create different shapes – you can imagine the possibilities. For fans and players alike, this product is a great option.

Suppose you want to receive a product that blocks glaring at a professional level and offers excellent versatility and safety. In that case, this is an option you don’t want to dismiss. It comes in a 4.5-gram tube, so it lasts several matches without issues.


  • The high-quality greasy formulation sticks for long on your skin.
  • It has no known side effects.
  • It is versatile so that you can apply it to any part of your face.
  • It stays on your face for a long even if you sweat.
  • The product blocks glaring well while offering non-distracting results.


  • It might cause some minor irritation in children

Wilson Black Make

Wilson is another brand that never disappoints. The Black Make stick of eye-black grease is one of their best yet most specific products.

If you expect exceptional quality all-around, a super easy-to-use product, and one that will improve your performance by increasing your overall focus, you can count on this the eye-black product.

This product reminds you of lipstick and provides you with the same simple methods of applying. You’ll hardly believe how soft and smooth it is to use this eye black, thanks to a superb formula.

Most importantly, you love this product for its effectiveness in reducing glare. This feature is vital. It gives the chance to boost your game even as you play baseball in the full glare of the summer sun or intense floodlights in the baseball or softball field.  

The formula and ingredients make this eye black waterproof and non-toxic. This is great news since you’ll enjoy an eye-black that lasts a long time on your face, even after plays where you sweat a lot or very exhausting games.


  • It has a unique formulation with bee wax and paraffin for enhanced safety.
  • It comes in a convenient tube for easy use and handling.
  • It contains a resistant and durable formula that provides waterproof results.


  • It might need two or a few more swipes to apply nicely.

Franklin Sports Football Eye Black Stick

It would help if you had a sticker to reduce glare from the sun, but nothing comes close to a stick with paint. When you use a product with a non-toxic formula and an easy application method, you’ll only spend a few seconds applying it anywhere on your face.

This product is versatile, making it easy to apply and enjoying the benefits of better performance-oriented eye black.

Using this item close to the eyes not only reduces glare but also helps you to focus more easily. It also allows some players to adjust their reaction speed, which is the potential benefit you might not want to miss.

Talking about a Franklin Sports product is talking about a product that lasts. This eye-black stick does precisely that; it won’t fall off your face that easily.

Even with the swiftest of players, this paint will stay put on your face and deliver exceptional results for long. Taking it off might be difficult, as you might have to wash it off a couple of times before you entirely get rid of it.


  • It gives outstanding performance by preventing glaring adjusting your focus.
  • The product’s exceptional formula ensures strong & durable results.
  • It has no known side effects.
  • It’s easy to apply easily on any part of your face.
  • The extra-long stick makes it a durable option.


  • It can smudge if it’s not operated with care.

Glare Gone Sports Anti-Glare Skin Care Stick

If you are looking for a product that is a little more than an anti-glare eye-black, you have the Glare Gone Sports Care Stick to think about.

This product’s formulation is one of the best you can get on the market. There are at least two compelling reasons for this. One,  because it’s highly effective at eliminating glare, and two, because it can last for many hours on your face even after a long time sweating as you play baseball or softball.

Another good thing about this item is that the ingredients used to make it are also safe for the skin. When you purchase this item, you get a product that no known side effects. Instead, the Sports Anti-Glare Skin Care Stick increases the chances of making your skin softer and smoother.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to apply this eye black. The stick arrives in a tube with a design similar to that of a deodorant tube. This means a more straightforward application.

The main difference of this stick, when compared to others, is that it allows you to make either a thin or thick line depending on your preference.

If you want a versatile eye black that you can use even in different games and environments, the Sports Anti-Glare Skin Care Stick might be an excellent choice.

The stick is durable and can last several baseball training sessions and games thanks to its 9-ounces capacity.

This is a fantastic deal if you are looking for a budget-friendly but effective and safe eye-black to wear for its price.


  • A superb formulation lasts long.
  • It is waterproof.
  • It delivers the results it claims to offer.
  • It’s an easy-to-apply item.
  • It gives skin-safe results.
  • It’s a small and convenient stick to carry.
  • It offers versatile application methods; you can opt for thick or thin lines.


  • It can get oily or smudgy with high temperatures

Elite Choice Sports Paint Eye Black

While, as the name suggests, most eye black products are black. But that is not everyone’s color of choice. So, if you want something that gives you numerous color options, Elite Choice Sports Paint Eye Black might be what you need.

This eye black gives you a wide range of colors to select from; yes, you choose any color, including Black, Purple, Yellow, Red, Pink, Blue, Maroon, Orange, Gold Metallic, or Silver Metallic. Whether you want this for a boy or a girl, for a boy, or if you are a woman or man who and you want to wear some stylish yet functional eye-black, you can count on this product to give you a look you want

Irrespective of its broad spectrum of colors, the product’s exceptional formulation offers the results you want.  This eye black only uses natural ingredients, which won’t help prevent glare as you play baseball or softball and enhance safety and focus in the process.

This product is easy to apply and remove. Thanks to the superb formula, you’ll only need a few seconds to either use it on your cheek or wash it off your face. Like many other eye stick products in this rundown, you can wear Elite Choice Sports Paint Eye Black for practically any other sports beyond baseball. For instance, you can wear it in sports such as lacrosse, football, or even at parties and festivals, and much more.

The package comes in a small but handy tube which allows you to carry it anywhere without hassle. This eye-black is durable, dependable, and won’t fade off with water or sweat. So, when you buy this product, you are sure you’re getting a top-notch accessory for your baseball or softball requirements.


  • A wide array of colors to suit your unique preferences.
  • The top-notch formula that offers durability
  • It is easy to apply and remove.
  • It offers a high-quality anti-glaring effect.
  • The convenient and straightforward tube makes it easy to apply and carry around.


  • For its price, the small tube might be rather disappointing.

There we have it, our comprehensive review of what we’ve found to be the best eye black stickers for baseball players 2021.

Baseball Eye Black Buying Guide

Since there are so many brands and models of these baseball accessories, it’s essential to consider several critical factors before purchasing. We’ve prepared a short but comprehensive buying guide highlighted in the next section to help you with this. Consider the following when selecting an ideal eye black for your baseball requirements.

Sticker or Paint

There are two main categories of eye black for baseball. You can opt for the first category, which is paint, balm, or grease, or choose the second category, which comes in the form of peel-n-stick papers or stickers.

Both of these categories are excellent and deliver anti-glaring benefits. However, the application methods, performance, and possible side effects differ somewhat.


This category of eye black products is like any other sticker used for decorative purposes. However, the eye black stickers come with skin-safe glue that ensures your skin remains unharmed by the adhesive.

The major challenge you might experience with this kind of sticker is that they are a little hard to wear on your face. The reason for this is that you have limited places to put them on your face; in most cases, you can only wear them below your eyes.

Despite this minor drawback- if you consider it as such – the sticker eye blacks will do a fantastic job. Plus, these stickers produce little or even zero smudge or disastrous results.

Paint *****grease eye black

On the other hand, this category of stickers will bring back old childhood memories when you enjoyed painting drawings using a small brush. Yes, with this category of eye black for baseball players and fans, you have to apply the paint literally on your face.

One advantage of this type of eye black is that it uses no glue and has no known side effects. Applying this paint is easy and fun.

Another plus with this type of eye black is the fact that this paint lasts longer than stickers. Also, paint eye blacks are not affected by sweat or water.  Don’t forget. You can use these eye blacks beyond your baseball pursuits.


Your skin is a sensitive organ that can be affected easily by unfriendly formulations. You don’t want to visit an epidemiologist after you’ve had a fantastic baseball season.

So, you need to pick something that has no side effects on your skin. In case you are allergic to some ingredients, check the formula of the product you intend to buy and ensure it’s free of these compounds or components.

Also, note that some stick eye-blacks have menthol and antioxidants. These ingredients help increase your overall comfort when wearing the eye-black and offer beneficial effects on your skin.

However, other than allergic reactions, these accessories are generally safe for almost every user.  Where possible, it’s safe to opt for products made using 100% natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts

Eye blacks for baseball players and even fans are great accessories. They help prevent glare even in the scorching summer sun or from the intense light of baseball fields. That’s not all; many of these products have additional health benefits such as antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

As you select the best of these products for your baseball 2021, consider all the factors mentioned above. Go through this review once again and identify the eye black product that best suits you.

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