Best Best Baseball Shoes for Turf Fields

11 Best Best Baseball Shoes for Turf Fields in 2022

Besides being one of the most popular games in the world, baseball is a high intensity sport that is best defined as a game of small margins. A simple inch off the plate can have a significant bearing on the outcome of a game.

This is why baseball players and their coaches, too, are always critical of their various gears from bats, all the way to gloves and most importantly, cleats.  It is often easy to underestimate the importance of proper baseball cleats; after all, people tend to focus more on the bats and gloves.

But, ask any pro-base baller, and he will tell you just how important cleats are to winning or losing a game of baseball.  The right pair of cleats can improve your movements and acceleration drastically and give you that much-required advantage over your opponents.

Looking to get yourself the best cleats for baseball? Worry not, you couldn’t be in a better place. In this review, we will analyze ten of the best cleats in the market, shedding light on some of the advantages as well as demerits that come with each product. And we don’t stop there, we take it a notch further by providing you with tips on how to select the best cleats and how to break in your baseball cleat.

Read on for an in-depth analysis on everything related to baseball cleats. But first, here`s a review of ten of the best baseball cleats in the market.

Best Baseball Shoes for Turf Fields

Best Baseball Shoes for Turf Fields

Nike Diamond Trainer

Nike’s dominance in the shoe industry is not ending soon, and you can bet on their premium high-performance sports boots, including the Air Diamond Trainers.

Air Diamonds feature an attractive combination of white and black colors, synonymous with baseball shoes. The majority of the pair’s upper is made of synthetic leather that assures durability and maximum support.

The lack of mesh in Nike’s Air Diamond’s upper may be a concern to you when it comes to breathability. Nonetheless, the perforations in the ankle, midfoot, and toe ensure proper ventilation and comfortable summer sessions.

Adding to the breathability is the tongue made with breathable mesh. Another advantage of the Air Diamond is that they have a removable tongue flap that ensures shoelaces stay tied up. You surely don’t want to trip when running for the ball.

Air Diamonds have a low-profile tread that collects minimal dirt besides offering players incredible traction and balance in turf fields. This helps you to leap at your maximum speed comfortably. Besides, you will undoubtedly appreciate the incorporation of full-length phylon(EVA) midsole and heel Air sole in these turf boots for their comfort, support, and stability.


  • Reinvented insole construction that offers tremendous cushioning
  • Lightweight construction(10 ounces)
  • Fair price for a Nike product
  • Tongue flap that keeps lace knot in place


  • Relatively costlier than other turf boots
  • Runs narrow and small
  • Few colors to choose from

New Balance 3000 V3

Are you afraid of losing a significant amount of traction and speed when switching from cleats to turf shoes, especially on wet days? No more worries with New Balance 3000 V3 boots. You see, New Balance is famed for its top-quality sports gear, and these shoes are a perfect continuation of the legacy.

New Balance 3000 V3 boot features a combination of synthetic leather and a mesh upper for lightness, breathability, and long-standing support. These turf shoes have a rubber outsole with aggressive treads that grips the turf effectively while allowing you to sprint with maximum speed and ample balance.

You will also find the revolutionary REV-Lite midsoles on the New Balance V3. REV-Lite is a refined EVA material incorporated in most New Balance shoes for maximum response and cushioning. The material ensures the shoe is light while still offering you the necessary support when tracking fly balls or running along the basepath.

New Balance 3000 V3 turf shoes come in various colors to fit different preferences among baseball players. They also have tongues designed to keep away debris form anywhere near your feet.


  • A wide variety of colors
  • Pronounced treads for maximum grip
  • The debris-free tongue is a plus


  • Tends to run a little bit small and narrow
  • Quite expensive than several options

Under Armour Ultimate Turf Shoes

What catches your eyes first in Under Armour’s turf shoes is their appealing design featuring a mix of white and black shades and a noticeable Under Armour logo on the sides and the tongue flap. UA’s Ultimate shoes are made of synthetic leather and breathable mesh, and therefore be sure you are in for lightweight boots with an incredible feel and fit.

With a heavily guarded and raised toe area, these shoes have minimal pressure at the toe area while offering maximum take-off speed. A super foam insole absorbs landing shock while providing ample comfort. The light and responsive micro G midsole keep your feet lower to the ground for additional support and stability.

With a non-marking rubber outsole, UA’s shoes assure excellent traction for a wide range of laying surfaces, including the normally flat and hard artificial turf. Besides, the low-cut boots offer appreciable ankle support, with the padded heel collar supporting the heels during motion.


  • Made of lightweight materials(10 ounces)
  • Relatively affordable, but with high value
  • Incredible shock-absorbing ability


  • Limited color options(white and black only)
  • Unsatisfactory arch support
  • Possibility of irritation due to constant rubbing of the foot against the materials

Adidas Performance Speed Trainer 2

The rivalry between Adidas and Nike extends to baseball turf boots. Here comes Adidas Performance Speed turf boots with a wide range of colors for those players looking to stand out on the diamond. The durable rubber sole is flexible and features evenly-spread, small, hexagonal-shaped studs for maximum traction when sprinting for the fly balls.

Pairing the durable sole is the well-constructed upper consisting of mesh and overlays of synthetic leather. This has the effect of enhanced breathability and lightness, and so they allow you to remain active while keeping your feet dry. Moreover, durability remains at its best.

For pitchers, these turf shoes have enhanced toe caps that are quite resistant to wear and tear besides providing additional protection should the pitcher get hit by the ball or stepped on. Added to this turf shoe is a heel counter that locks your foot into the boot and anchors it to the midsole, resulting to reduced pronation and increased support.

The EVA midsole offers a good amount of cushioning that protects your feet and legs from injuries by absorbing energy emanating from foot landings.


  • A wide variety of color combinations
  • Extremely light and comfortable
  • Suitable for lateral movements due to the presence of a heel counter
  • Provide enough arch support


  • May feel tighter for users with wide legs
  • Runs small like several Adidas shoes

Nike Zoom Trout 3 Turf Shoe

How about owning a signature pair of baseball turf shoes harboring the name of a six-time winner of Silver Slugger award, eight-time MLB All-Star, and three-time AL Most Valuable Player? That’s Mike Trout, and Nike’s Zoom Trout shoes allow you to carry his name wherever you go with the pair.

Does that explain why you pay so much for the boots? You may be thinking so, but Zoom Trout 3 features are worth the price.

The shoe’s upper construction features Nike’s signature Nike Skin, a breathable mesh treated with All Conditions Control and bound with thin polyurethane film. This innovative material gives the shoes their lightweight and breathability properties that account for their unmatched comfort. Nonetheless, the material does not compromise the shoe’s durability.

The pair also incorporates Zoom Air units in the insole. These units consist of tensile fibers that compress when you land your foot on the surface and spring back into action and thereby resulting to a push-off effect. The springy reaction gives you an exceptionally responsive ride that comes with off-the-ground feel that enables you to hit your maximum speed easily.

The outsole has various bumps that help to grip turf excellently. Adding to Nike’s signature technologies in this pair is the Flywire material, high-strength threads that add support while minimizing weight.


  • High-quality signature materials
  • Lightweight, but durable
  • High responsiveness


  • Much expensive than other turf shoes
  • Tends to run small, as per customer reviews

Mizuno Wave Swagger 3 Turf Shoes

Adding to the list of best baseball shoes for turf fields is the Wave Swagger 3 from Mizuno. The pair’s mid-cut design distinguishes it from other turf shoes discussed above. The extra height to prevent awkward movement of the ankles, so expect these boot to provide you with more excellent ankle support necessary for hard and flat surfaces such as artificial turf.

A more significant portion of these boots’ construction is synthetic leather, with a little bit of breathable mesh on the tongue and heel support. The leather construction assures of stable and secure fit while the perforations on both ankle areas assist in ventilation.

Although this pair lack in design and colors, you can bet on its traction on artificial turf and indoor surfaces. The midsole offers satisfactory cushioning to absorb as much shock as possible during those sprints across the diamond. This keeps away leg joint issues.

The pair’s stiffness is good for ample support but may compromise comfort. Besides, some customers have raised concerns about the boot’s durability.


  • Outstanding ankle support
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor action
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Tends to run small consistently
  • Comfort level may be wanting
  • Limited color options

Mizuno Jaws Blast 4 Turf Shoes

The Jaw Blast 4 is another mid-cut product from Mizuno, with the name pointing to sturdy footwear likely to blast a jaw. True to the intimidating name, this clunky looking pair features a pronounced sawtooth-like tread(jawz outsole)designed for maximum grip on turf fields.

Mizuno’s upper is constructed with synthetic leather that provides players the strength to shine in the turf diamonds. The tongue features both synthetic leather and breathable mesh, both distributed in equal measure.

The little holes on the forefoot and ankle area allow for airflow, but may not contribute to competent ventilation compared to the competitors that incorporate a significant share of breathable mesh on the upper.

Mizuno Jaw Blast 4 pair enables your forefeet to easily bend in various positions owing to the inclusion of Proflex. Besides, the soft, full-length insole gives you excellent comfort and allows you to run at your full speed effortlessly. The pair also comes with a mid-top design acclaimed for exemplary ankle support.


  • Superb traction
  • Design that supports the ankles satisfactorily
  • Forefoot suppleness made possible with ProFlex


  • A little bit heavy
  • Lacks in breathability
  • Runs small

Rawlings Player and Coach Turf Shoes

Rawlings offers you a versatile pair of shoes not only fit for baseball but also applicable to football, lacrosse, and soccer on turf.

This pair features a sturdy construction that can handle the rigors of a wide range of game motions. The upper combines synthetic leather, and breathable mesh keeps the air flowing and your feet dry during actions. Adding to the boots’ breathability is the Cool Flo technology that helps to maintain your legs cool even in steamy action under the summer sun.

The added breathability functionality not only keeps you comfortable but also prevents blisters and fungi infections that develop from moisture accumulation. The all-rubber outsole is durable and keeps your feet firm to the ground. Besides, the sole has an inbuilt pivot point that helps your feet turn smoothly, and thus prevents injuries to the upper leg.

The full-length EVA outsole cushions your feet throughout the game while the high mudguard keeps mud off your shoes’ upper. The armor tech toe cap is critical for toe protection against hits.


  • Enhanced ventilation that keeps feet cool
  • Adaptable to various turf sports
  • Durable construction


  • Appears clunky

New Balance Men’s T4040v4 Turf Shoes

New Balance T4040v4 pair comes with multiple combinations of two colors, so you don’t have to feel limited by lack of variety. The upper of these sleek boots are made with 100% synthetic leather with the inclusion of some breathable mesh at the forefoot and tongue. Be sure of the pair’s durability and breathability, which combine to form comfortable wear for rigorous sports.

It features a rubber sole that mimics the spikes of conventional cleats, but good enough to grip the turf excellently without damaging it. Pairing this ground support feature is the heel collar that provides plush heel support.

The full-length RevLite offers much-needed cushioning when tracking fly balls or performing other sprints on the baseball diamond. RevLite(refined ERV) is famed for its ability to absorb most of the shock dissipated during leg movements, a property critical for comfort and injury prevention.

New Balances feature a removable insert and hence allows you to customize them according to your comfort needs. The turf shoes are among the few that incorporate no-sew materials. Several customers have pointed out the shoe’s tendency of running small, so be sure to order a half size larger than you usually wear.


  • Spike-like studs that provide excellent traction
  • Appealing look


  • Tends to run small
  • Insole tends to slide out

3N2 Mofo Turf Trainer

If you are looking for comfort, lightness, and performance, all encompassed in one unit, go for 3N2 Mofo. These sturdy baseball turf shoes feature genuine leather and metamesh upper for support and overall comfort. Paired with the marvelous upper construction is the double-stitched reinforcement in some parts to gives these boots unparalleled ability to hold up to regular use.

3N2 Mofo’s feather-light insoles are designed to provide excellent cushioning against foot landing shocks. The insole protects the back and the knee joints from unwarranted pressure known to result to discomfort in several players.

The even outsole boasts an even tread pattern that provides enough traction for stable and confident sprints and turns while the molded heel counter and arch shank work to ensure perfect fit and stability. Combine the excellent traction with the lightness, and you can be sure to fly across the diamond with winning speeds.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to 3N2 Moof colors, especially if you are the picky sort who loves matching footwear and uniform.


  • Superior cushioning
  • Attractive and nice
  • Extremely comfortable


  • Durability is questionable
  • Not a popular brand
  • Breathability is wanting

Boombah Men’s Catalyst Turf Shoes

Just because Boombah is not a household name, you shouldn’t overlook their Men’s Catalyst turf boots. The pair sports a variety of color combinations, with some being flashy, and comes at a very reasonable price. Boombah Catalysts are surely a catalyst for traction thanks to the triangular-shaped treads strategically spread throughout the outsole’s bottom.

With a textured toecap, these surf boots are special purchases for pitchers as they protect against abrasions that continuously affect the toe area. The heel is reinforced with Texalium to give you additional support so that you can throw a baseball harder and more accurately. The extra support makes up for the lack of ample ankle support due to the shoe’s low-top design.


  • Available in several colors
  • Toe guard good for pitchers
  • Offers brilliant traction


  • A little bit heavier
  • Unsatisfactory comfort level

Things to Consider in Baseball Turf Shoes

a.  Tread and Traction

Sufficient traction is critical for excellent performance in baseball and depends on your choice of the treads. Nonetheless, using regular cleats on turf sets the stage for injuries and damage to the turf.

Unlike the standard cleats that have molded plastic or metal spikes, baseball turf shoes have rubber studs that come in various designs to fit varying preferences.

The studs grip on the turf and help you to push off with maximum force without slipping too much. They come in various shapes, but the triangular and square studs are known to offer optimum traction. Artificial turf is harder than regular grass, and so you want to pick treads that won’t hurt your feet as they hit the surface.

b. The Shoe Height

Another top consideration for turf shoes is the cut or the, which indicates how much protection the shoes offer to your ankle and heel area. Most of the baseball turf shoes feature a mid-top or low to. Mid-cut shoes don’t provide a ton of ankle support and protection, although they are overly comfortable and flexible. They hence allow for the natural movement of the foot.

If you are looking for extra ankle support, go for the medium top turf shoes. The good thing about mid-cut shoes is that they are suitable for in-game sessions, warm-up before actual a game, and practice sessions in the clubhouse. They offer better ankle support and don’t feel bulky, unlike the high cut alternatives.

High cut turf shoes are best suited for baseball players with ankle injuries and those vulnerable to such injuries.

c. Durability

Whereas the frequency of use influences the lifespan of turf shoes, you want shoes made with materials resistant to wear and tear. If you are a commoner in the baseball diamond, sturdy synthetic is the best material for you.

Most baseball turf shoes are made of mesh and synthetic leather, but finding the ideal balance between the two materials is essential for durability and comfort. Shoes with too much synthetic materials may feel light and comfortable, but this may compromise their strength. Contrarily, shoes featuring much synthetic may last long, but are usually uncomfortable, especially when wearing them for more extended periods.

The right combination of synthetic leather and mesh produces a lightweight and durable turf shoe that every baseball player would love to own.

d. Weight

Bulkiness is unforgiving in sports, and this especially true for baseball. Bulky shoes will hold you down, lower your moods, and prevent you from delivering the expected performance. All in all, heavy boots undermine personal and team achievements.

A light pair of turf shoes enhances speed and comfort and has a general effect of raising moods and optimum performance in baseball. A shoe’s weight depends on its materials and construction. As mentioned earlier, high cut shoes and those with too many materials are generally bulky.

Be sure to test for lightness before walking out of the shoe store. For online purchases, check reviews to see what customers are saying about the weight of the turf shoes you are looking to buy.

e. Cushioning

Whereas outsoles are responsible for traction in shoes, midsoles are designed to offer extra support and comfort. Modern sports boots incorporate a cushioned midsole to absorb shock.

Most turf shoes feature midsoles made with ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA), which is famed for its ideal stability and cushioning, with some manufacturers using firmer EVA to make the soles harder to compress.

Shock-absorbing midsoles keep away potential foot and upper leg injuries while improving your running speeds.

FAQs about Baseball Turf Shoes

How do I Clean my Turf Shoes?

Cleaning baseball turf shoes is similar to cleaning your regular cleats. Cleaning turf shoes is easier since they don’t collect much dirt due to the pronounced treads, with some models having anti-debris uppers.

First, hit the shoes together to remove grass, mud, and dirt. Then dry scrub them with an old toothbrush, after which you wash away the remaining stains and dirt with a solution of gentle detergent and water. Using a wet washcloth dipped in warm water, wipe off the suds and soap.

Place the laces and insoles(if removable) in a pillowcase and run them through your washing machine to remove dirt and odors. It’s best to air dry your turf shoes under room temperature. Also, avoid storing them wet to prevent odors.

What’s the Difference between Synthetics and Leather?

Leather is the genuine material that has long been used in the manufacture of shoes, including sports boots. Synthetics can be said to be the human-made versions of leather but are made to be more durable and cheaper.

Mesh is also adversely mentioned in the above reviews. It’s mostly used along with the synthetic and leather. Mesh is great for ventilation and preventing the accumulation of moisture in the shoe.

How do I Break in Baseball Turf Shoes?

The good thing about baseball shoes for turf fields is that you can comfortably wear them on any surface, including indoors. Therefore, you don’t require to go to the fields to break in your new set of turf shoes. Breaking in them at home will work.

Most importantly, take it easy as you break in your new boots. You want to wear them for a few minutes during the first days and increase the duration as you get used to the new feel. Usually, it doesn’t take long to break in baseball turf shoes, but you may have to be patient with some models.


Using conventional cleats indoors or artificial turf sets not only the stage for uncomfortable moments but also injuries to your leg joints. That’s why it’s wise to look for the best baseball shoes for turf fields. Nonetheless, picking the right shoes for your feet may be tricky, but fortunately, this article has outlined some of the key features to look for when making turf shoe purchase.

When it comes to the best baseball turf shoes reviews, the guide took into consideration the upper construction materials, support level, and tread design, among other aspects that affect performance, speed, and comfort during sessions on turf diamond.

The Nike Air Diamond and New Balance turf shoes are highly recommended for baseball players due to their durability, comfort, and excellent traction. Besides, you can trust the brands.

Nevertheless, don’t feel limited to the two brands. The eleven shoes have been compiled in this guide to suit different budgets and preferences among baseball players. So, be sure to pick a pair that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

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