Best Baseball Pants for Adults Buyers Guide

10 Best Baseball Pants for Adults Buyers Guide 2022

If you are looking for the best baseball pants 2022, you are in the very right place. Yes, the baseball season is almost here with us, and nothing can make you more season-ready than having all your baseball essentials ready for this exciting period.  Excellent baseball pants are one of the must-haves for adult players.

You don’t want to be like some people who tend to ignore the importance of these pants. Baseball pants not only boost your performance but also make you look excellent as well. Although you boys tend to prefer black or grayish baseball pants, older players like you lean towards white baseball pants and then a pair of custom baseball socks to be complete. This claim, however, is not a rule of thumb but a matter of preference.

But baseball pants are not the same.  There are different brands of these sporting pants. You’ll find some great pants from leading brands such as Nike, Mizuno, Under Armour, Majestic, and many others. Besides, these pants come with varying fits and lengths. That’s not all, different baseball pants are made using different materials, and some of the materials are of questionable quality.

The purpose of this review is to guide you through what we’ve found to be the ten best baseball pants for adults. Also included is a buyers’ guide with useful tips on how to select the best baseball pants 2021. For added protection consider a pair top rated sliding shorts [Read our Full Guide]

Let’s start with our pick of the best baseball pants for this year.

Best Baseball Pants for Adults

Best Baseball Pants for Adults

Mizuno Premier Short Piped

This baseball pant is an excellent choice if you prefer something more old-school style. This pant provides a shorter inseam to be worn below the knee. What you might like about these pants from Mizuno is that they come with elastic at the bottom. This feature ensures the pants keep snug on our legs throughout the game.

The pants are made using a durable double knit fabric.  That’s the main reason that these pants are incredibly durable and breathable. If you’ve ever injured your knee when playing baseball, you know the importance of knee protection, and so do the manufacturers of these fantastic baseball pants.

Mizuno Premier Short Piped comes with a double-knee protection feature. This feature comprises of a 2-layer knee protection construction. This feature provides the much-needed protection every time you slide home or on any other part of the field.


  • Two pockets with button closures at the back.
  • It’s available in 8 different color variations.
  • An old-school-style.
  • 2-layer knee protection construction.
  • Durable pants.


  • If you don’t fancy shorter baseball pants, you might have to look for another pair of baseball pants.

Under Armor Mens Clean Up Baseball Pants

Under Armor is a company renowned for its high-quality sporting gear.  The Under Armor Men’s Clean Up Baseball Pants is proof of the brand’s reputation. These top-rated pants are made from the best moisture-wicking polyester. This quality ensures you remain calm and dry throughout the game.

This sporting wear comes with seven belt loops ensuring you can belt up irrespective of the size of your waist. You know mobility in baseball is vital if you have to make those swift and fast moves during the game. These pants come with a stretch-engineered waistband that gives you superior mobility and excellent comfort.


  • It comes with seven belt loops and rear back pockets.
  • The stretch waistband gives you maximum flexibility as you play.
  • The moisture-wicking polyester material keeps you cool and dry throughout the game.


  • The white color might be somewhat see-through, but you can quickly fix this by using compression pants.
  • If a loose fit is an issue for you, then you might not like these pants.

Rawling’s Semi-Relaxed

Looking at the name of this pair of pants, you might be wondering what semi-relaxed is all about. Well, this simply means the pair isn’t baggy, nor is it piped. As such, these pants offer a perfect balance between movability and comfort.  The pants are neither loose nor piped. These baseball pants are, arguably, the best semi-baggy pants that allow you maximum speed and agility.

You can rely on the pants’ pro-dri material with moisture management to keep you cool and dry during the baseball game.


  • It offers a perfect balance between mobility and comfort.
  • Pro-Dri material with moisture management for a dry and cool sporting experience.
  • 100% polyester double knit


  • Some buyers find these pants a rather thin for their comfort.

Nike Men’s Pro Vapor Pants

These baseball pants are for you if you are scouting around for high-cut pants. You’ll undoubtedly like the gripper tape at the waist of these pants because the tape prevents your top from un-tucking from the pants. The mesh paneling at the rear of the knee brings improved breathability to this pant.

The Vapor Pro Piped pants are designed to fit well and stay flexible. An elastic bottom keeps everything securely held where it should be.


  • Breathability ensures you remain relaxed and comfortable.
  • The loops along the waistband help you to secure your belt.
  • Two back pockets.
  • It comes with a zippered fly.
  • Snap closure


  • Some buyers find the gripper waistband itchy and uncomfortable.

Majestic Men’s Cool Piped HD

This company is another well-known brand. The Majestic Men’s Cool Base is made from high-density polyester, which gives it the stretch, durability, and performance that are hallmarks of the “Majestic Cool Base” brand.

The durable fabric used to make these pants have extra stretch, which allows for maximum flexibility and flawless motion.

The waistband of this pair of pants is designed with comfort in mind, and the piping offers a crisp, stylish look.

Other features that bring these pants into our list of top-ranked baseball pants include pro-style belt loops, elastic Ban-Rol waistband, a double snap closure, among others.


  • Double knees construction ensures your knees are safe and the pants last longer
  • They are made using 100% high-density polyester
  • The gripper elastic waistband provides extra comfort


  • Some people feel the pants are rather narrow at the bottom.
  • To some users, the gripper elastic waistband is too tight.


Easton Deluxe Baseball Elastic Bottom Hem Opening

Easton is another reputable brand in the manufacture of sportswear and sporting equipment.  The Easton Deluxe Baseball Elastic Bottom Hem Opening bears witness to this fact. These are long pants that have elastic bottoms for a close fit.

The Deluxe Series is made from polyester material constructed material that offers you UV protection making your days in the sun safe and sporty.

Series’ Bio-Dri performance technology gets the sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry.

If you want a model of baseball pants that offers you several color options, this might be what you need. The Easton series allows you to select from three available colors, namely white, black, and grey.


  • It offers UV protection
  • Bio-Dri performance technology gets the sweat away from your skin
  • Colors, namely white, black and grey


  • Some buyers complain about the zipper is somewhat too thick and creates an awkward bump.

Rawlings Knee-High Series

Of course, practice is essential if you have to shape up your body for the upcoming 2021 baseball season. So getting an excellent pair of baseball pants for both training and actual games is the right decision. If this is what you have in mind, the Rawlings Knee-High Series fits the description pretty well.

These baseball pants are purposely designed for practice and games. They offer a semi-relaxed, knee-high fit, meaning they are quite flexible and motion-friendly. The pants’ gel grip waistband ensures the pants won’t sag or even drop as you make your moves in the field.

When you purchase these pants, you know you’ve got a durable pair of pants, thanks to their double-knee fabric. This 2-way stretch polyester is lightweight and comfy to wear in the field.

Wilson Sporting Goods Series

Every time you jog your mind back to the era of classic baseball players, what mostly comes to mind are those nice looking white with black stripes baseball pants. These pants were the signature mark of every renowned baseball team and player. These are the memories that the Wilson Sporting Goods series brings back.

These pants are designed to give a no-nonsense, no-frills kind of experience as they protect your legs against all the beatings in the baseball game.

When you wear a Wilson Sporting Goods series, you get serious comfort, flawless fit, and proven durability.


  • Made with 100% polyester
  • The pants are made with a moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Sturdy stitching for durability.
  • Breathability ensures you remain comfortable as you play.


  • Although a few users complain that these pants are not that durable, a majority hail this sportswear for its durability. It looks like how one handles the pants determine how long they last.

Easton Mako II Piped

This is another fantastic pair of baseball pants from Easton. This Mako II Piped pants for adults are made of 100% Pro-weight Polyester. They have a Scotchgard stain release, which proves useful in reducing stains and wicking moisture.

Wearing these pants, which have a double metal snap closure that comes with a metal zipper, is easy and convenient. At the rear side of these adult baseball pants, you find dual back welt pockets with a five belt loop system.

Each pair of these adult pants is designed purposely with an athletic fit for super-charged movements on either side of the ball.

With all these features, these pants make for an excellent choice for any baseball player who’s serious about getting cute pants that not only serve the purpose but also look good.


  • Made of 100% Pro-weight Polyester.
  • It has a double metal snap closure that comes with a metal zipper.
  • They have a Scotchgard stain for reducing stains and wicking moisture.
  • It has double back welt pockets with a five belt loop system.


  • Some users find the pants they buy are not true to size: almost feeling like they are wearing stretched out skin tights.

CHAMPRO Triple Adult Triple Open Bottom Piped Pants

Although many buyers have high regard for well-known brands, it’s safe not to ignore lesser-known brands. Even the big brand names had their starting points. Champro is one such little-known brand, but going by some of the products they are making, don’t be surprised to find this brand giving the more prominent brands a run for their money.

The CHAMPRO Triple Adult Triple Open Bottom Piped Pants, for instance, is one such right quality product from this manufacturer. One thing that makes these pants stand out from the crowd is their unique inseam adjustment capability. With their 4-way stretch fabric, these pants can comfortably accommodate every pitch, swing, slide, and catch.

The pants keep their original shape over time thanks to the abrasion-resistant technology used in making them.


  • A double-layered knee offers increased protection during the game.
  • Piping adds a touch of flair to your unique baseball gear.
  • Two inset back pockets.
  • Loose open-bottom design for those who love this design.
  • 100% double-knit polyester.


  • The length is quite beyond that of many average-height basketball players. If you are nowhere near 6ft 8″ tall, you might have to get your pants from another brand or use your ingenuity to adjust its length yourself.

With this list of top-rated baseball pants, you now have an excellent starting point as you seek to boost your performance and look in the upcoming baseball season 2020. However, there some tips we’d want to share with you as you get baseball pants for this season and beyond.

Things to Consider when Buying Baseball Pants 2020

When you search for the best baseball pants, consider the following critical factors if you want to get pants that will enable you to be more confident and comfortable during your baseball games.


This aspect is one of the essential qualities you’ll have to keep in mind. The quality of the material making your pants will determine how comfortable you’ll be as you play. In simple terms, you have to ensure the material meets the following criteria:

  • It can resist wear and tear during this season.
  • It’s made from 100% high-quality polyester for durability and washability.
  • If you want enhanced durability, look for pants made using double-knit fabric.
  • In case you play in colder places, you can also consider the thickness of the material.
  • The material won’t stain too easily and will block harmfull UV rays out.
  • It’s easy to wash – preferably it should be machine-washable.


By length, we are differentiating between the two basic lengths of baseball pants; the short, knee-high pants and the long baseball pants which cover the entire leg.

Each of these lengths has its advantages and disadvantages. The short pants help you remain cooler in warm or hot weather while providing enough warmth to keep you comfortable in colder weather conditions.

Long pants, on the other hand, give more protection to your legs as they cover the full length of your legs.

Reinforced Knees

Baseball games involve your knees a lot. You’ll make many diving stops at second base, slide into the home plate so many times that if you don’t provide adequate protection to your knees, the coarse dirt in the field will injure you.

To prevent this kind of eventuality, get baseball pants that are fitted with well-designed reinforced fabric at the knee. Most of the baseball pants you’ll get in the market are outfitted with reinforced material at both at the knee and the rear. This material helps you absorb quite some impact when you hit the ground and thus also prevents wear and tear of the material.

Alternatively, some baseball pants simply have an extra layer of stitching at this point to help support the fabric this is a useful feature, if you can get baseball pants that have a double-thick material, the better it is for you. These kinds of pants offer the most protection in this category.

If the baseball pants you intend to buy don’t have this knee-protection feature, you are better off finding another pair.


When you get on base, you need somewhere to put your batting gloves.  In any case, you also need a place to store additional wraps and braces for any injuries that you might get in the course of the game. If your pants don’t have pockets for this purpose, you’ll have a problem. That’s why the best baseball pants come with two back pockets.

The pockets will serve you better if they have some kind of closure, such as a snap, button, or something similar. These will help you keep your gloves in place as you run and slide around the baseline.

Leg openings

Baseball pants come in two leg opening style: the open style and the closed style. The first one leaves the leg openings loose just the same way your regular street trousers look. This style is right for you if you like more freedom of movement as you play.

The other style – the closed leg opening style is where the pants keep a snug fit around your leg. An elastic band around the bottom of each leg makes this possible.  This style is for you if you are uncomfortable with extra fabric flapping around your leg. But remember, you’ll see this style with short pants though some long pants have closed leg openings.


As the game heats up, you’ll want baseball pants that have moisture-wicking properties. This technology is built right into the fabric and helps you keep moisture-free when you sweat.

Belt Loops

Baseball is a vigorous game. You don’t want your pant embarrassing you by sliding down your waist and leaving your baseball compression safety cup exposed. Get baseball pants with belt loops to help you secure your pants at the right place throughout the game.

With this best baseball pants for adults, buyers guide 2021 you are well-set to get the top-rated pants for this season. Take your pick today from this list and make your statement on the field.

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