Top 5 Best Infielders Glove

Top 5 Best Infielders Glove for 2022

Pop Baseball is among the most popular sports in the world. In the US, baseball is viewed as a national sport, more so due to its ever-increasing fan base. This has resulted in an exponential increase in baseball`s overall following, with a large number of upcoming athletes hoping to go professional and play in the major leagues.

For most fans and upcoming players, purchasing baseball gear is the best way to keep in touch with the entertaining sport. As such, gear manufacturing companies have taken the initiative to remodel and develop baseball gears to allow fans and players to get an intimate feel of the sport.

Some of the most commonly purchased baseball gears are the ball, the club and of course the baseball glove. In this read, we will review five of the best infielder gloves in the market. Our intention is to ensure you make the best choice based on features, pros, and cons.

On top of analyzing the features, pros, and cons of the leading infielder gloves, we will also provide a buyer`s guide section. The buyer`s guide focuses on everything you need to know when looking to purchase the best infielder gloves in the market.

1. Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove- Best Known For Its Pro Stock Leather

The Wilson A2000 baseball glove is widely considered to be among the highest-rated infield gloves in the market. The glove`s dimensions and overall construction make it a stand-out product, especially for professional players looking to maintain a high level of performance. The glove is commonly preferred by the 3rd baseman and the center fielders due to size since it fits perfectly allowing for smooth play. Below are some of Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove`s main features.


  • Made from durable pro stock leather
  • Dual welting to maintain shape and create durable pockets
  • Dri-Lex lining in the wrist area
  • Comes in different color schemes
  • Comes in 9 sizes from 11.75` to 12.25`


  • The Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove is convenient for different sized infielders
  • An ideal-sized entrance that makes it easy for players to put on or remove. The entrance is not standard as it is customized to the size of the glove
  • The extra pads in the heel make the glove comfortable during play and increase your likelihood to make a catch.
  • The use of pro stock leather ensures the Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Gloves maintain their shape and resist wear and tear. Increased durability means you will use the glove for long periods without compromising on performance
  • Dual welting allows the Wilson A200 to maintain its shape even after regular use. This makes the glove convenient for training, friendlies, and professional matches.
  • The inclusion of Dri-lex lining in the design ensures that your hands remain dry and cool when using the glove.


  • The extra padding on the heel can slightly complicate exchanges for inexperienced players.


If you are serious about baseball and want to take your game to the next level, then we recommend settling for the Wilson A2000 Infield Baseball Glove. Its wide range of sizes means you can find your perfect fit while the use of pro stock leather serves to increase longevity. This bad boy is guaranteed to improve your catch, more so if used regularly during training.

2. Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove – Best For Its Unique Center-Pocket Design

The Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove has a reasonably easy break-in and is among the most versatile baseball gloves in the market. Designed to enhance grip and overall hand movement, the Mizuno infield gloves is appropriate for athletes looking to take their game to the next level. The gloves have a unique, contemporary design guaranteed to turn heads. Here are some of its main features.


  • Made from bio soft leather
  • Padded thumb slot
  • World-class durable lace
  • Well patterned center pocket design to allow for easy break in
  • 75` Infield
  • Unique wrist design


  • The use of bio soft leather makes the Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove smooth and sturdy at the same time. The soft leather allows for smooth play, especially when playing at a high level.
  • The glove has toughened finger slots to provide extra grip and control during training a game of baseball. You can rest assured the glove`s surface is rough enough to help you make catches with ease.
  • The availability of PlusGrip Thumb features makes it ideal for easy catching and increases the overall comfort of the glove.
  • Easy break in means you can enjoy the glove immediately after purchase. You do not have to look for softeners to smoothen the leather to make it flexible enough for use.
  • The presence of a professional style lace gives the Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove a unique feel while enhancing its overall sturdiness.


  • The professional-style knots can tend to be loose.


The Mizuno MVP Prime Infield Glove is one of the best options when it comes to versatile and easy break in. Impressively, the glove comes with a one year Mizuno guarantee, which serves to reassure users of its outstanding quality. If you want a glove that will break in quickly, and improve overall catch play, then you should look no further than the Mizuno Infield Glove.

3. Louisville Slugger Baseball Infielders Gloves – Best for its Professionally Graded High-quality Gaucho Leather

The Louisville Slugger Baseball Infielders Gloves is considered to be the best hybrid glove when it comes to baseball accessories. The glove is designed to be lightweight without compromising on its durability. Appropriate for high-level players and beginners, the gloves are guaranteed to give you that extra boost when attempting a catch. Here are some of the main features of the versatile Louisville Slugger


  • 5 inches
  • Made of Oil infused, high-quality Gaucho leather
  • Comes with a manufacturer`s warranty
  • Unique design
  • White-colored knots


  • Ideal for both training and professional play as it is designed to be lightweight.
  • The use of Gaucho leather makes the Louisville Slugger Baseball Infielders Gloves highly durable. This allows you to use the gloves during training, professional games, or even friendlies without worries.
  • The knots improve the glove`s sturdiness, thus ensuring a snug fit to help you out when making catches.
  • The professional-grade leather material is light to allow for quick play. The light leather material makes the glove the best hybrid option in the market.


  • Takes a while to break in.


The Louisville Slugger Baseball Infielders Gloves are the perfect options for experts or even beginners looking for light gloves. The gloves are built from high-quality Gaucho leather, which makes it appropriate for serious tournaments. Therefore, we recommend the Louisville Slugger Baseball Infielders Gloves if you are keen on purchasing a long-lasting highly durable glove.

4. Rawlings Gamer Glove Series – Best For Easy Break In

When it comes to easy break ins, the Rawlings Gamer Glove Series are among the best options in the market. Their convenience is mostly due to its reasonably easy break in, especially since it is 80% worked at the factory, leaving you with only 20% to break in during play. The Rawlings Gamer Glove Series comes in different models to suit the specific needs of both youth and senior players. Below are some of Rawlings Gamer Glove Series` main main features.


  • 80% break in done at the factory
  • Made of durable and simplistic material
  • Padded construction
  • Pro-style look
  • Shell leather
  • 5 inch
  • Single post web


  • The shell leather improves the shape retention of the Rawlings Gamer Glove Series. The leather allows you to train without having to worry about your glove losing its firmness.
  • Soft fingerback and thumb sleeve linings help increase your comfort when using the glove during play.
  • The presence of Tennessee Tanning leather laces provides additional strength and durability to the glove, making it appropriate for long term use.
  • Due to being 80% broken in at the factory, the Rawlings Gamer Glove Series come training ready.
  • Improved impact protection due to the unique leather-reinforced pad
  • Improves hand-eye coordination due to the integration of a conventional back with the single-post web


  • The availability of many models can make it confusing for new users.


The Rawlings Gamer Glove Series is easily the most convenient when it comes to break in periods. As a result of being 80% broken in at the factory, the gloves come ready to use after purchase. Also, the well-cushioned palm pad is highly useful, especially when it comes to impact protection. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a ready to train glove, we recommend the easy to break in Rawlings Gamer Glove Series.

5. Louisville Slugger Genesis Infielders Glove – Best For Pro-Training Comfort

If you are a serious upcoming athlete looking to make it in baseball, then the Louisville Slugger Genesis Infielders Glove is your best bet. The glove comes with a unique design meant to promote movement during play.  The Louisville Slugger infielders glove comes ready to use as a result of breaking in at the factory. The gloves are perfect for youth looking to make a step up in their overall baseball game.


  • Break in done at the factory
  • Made from buffalo leather
  • Mesh/ shell back
  • 5 inches


  • Highly appropriate for use in training and league games as it comes game ready.
  • The presence of a shellback makes it comfortable and convenient to use, especially when playing on hot sunny days.
  • Durable as manufactures use quality buffalo leather in production
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • The glove is mainly designed for youth players


The Louisville Slugger Genesis Infielders Glove is highly convenient as it comes ready to use. This means that you can start using your new glove immediately after purchase without struggling to break in. Another benefit of the glove which makes it a fantastic option is its durability and comfort. As such, we recommend the Louisville Slugger Genesis Infielders Glove if you want a ready to use glove

Buyers` Guide –Key Factors To Consider When Purchasing Infielder Gloves

As you might have noticed by now, buying an infielder glove is no walk in the park. Worry not, though, for we have got you covered.

Read on to find out the main things you should consider when buying infield gloves


Due to the nature of play, baseball gloves are mostly made or long-lasting materials with increased grip. Some of the commonly used materials include leather, mesh, or other synthetic materials. However, most people prefer using leather materials as they are durable even when used regularly. If you want to purchase game-ready gloves, then we would recommend going for treated leather.


Infield players use smaller sized gloves as compared to outfield players. To catch and exchange those fast-moving balls, you will need to select appropriately sized gloves. Since infielders require quick hand movements, choosing gloves with small pockets is recommended.


When purchasing the best infield gloves, it is crucial to check on webbing. Infielder gloves tend to have loosely held stitches to increase overall control. Remember, if you want to receive and throw the ball quicker, you will need to select gloves with loosely stitched webs.


To maintain your A-game, it is critical to go for gloves with large wrist adjustment capacities. Some of the more popular adjustments include the D-ring, Velcro, lace and buckle fasteners. Ensure you check adjustment properties before settling for your preferred infield glove.


In baseball, padding can make the most significant difference in a game. Therefore, you have to be keen on the level of padding in your infield glove. Remember, too much padding can hinder your ball-handling ability and reduce your overall reaction rate. Infield gloves require moderate padding to protect players from fast-paced balls. Some brands such as the Rawlings Gamer Glove Series have light pads that cannot interfere with play.


Some gloves are cheap while others will require you to dig deeper in your pockets. Either way, you need to understand your budget before deciding on a particular brand. If you want cheap options for little league players, then you should consider settling for synthetic gloves. However, purchasing long-lasting leather-manufactured gloves will protect you from making recurrent purchases and save you money in the long run.


Depending on your urgency for use, you should also consider break in period when looking to purchase the best gloves for infield play. Some brands take longer to break in while others come ready to use from the factory. If you want to get straight into play, we recommend going for ready to use gloves such as the Louisville Slugger Genesis Infielders Glove.


When looking to buy an infield baseball glove, it is advisable to select based on features and not solely on brand popularity. The gloves reviewed in the above guide are the best in the market and are guaranteed to give you value for money.

Since we have discussed everything from features to benefits and even disadvantages, you should be well placed to make an informed decision.  As you look to purchase the best infield baseball glove, be sure to keep an eye out for factors such as glove material, size, padding, and wrist adjustment.

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