Best Bat Grip Tape A Buying Guide

Best Baeball Bat Grip Tape [Bat Accessories]

Baseball and softball are not entirely comfortable sports to play. In both gamers, there are situations when the player will have to experience some uncomfortable moments. The nature and magnitude of discomfort depend largely on the position you play in the field.

Take batters for instance. If you are a batter, you know you have to use the bat to hit the ball. Of course, this means you need to have a comfortable grip on this piece of equipment.

You might have seen even professional baseball or softball players losing their bat into the stands. It’s not that uncommon. The bat just seems to fly off as the player is left wondering what next. But there is a solution to this problem and it comes in the form of bat grip tapes or bat wraps.

Which Bat Grip Tape is Best for Your Requirements?

Bat grip tape is available in an assortment of thicknesses, with or without the tacky feel associated with these tapes. The main reasons why you should apply bat grip tape on your bat include: to improve both your hold or grip on the bat ant to enhance the control you have when you swing.

Also, if you don’t feel comfortable with the vibrations that are generated when you hit the ball, a well-cushioned grip tape will solve this problem and enhance your comfort levels.

When you buy a new bat, you might notice that it often comes equipped with a much thicker wrap. However, some players prefer thinner wraps. Simply, bat grip is a matter of preference so; it’s a matter of choice.

While each batter needs to look astonishing, it’s a smart thought to put your grip and your comfort first. More slender grips are perfect for softball players. They’re additionally fine for any individual who wouldn’t fret feeling the connection between the bat and ball!

With comfort, appearance, and a couple of different elements as a primary concern, here are our top picks for best bat grip tape.

Lizard Skins – 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip

Lizard Skins 0.5mm Camo Bat Grip is intended to give a shabby grip without adding thickness to the bat’s handle. Offering more straightforward input from the bat than thicker items do, this grip tape is 39 inches in length, with pre-cut closures for comfort. Look over an assortment of strong colors and striking models.

While a couple of clients felt that this bat grip was overrated, most were excited with the tape’s capacity to improve a bat’s handle without additional bulk.  In case you are searching for a color or pattern to give your bat a novel appearance while improving your performance and you needn’t bother with any padding, you might need to check out Lizard Skins 0.5mm camo bat grip.


  • More than 35 patterns and colors to choose from
  • Easy to apply
  • Allows for a firm and no-slip grip


  • Costs more than some other alternatives

Alien Pros

Outsider Pros Z-Tac baseball grips arrive in an advantageous three-pack. Each measuring tapes 27mm wide by 47.2 inches long, by 0.02 inches thick, and will fit both baseball and softball bats. The overgrip is comfortable to the touch and retains stun, assisting with forestalling blisters and ease vibration. There are numerous novel examples to look over.

In case you’ve been searching for an approach to prevent your bat from slipping or flying out of your hands but you’re not into the thicker, cushier feel that some grips offer, you might need to consider Alien Pros bat grip. With three grips for every bundle, the cost is comparable to that of other brands. Besides, you’ll have some extra grip available any time you’ll prefer to rewrap your bat.

Players who incline toward strong examples to brilliant colors will like how these grip tape structures improve the feel of a most loved bat, as well!


  • It’s quite durable
  • Longer than some other grips
  • Easy to apply, even over another tape


  • A bit too thin for alloy/composite youth bats or BBCOR bats

OMG-Oh My Grips

OMG – Oh My Grips Premium Cushioned Hand Grip Wrap comes in ten unique colors. Finished to lessen the danger of slipping, it is made with padded polymer for brilliant protection from vibration. All the grips are one inch wide by 43.5 inches long, so players can wrap their handles liberally.

This tape is easy to apply; just strip the backing as you wrap. When you’re done, use the finishing tape to secure the end.  

Even though this manufacturer offers fewer colors than others, this brand gets incredible reviews for comfort and great looks. Players who are searching for a lot of padding and protection from blisters that can occur due to hot metal bat handles or during long practice sessions and other normal issues appreciate the way OMG grip tape feels.

Many users compare its appearance with that of the more costly Lizard Skins.


  • Works well on metal and wood bats
  • Colors stay bright and appealing
  • Comfortable cushioned feel


  • Less tacky than some competing brands

Lizard Skins – 1.1mm Bat Grip

Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grips include an internal felt pad, an external finished design, and a lightweight feel for extraordinary comfort.  This tape is pre-sliced to simplify its installation; these grips are easy to clean using isopropyl alcohol or water. These DSP Durasoft polymer bat wraps oppose slipping in wet conditions. Wrapping directions are incorporated for your benefit.

Players who are searching for a decent degree of padding without totally losing the feeling of the bat are probably going to acknowledge Lizard Skins 1.1mm bat grip. While a couple of reviewers have experienced issues with life span, a majority of them are content with the item’s sturdiness as well as its comfort and appearance.


  • It’s great in preventing blisters
  • Angled cuts on ends; you don’t have to re-cut to get a stylish, professional look
  • Feels tacky without feeling sticky


  • Some complaints about accelerated wear
  • A few cases of faulty adhesive on the back of the tape

Here are a Few Things to Consider

In the early years of these sports, baseball and softball players didn’t have much of an option when it came to how to ensure they have a better grip of the bat. These players just wrapped their bats using a few layers of athletic tape, and that was all.

While this approach helped to cushion the players’ hands and give them some better grip, it didn’t come anywhere close to what the modern-day bat grip tapes can offer. For one, these tapes are made specifically for  softball and baseball bats and players.

What’s even better, there are so many alternatives to choose from that players can search and pick what best suits them. While this variety is a good thing it presents a challenge to you. You don’t have all the time in the world to try each of these tapes or even read every review out there.

To simplify this for you we’ve summarized a few factors that you need to consider when selecting the best of these tapes. Consider the following:

Tackiness: If you don’t require padding and you incline toward a slender handle grip, go for 0.5mm bat grip tape. It’s the most slender grip tape available, yet it improves your grip.

Color combinations: If you’re not exactly prepared to pay a premium for a custom bat grip tape with your name and player number on it, we get it! The service is stunning however it’s expensive. You can consider customizing it by using grip tape in at least two colors. You’ll get a one-of-a-kind appearance for far less.

Instructions: Be sure to check the directions before you begin applying your new grip tape! Most brands don’t do well when put over the old tape. You’ll appreciate better outcomes on in case you get rid of any old grips or tape, and afterward cautiously applying the new tape.

Price: Even the best grip tape on earth is entirely reasonable! There’s a lot to be said for adhering to your spending design. Our recommendation is to make an expense/esteem examination and let that manage your choice, especially if you’d prefer to set aside however much cash as could be expected.

If you browse a little bit you can easily pick the best bat grip tape and treat yourself to a redesigned look just as a bit of grippy, secure comfort that may assist you to improve your swing. We wish you the best in your batting! For in in depth look at the best swing trainers [Read our Full Guide]


You don’t have to risk the bat slipping out of your hands while you can do something about it. Furthermore, if the vibrations generated every time you hit the ball are a course of discomfort, there’s no reason why you should continue absorbing them. Go through this review of the best bat grip tape and pick the tape that suits you best.

Enjoy your batter position with any one of these best bat grip tapes available on the market today.

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