Best Softball and Fast Pitch Pants for Women and Girls

15 Best Softball and Fast Pitch Pants for [Women and Girls in 2022]

Softball is fast becoming the in-thing among women and girls not just in the US but around the globe. Of course, just like any other game, there are equipment and sports gear that go with the game. In this article, we focus on what you are looking for, namely the best softball and fastpitch pants for women and girls.

Women’s softball and fastpitch pants come in many styles and features. Some are low rise while others are high-rise. Don’t forget there are piped and relaxed softball pants, just to mention a few of these differences. This review covers a wide range of pants as possible.

So it doesn’t matter your style or preference, chances are you’ll get something suitable to your unique requirements.

We start with a review of the best 15 of these pants available in the market 2020 then we wind up with an insightful buyers guide to ensure you confidently grab the best pant for your sporting requirements.

So let’s get the ball rolling.


Best Softball and Fast Pitch Pants for Women and Girls

Intensity Women’s Home Low Rise Fastpitch Softball Pant

These softball pants offer you one of the best choices when it comes to the material used to make it. The Intensity Women’s Home Low Rise Fastpitch Softball Pant is made from 100$ polyester.

The pants’ athletic knickers design gives you an authentic all-star appearance. These are low rise pants meaning they stay secure on your waist throughout the game.

You’ll certainly like the fact that these pants have a double-layered knee, which gives you some added padding every time you slide to the ground.

Other additional features include a soil-release technology (which makes it super-easy to clean these pants), a scratch-resistant snap closure, athletic fit, and 2 welt back pockets.


  • Low-rise waist for a secure fit.
  • Soil release technology for more natural cleaning
  • It’s machine washable.
  • Scratch-resistant snap closure.
  • Intensity logo if you are passionate about the manufacturer.


  • Though highly rated, there are users who say the pants got stained the first wear, and removing the stain proves impossible.

Mizuno Women's Belted Piped Pant

Mizuno’s prowess in making some of the leading sportswear is clear with this top softball pant for women and girls. You don’t have to worry too much about your knees as you slide during the game. The 2-layer knee panel construction takes care of you by providing your knees with added protection.

When you think about durability, this 100% polyester double knit pant is built to last. It’s incredibly breathable and easy to clean.

With these pants, you can count on its DRYLITE Technology to keep you cool and dry. On the same note, the pants have performance plus padding for increased comfort, protection, and durability as you slide, dive, and play you’re hardest.


  • 2-layer knee construction
  • Highly breathable
  • DRYLITE technology
  • Increased comfort
  • Easy to wash


  • Some users complain that the pants run a bit.

Alleson Ahtletic Women’s Softball Speed Pant

If you are looking for some of the best low rise pants that are mid-calf length, you might not have to look any further. The Alleson Ahtletic Women’s Softball Speed Pant is precisely that and more.

This pant is made from 100 percent stretch knit dura-soft polyester. What’s even better about this material is that it comes with moisture management fibers that provide maximum comfort, breathability and durability. At the waist are 7 pro-style belt loops to allow you fasten your belt easily.


  • The moisture management fibers allowing for maximum comfort and breathability
  • Low rise pants offering a secure fit
  • Mid-calf length if that is your preferred style.
  • 7 pro-style belt loops
  • Easy to clean


  • Make sure you state your precise requirements when placing your order; otherwise, like some users, you might end up with the wrong product.

Intensity Women’s Pick Softball Pant

When scouting around for a low rise women’s softball pant that won’t give you problems washing it, the Intensity Women’s Pick Softball Pant is another fantastic option in his list.

The 100% polyester softball pant comes with a soil-release technology that ensures dirt and soil particles don’t get ingrained in the fabric.

This softball pant has a moisture management system that helps keep you fresh and dry even in the hottest of summer days. The elastic gripper gives you improved adjustability for a secure fit.

The stylish belt loops give you the much-desired look of a pro.


  • Easy to clean
  • Soil release technology makes it easy to clean
  • Moisture management technology keeps the heat and moisture away from your legs.
  • Low-rise Capri length if this is your desired style.


  • It’s not for you if you prefer full-length softball pants.

High Five Prostyle Low-Rise Softball Pant

If you are a frequent wearer of softball pants for women and girls, you most likely, need some pants that enhance your look like a pro. The High Five Prostyle Low-Rise Softball Pant scores highly in this respect.

The pants are made using 100% polyester fabrics that quickly gets rid of moisture and sweat from your skin.

The pants come in two sizes, a 20 ½ inch inseam for women medium and 15-inch inseam for girl’s medium.

A double-layer knee fabric offers added protection and durability to these pants. If you don’t mind a pant with a nylon zipper and a two-snap closure, the High Five Prostyle Low-Rise Softball Pant won’t disappoint.

You can easily clean these pants in your washing machine and tumble them dry.


  • Made using 100% polyester fabrics.
  • A pro look.
  • It has a nylon Zipper with two-snap closure.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Breathable and easy to wash


  • It’s not deliberately made to wick out moisture.

Mizuno Girls (Youth) Softball Pant

This product from Mizuno is an improved version of its predecessor. So if you’ve used this model of girls’ softball pants from Mizuno, you’ll find this to be a much better version.

Mizuno Girls (Youth) Softball pant features a better feel and secure fit for young softball players. It comes with performance plus padding, which gives you additional protection as you slide, run, and dive in the field.

A durable double knit fabric ensures the pants will last you beyond this season. This construction makes these pants durable, easy to wash, and very breathable.

With the pants DRYLITE technology, you are sure you won’t accumulate any excess moisture on your body as you practice or play your favorite game.

These pants come in several sizes, namely, Youth Small, Youth Large, and Youth Large. 


  • Performance plus padding for additional protection.
  • The double knit fabric ensures the pants are durable.
  • They are easy to wash.
  • It’s available in several sizes.
  • DRYLITE Technology – keeps your cool and moisture-free throughout the game.


  • Some buyers feel the sizing of these pants is inconsistent.

3N2 Women’s Youth Softball Pants

You don’t like spending an eternity just dressing up for the game. Instead, you want to be where the action is. Well, if you one of those softball players who feel dressing up takes too much time, then you need softball pants that take the shortest time to put on.

In that case, the 3N2 Women’s Youth Softball Pants might just be what you are looking for in this review. These pants are designed with a one-snap closure. You don’t have to spend an extra second or two on two or more closures.

Besides, these classic knickers have one back pocket with the 3N2 logo ingrained on it.

We know that durability is also an issue. You don’t want fast-to-put-on and fast to wear-out women and girls’ softball pants. The double-layered knee reinforcement on 3N2 Women’s Youth Softball Pants is designed to withstand wear and tear of this game for a long time.

You are eager to get to the field and play, and your pants have to respect that. They need o give some peace by not sagging or slipping out of where there are supposed to be.

This pair of pants comes with belt loops to allow you to fasten the pants to your waist so that you can play without distraction.

With the fabric’s 100% stretch-ability, you can easily play your best defense or run around the bases.


  • Saves you time when dressing.
  • Double-layered knee reinforcement and interlock weave give the pants unprecedented durability.
  • Belt loops to allow you to secure the pants to your waist.
  • 100% stretch-ability.
  • Soil guard helps minimize dirt and grass stains


  • The major complaint about these pants revolves around its size. Some users feel the size is much smaller than it used to be.

Augusta Sportswear Low Rise Softball Pant

The Augusta Sportswear Low Rise Softball Pant is made from a hundred percent polyester double-knit material. They are extremely breathable and durable softball pants.

Whether you are sliding home or fielding a ball, you are sure these pants are up to the task. The reinforced knees are what you need for added durability throughout the season.

You are at peace with these pants because, thanks to the elastic cuffs, these knee-length pants remain in place even during the most vigorous times of the game. An elastic waistband features an inside drawcord and allows you to personalize your fit easily.

You can choose from seven different color combinations to represent your team both in the game and when off the field. These pants are also available in girl’s style 1246.


  • 100% polyester double knit.
  • They are breathable and durable softball pants.
  • Elastic cuffs, these knee-length pants remain in place.
  • Seven different color combinations.
  • Reinforced knees.
  • Also available in girl’s style 1246
  • Easy to wash


  • Not available in a full-length version.
  • They don’t have the moisture-wicking capability.

Mizuno Women’s Full Length Pant

So far, this review has only highlighted shorter softball pants for women and girls. If you’ve been reading through looking for full-length softball pants, here we are.

The Mizuno Women’s Full Length Pant is, as the name rightly suggests, a full-length softball pant for women. It features a double knit, lightweight, and durable construction.

The durable double knee fabric makes the pants easy to wash and incredibly breathable and durable.

The pants come with a tunnel-belt loop waist to help you secure the pants as you play. You can quickly slide in your belt through this tunnel-belt loop and snap it closed with the two snap- closure.

At the back are two set-in pockets for your gloves and other gear. And the good thing about these pockets is that they come with button closures to allow you to secure your gloves better.


  • It’s a full-length softball pant for women who prefer this design.
  • It has a double knit construction for added durability.
  • The pants are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear.
  • Performance plus padding provides additional protection and durability.
  • DRYLITE technology transports excess moisture away from your body, thus keeping you cool and dry.
  • It has two set-in pockets for your gloves and other gear.


  • The pants are not for you if you prefer shorter pants

Under Armour Girl’s Softball Pants

One feature that makes this softball pants for women and girls stand out from the crowd is the anti-odor technology used in making it. This technology inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes on the fabric.

Beyond that feature, the 100% polyester material wicks sweat and dries fast. Like many other softball pants in this review, the Under Armour Girl’s Softball Pants help you secure a perfect fit thanks to the soft, elastic waistband with nice-looking loops.

The pants have a clinched elastic hem, which helps the bottoms to stay in place.

If you prefer all white pants with superior breathability, this pair of pants might be what you need. It comes with mesh panels at the back, which enhances airflow for breathability.


  • 100% polyester material wicks sweat and dries fast.
  • It features a soft, elastic waistband for a secure fit.
  • The clinched elastic hem helps the bottoms to stay in place.
  • The mesh panels at the back bring added breathability.


  • Some users have issues with the sizing. They feel the sizing is not consistent.

CHAMPRO Women’s Tournament Pant with Piping

This product is from one of the leading brands in manufacturing high-quality sportswear in the world. The CHAMPRO Women’s Tournament Pant with Piping is a modern knickers-style pant with elastic openings just below the knees. This opening creates a gentle but secure fit that gives you the utmost comfort and natural movement.

The pants are made from 100% highly abrasion-resistant polyester, which allows four-way stretch and quickly adapts to your body movements.

When wearing these pants, your jersey remains well-tucked in the pants. The knit waistband with super-grip gel strips does this trick.  The pants have seven pro-style tunnel belt loops to hold your belt and help you further secure your uniform in place.

These pants come in youth sizes S-XL and adult size S-2XL in 12 colors with contrast-color side piping.


  • Elastic openings just below the knees for comfort and natural movement.
  • 100% highly abrasion-resistant polyester.
  • Knit waistband with super-grip gel to keep your jersey tucked in.
  • Seven pro-style tunnel belt loops to hold your belt.
  • 12 color options.
  • Both adult and youth sizes are available.


Some users have a problem with the sizing. They feel the products they received were a bit smaller than what the manufacturer says.

EASTON PROWESS Softball Pant DOUBLE Reinforced Knee

The EASTON PROWESS Softball DOUBLE Reinforced Knee pant for women and girls allows showcasing your prowess in this game. This pant is made with polyester interlock fabric and four-way stretch mesh to provide you with ultimate mobility and fit.

To help your jersey stay in place, you efficiently use the pant’s Easton-branded two-color waistband that has silicone grippers to secure the jersey.


  • Double reinforced knees for added protection and durability.
  • It has a seven belt loop system
  • The four-way stretch mesh inserts provide ultimate fit and mobility.
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • It has double back pockets to help you keep your gloves and other game-related valuables safe.


  • Some users feel these pants are shorter than they’d prefer.

Intensity Women’s Pro Belt Loop Pant

This product from Intensity is made from heavyweight premium microfiber fabric. All the seams of his pants are cover-stitched to give them added strength. So the pants will not tear easily even when the game gets tough, and you have to make vigorous maneuvers. This pant has moisture-wicking properties, which means you won’t soak in sweat as you play or do your practice.

On the same note, the pant’s soil release properties ensure the fabric remains soil-free even after a rough day in the field – this is a big plus when it comes to cleaning the pants. 


  • Made from heavyweight 100 percent premium microfiber fabric.
  • The seams of his pants are cover-stitched to give them added strength.
  • Moisture-wicking properties.
  • Soil release properties.
  • Scratch-resistant snaps
  • It is Machine washable


  • The sizing of these pants is a problem for some users.

DeMarini Women’s Pull Up Pant

Whether you are right in the midst of the game or you are supporting your team from the sidelines, you can always count on the DeMarini Women’s Pull Up Pant. This pant will not only boost your performance in your softball game but also help you show your team spirit when out as part of the cheering squad.

These top-rated, 100$ polyester pants have double-layered knees for added protection and durability. It provides a low-rise fit with an elastic bottom, which does a great job securing your pants at the lower end. A wordmark gripper elastic band keeps the pant where it’s supposed to stay.


  • Its 100% polyester
  • It is machine washable
  • It comes with double-layered knees.
  • The pants have 2 set-in back pockets.


  • It lacks soil and stain-resistant properties.
  • Its moisture-wicking capability is not specific.

Nike Girl’s Diamond ¾ Pants

Nike is another world-renowned manufacturer of sports equipment and sportswear. They are the manufacturer of the Nike Girl’s Diamond ¾ pants. These softball pants for girls are made from 100% polyester and are fit for you if you are ok with pants 0.7’’ high and 14’’ wide.

The pants come with double-layered fabric to reinforce your knees. The ergonomic design of these pants allows you to go through a wide range of motions with ease.

Unlike the relaxed pants, these pants have a slim fit and a double snap closure with sufficient belt loops to make them stay in place as you play.


  • They made from 100% polyester
  • A great choice if you want pants with pants measuring 0.7’’ high and 14’’ wide.
  • Double layered fabric to reinforce your knees.
  • It allows a wide range of motions with ease.
  • These pants have a double snap closure with sufficient belt loops.
  • Rear welt pockets


  • They are not soil and stain-resistant.
  • Some users feel the available size chart is not comprehensive enough.

Things to Consider

While it’s true that softball pants add some style to your team’s uniform, there are several features to consider when shopping for these pants. Let’s briefly explain this.


There are numerous features on the market to help you look good and play your best. Some examples will suffice in this case.


This technology is an excellent feature to have when the weather gets hot. The technology helps wick away your sweat so that you stay dry and cool as you play.


Your softball pants will undoubtedly take a beating as you play throughout the season. Reinforced fabric at the knees and the rear can help absorb some of this impact when you dive or slide. This action reduction of impact not only prevents wear and tear of the material but also provides added protection to your knee area.


There two types of hems to choose from, namely, an open hem and closed hem. Open hems are best suited for players who prefer pants that run long. This style is supposed o drag your pants over the cleats for a more casual and comfortable feel.

Closed hems, on the other hand, are made from elastic materials and are preferred by softball players who like their pants at a certain length.

These are not the only features, but they adequately demonstrate the need to look for qualities that make the pants more user-friendly. Other features include Soil release technology, anti-odor properties, and four-way stretch mesh inserts, among others.

Final Thoughts

This review gives you a list of the 15 best Softball and Fast Pitch Pants for Women and Girls. We are more than sure that with the products and advice provided, you are now ready to propel your team to higher levels. Get some pairs of these pants and make this season your Eureka season.

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