Best Baseball Sliding Shorts Top Picks and Reviews

7 Best Baseball Sliding Shorts Top Picks and Reviews for 2022

Baseball is a game that involves a lot of physical activities. Sliding is one of them.

When you slide, you are bound to get a lot of abrasions along the way. Stealing third, sliding into second base or making a diving play can sometimes cause injury. To protect yourself from these abrasions, you need some excellent baseball sliding shorts.

If you are looking for the best baseball sliding shorts, you are in the right place. In this review, we give you our list of the 7 best baseball Sliding shorts for 2022.

We then wind up with some vital tips to help you as you select the ideal sliding short for your gaming experience. So, let’s take a look at what we have for you.

Best Baseball Sliding Shorts

Best Baseball Sliding Shorts

Easton Extra Protective Sliding Short

This is a medium prized sliding short from Easton. It is deliberately made with protection in mind. This baseball shorts feature Bio-Dri fabric, which quickly wicks away any moisture that builds up as you play. You can, therefore, count on these shorts to keep you dry even in the hot summer days.

Don’t forget the short’s padding. The material used to make the padding includes a 5mm neoprene around the sliding area of your thighs. If you want this extra layer, then this pair of baseball shorts makes a great choice.

Cost-wise, if you are looking for a reasonable price, this might be one of the best choices for you.

These pair of shorts comes in 8 sizes namely, 4 sizes for men and 4 sizes for youthful baseball players.

The only challenge you might encounter with these shorts is that they don’t come with a built-in cup; thus, as you buy them know they don’t hold cups as well as you would want.

Shock Doctor Shockskin Relaxed Impact Short

This is arguably one of the very best baseball sliding shorts. These Shock Doctor Prowess shorts are made using some of the highest-quality fabric. For this reason, don’t be surprised that they have an equally high price tag.

Despite the high price, be sure that these are shorts that will undoubtedly make you feel comfortable in the game. One of the reasons that make these shorts very convenient to use is the fact that they have been made using a snug four-way stretch material. This snug fit makes them ideal for any motions you make during the game.

The shorts’ flatlock seams do a fantastic job by giving you a snug fit. If you sweat as you play, these moisture-wicking shorts are great for you.

Any good baseball shorts at this price should give you sufficient protection during the game. These shorts do an excellent job of providing this protection to your thighs. You can rely on n the shorts’ double layer compression that is built in over the thigh area for extra protection.

To offer reinforced the protection; the shorts have a built-in cup and a vented bio0shape body. This body helps you remain comfy while keeping you cool in the process.

All-Star S7 Men's Baseball Catcher's Short

If you are of those players who spend much of their play-time in the trenches, this might be the best short for you. These are an excellent choice for catchers.

All-Star S7 Men’s Baseball Catcher’s Short brings a blend of comfort and protection to the game. This blend is hard to find in other shorts.

The short comes proudly equipped with HIT KNIT technology and provides foul ball protection, which might arise from the top quad to your inner thigh.

With its 3mm thick padding that comes with a double-wall side-panel, you get more excellent protection when sliding.

Marucci Adult Elite Slider Shorts

Style-conscious baseball players would instead take a keen look at these sliding shorts from Marucci. The shorts come in 4 different designs in 5 sizes. They are made from 11% Spandex, 82% polyester and 7% sponge padding.

The spandex fabric makes this Marucci Elite padded shorts a sportswear item for mobility purposes while the sponge gives you the confidence you need to jump into slides.

You don’t have to worry too much about harmful bacteria accumulating in the shorts’ fabric. The antimicrobial technology used to make the shorts helps reduce the incidence of these unwanted guests in your baseball shorts.

In case you are interested in having a short with an integrated cup pocket, the Marucci Adult Elite Slider Shorts are an excellent option.

These shorts are a darling to many players because of their durability and comfort.

Mizuno Elite Padded Sliding Shorts

This is one of the top brands among many MLB players. One thing that makes these shorts stand out is that they are made using a soft-touch lightweight material. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear and play in.

As the game gets more vigorous, you don’t have to keep wiping away the sweat. These shorts feature the DRYLITE technology, which does a marvelous job of transporting excess moisture away from your body.

Mizuno knows that these are baseball sliding shorts. That’s why they have included foam padded material at the side panels of these shorts. This material gives you an added sheet of protection every time you slide during the game.

Although the cup is not part of these shorts, it still has an integrated cup pocket so you can attach a cup to protect you further during the tournaments.

Shock Doctor Compression Shorts Bo-Flex Cup Included

Many of the baseball sliding shorts on the market are not designed with cup area comfort in mind. This is one problem that the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts Bio-Flex Cup Included resolves.

These shorts combine its supportive compression fit with a core flex pocket to provide a natural cup position. This design positions the lower third of the shorts’ bio-shaped cup, giving you a comfortable and natural feel.

Like many other informed baseball players, you can count on the short’s BioFlex cup for superior protection. This cup comes with an integrated gel perimeter pad to give you enhanced comfort.

Bacteria and other microorganisms can quickly accumulate in your sliding shorts. However, the Shock Doctor Compression Shorts Bo-Flex Cup Included is constructed using antimicrobial, which also wicks away any moisture from your body.

You’ll also like the fact that this material protects the shorts from odors that might develop during and after the games.

Storelli Unisex BodyShield Sliders Lower Boy Protection

This pair of baseball sliding shots comprises of 18% Spandex foam, 82% Nylon and 100% Urethane foam. These shorts are uniquely designed to offer protection against extreme impact. Storelli Unisex BodyShield Sliders Lower Boy Protection suits down all distractions and provides you and your team with the much-needed dominance in the field.

Your thighs get excellent protection because the shorts are lined with professional-strength thigh pads. These pads do an excellent job of absorbing up to 90% of the impact, thus preventing bruises, cuts and turf burns.

With these baseball sliding shorts, your lower body, thighs and hips get valuable protection when talking and sliding. When you wear these shorts when playing, you are sure to enjoy continuous ar flow as they are very breathable. These top-rated baseball sliding shorts have built-in mesh ventilation, which enhances breathability. What’s even better, the shorts wick away any sweat that you generate when you perspire during the game.

A pair of sliding shorts that don’t hinder your natural movement is a big plus to you. That is what threes shorts provide you as you engage n this vigorous game.

Any sweat that you produce as you play can become home to a host of bacteria and fungi. However, these shorts are enhanced with treatment, which prevents the spread of fungi and bacteria. This treatment also helps to eliminate odors that might result from such accumulation.

The Storelli Unisex BodyShield Sliders Lower Boy Protection shorts are is easy to wash; they are machine-washable.

The above is our list from our findings and experience in the field. Take a look at these sliding shorts once again, and you’ll find one that meets your budget and requirements.

It’s now time to have a brief overview of the factors to consider when selecting the best baseball sliding shorts.

Baseball Sliding Shorts – A Buyers Guide

Below are several critical factors you should consider when buying these shorts.


As previously said, baseball is a very vigorous game. You don’t want to wear a pair of sliding shorts like feel like a sheet of metal. The material used to make the shorts should be stretchy yet durable. Being stretchy allows you to make movements with ease without the fear of the material getting torn.

As you will notice, most baseball sliding shorts with cups are made using polyester. This is because polyester is stretchy and quite durable. In some cases, you’ll come across sliding shorts made from spandex. This material is also stretchy and offers a snug fit.

In other cases, Neoprene is the preferred material because it’s tough yet elastic.

Though we’ve mentioned these materials separately, you’ll see some sliding shorts that are made using a blend of all these materials or a mixture of some of them. The important thing is that the material should be stretchy, offers a snug fit, and is durable.

Size and Fit

Irrespective of the type of sliding shorts you prefer, it’s vital to ensure the size fits you correctly. If the shorts are too loose, they’ll leave a gap between the fabric and your skin and prevent you from performing as you should.

On the other hand, if the shorts are too tight, they might interfere with your comfort and hinder the flow of blood in your body. Worse still, such tight shorts may end up chaffing your skin.


Remember, the main reason why you are looking for baseball sliding shorts is the safety they provide during the game. While it’s true that shorts with cup pockets are right for you, they are better if they have sufficient padding.

The padding helps to enhance your safety in the areas around your hips and thighs.

Moisture-wicking Properties

A wet sliding short can be a nightmare. It will interfere with your concentration during the game as sweat runs down your thighs. This sweat can be a fertile breeding ground for germs, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.

Sweat is a precursor of odors which will mess your comfort and those of your teammates.

A sliding baseball short with moisture-wicking capability is your best companion in the game. It will prevent all the above negative consequences from arising and interfering with your comfort as you play.

Flat-lock Stitching

How the shorts are stitched will determine whether or not they produce some bothersome rubbing as you play. Flat-lock stitching is an excellent way of reducing or even eliminating such bothersome rubbing.

Type of waistband

The kind of waistband used on the shorts is a critical determiner of the feel of comfort that you get from the sliding shorts. Elastic waistbands provide a super secure fit while you play.

Additional Fabric Technologies

As you might have noticed, some brands of sliding baseball shorts go beyond the basics. Such brands provide you with shorts equipped with new technologies to improve on comfort, durability and hygiene.

If you can get a pair of shorts with antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, the better it is for you. These kinds of sliding shorts might be pricier than the others, but they are worth it. You’ll save on money you’d otherwise spend to treat bacterial infections or buying scented detergents to get rid of the odors from your sliding shorts.

You are now well-equipped with a list of the eight best baseball sliding shorts. Besides, you have some vital tips to help you determine how well the sliding shorts meet your requirements. The next thing now is to keenly go the list again and select the baseball sliding shorts that suit you best in 2020.

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