Best Mouthguards for Baseball Players

Best Baseball Mouthguards Buyers Guide 2022 [Baseball Safety Gear]

Whether you are new or old to baseball, you need to use the best mouth guards for baseball players. But it’s funny how many players ignore this vital safety component. The reason for this apparent ignorance is simple. Many players share the misplaced opinion that baseball is not a contact game.

This might be true if your definition of a contact game means a game where players are in physical contact with one another. Yes, baseball is neither boxing nor wrestling such close-contact games. However, you might have noticed that even in baseball, especially youth baseball, there are times when players tend to crowd the diamond. That is a precursor to contact moments.

Additionally, there are times when pitchers lose control of the pitches they make. This and the crowding mentioned above have often led to horrible incidences where batters and other players sustain nasty injuries.

On the same note, players, especially youth, often forget to let off the bat after they hit the ball. The results have often been disastrous as the bat goes flying after the swing, potentially landing on other players on the field.

Or think about a scenario that appears frequently. Base players making throwing errors that the players are not ready to catch commonly caused bodily harm to the players.

These scenarios prove that indeed, baseball is a contact game, and like in all contact games, a mouth guard is must-have safety gear.

However, if you search online, you’ll be bombarded by myriads of brands and models of mouth guards. Of course, all of these items are not created equal. Some are designed for other sports and not best for baseball. What’s more, the quality of the guard you also buy matters.

This review takes away the headache of searching for the best mouthguard for baseball; it gives you a preview of what we’ve found to be the best of these devices in 2022. After the review, we give you a comprehensive buyer’s guide to ensure you are well prepared to make an excellent purchase decision.

Review of Top-rated Mouthguards for baseball

Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is a manufacturer of renowned for making some of the best sports mouthguards on the planet. The Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard is a testimony to this fact. This piece is the most popular mouthguard, especially among players who wear upper braces.

This mouth safety gear is made of a 100 percent medical silicone, so you don’t have to boil and mold it once you take out of the box. Additionally, the braces are BPA, Latex, and Phthalate-free, which makes them safe to use.

Using this brace is convenient and easy. Once you adjust the pair and your teeth begin to change the position, the mouthguard adapts to these changes.

This mouthguard meets all the necessary national and state high school requirements requiring full coverage of upper brackets during tournaments. The Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard is an excellent companion in baseball and an ideal gear for all sports where you need mouth protection.

This mouthguard comes in a variety of colors and a $10,000 dental warranty.


  • It requires no molding so the device will adapt to any changes in tooth structure
  • Each mouthguard is made using medical-grade silicone and is BPA, latex, and Phthalate free
  • The braces are available in both strapless and strapped versions making it ideal for all sports.


  • Some users say the mouth guard didn’t fit well.
  • This mouth guard only covers the teeth
  • It’s on the more expensive range

SISU Aero Sports Mouthguard

This mouth guard boasts of an ultra-thin design that guarantees ultimate protection and makes this guard one of the great and reliable sports mouthguards available on the market presently.

The thickness of this device measure only 1.6mm, meaning you won’t have to struggle to breathe and communicate – you don’t even have to remove it to drink water.

One feature you’ll really like about this mouth guard is the highly absorbent material and Diffusix Technology, which together distribute the impact of any contact throughout the guard, limiting any injuries you might get.

Besides baseball and softball, you can also use this oral guard for sports like soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.


  • Diffusix Technology does an excellent job of spreading the impact of any force over a large area, thus minimizing damage.
  • It features rounded edges and a full bite pad for enhanced comfort.
  • Its thin design enables you to breathe and communicate with ease.


  • Some users say it’s difficult to mold it properly to their mouths.
  • It probably won’t fit younger kids (its recommended for ages 11 and above)
  • It’s in the more expensive category.

Oral Mart Sports Mouthguard

In case you are looking for an affordable mouth guard for baseball players with a stylish design, this could be what you need.

The Oral Mart Sports Mouthguard’s dual-layer construction is made to provide maximum protection and comfort in contact sports such as baseball (we already qualified baseball as such), rugby, martial arts, boxing, and more.

This mouth guard provides a perfect custom fit of your upper mouth, thanks to the guard’s inner layer that’s made using a soft gel. When boiled and bitten into, this silky gel takes the shape of your upper mouth.

The braces’ outer layer is the impact zone, and it does an excellent job of absorbing extra shock for ultimate protection.

This is another medically safe gear for baseball players because it is made using medical-grade silicone, latex, BPA, and Phthalate free.

If you are keen on color, these devices come in different color schemes, including Fangs, the American Flag, and traditional colors.


  • It comes in a dual-layer design featuring an inner layer and outer impact layer.
  • It’s made using medical-grade silicone.
  • It is Latex, BPA, and Phthalate free.
  • There is an air channel designed to enhance breathing and more comfortable communication.


  • Some users think the mouthpiece is rather small.
  • Some people might have a problem with the boil and bite mold approach.
  • This model is only for teens and adults.

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

If you think of a mouthguard that is the product of a well-informed manufacturer, then the OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard fits the description. The manufacturer, OPRO, has outstanding partnerships with some of the top sports organizations on the planet. These organizations include USA Rugby, UFC, American Youth Football, USA Wrestling, and many others.

OPRO leaves nothing to chance or guesswork when it comes to producing one of the best mouthguards for sports. This manufacturer’s Power-Fit model provides some innovative features which have made it immensely popular.

A significant feature is the guard’s unique Power-Cage. This cage is a 2-piece system meant to mold the gum shield to the exact contours of your gums and teeth. The braces’ 13 patented fins grip your teeth and make it easy for you to breathe and talk with ease.

The mouth safety gear’s dual-layer helps spread the shock of impact over a larger area, thus providing you with extra protection.

As you would expect with any top-rated mouth guard, the OPRO Power-Fit is medically safe; it is latex and BPA free and includes an anti-microbial case that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.

You can count on the manufacturer’s generous $50,000 dental warranty to confirm the level of trust they have.


  • The manufacturer’s name inspires confidence in the product. OPRO has reputable partnerships with USA Rugby, UFC, and more.
  • The 2-piece Power-Cage system helps to mold the gum shield to the shape of your teeth and gums.
  • Dual-layer design helps spread the force of impact over a full area.


  • It’s recommended for ages 10 and above, so it is probably, isn’t suited for younger baseball players.
  • It’s on the pricey side.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

Although Venom is famous for supplying some of the world’s best sports mouth guards for boxing, MMA and Karate, Baseball players can find solace in the company’s Challenger model. This is a model designed to work in almost any sport and activity where teeth protection is needed.

As a baseball player, you can trust the mouthguard’s advanced NexFit gel frame to give you a better fit and maximum comfort. The in-built air channel allows you to breathe when wearing the guard. In case of any adverse impact, the rubber lower frame comes in handy as it disperses the shock waves over a more significant area, thus offering your teeth sufficient protection.

Another great thing about this mouthguard is that as long as you boil and bite it, it will provide a secure and comfortable custom fit.

The mouth guard comes with a storage case that helps to minimize bacteria growth. This case also makes it easy for you to carry the item in your baseball gear bag.


  • The frame’s high-density rubber helps distribute the shock over a greater area on impact.
  • It is designed to offer maximum breathability
  • The Nexfit-Gel frame provides comfort and an excellent fit


  • Some users have issues with the device’s durability
  • The “boil and mold” process can be bothersome to some users
  • Some buyers felt that the size ran small.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Convertible Mouthguard

Our last product in this rundown is yet another mouthguard from Shock Doctor. The Shock Doctor Convertible Mouth guard’s triple-layer construction comes with a Gel-Fit liner for comfort and a custom fit. You can rely on the heavy-duty rubber Exoskeletal Shock Frame to provide you with sufficient impact upon impact, whether from the ball, bat, or another baseball player.

The integrated breathing channels in this device take care of your breathing and ability to communicate when wearing this mouthguard.

Additionally, it also comes with a harness, which makes it possible for you to attach it on your face mask if you so desire.

This mouthguard comes in an array of 10 different color options and flavored guards if you are into color. You can choose from different flavors such as Fruit Punch, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Orange, and more.


  • The Gel-Fit liner gives you extra comfort.
  • You can use this guard strapped, or strapless thanks to the leash included as part of the package.
  • The durable triple-layer design features secure breathing channels.


  • Some users feel that the mouth guard is small.
  • The item is not braces-friendly.
  • Some buyers said they have difficulties talking with this guard in their mouths.

Choosing the Best Baseball Mouthguard

As mentioned earlier, hundreds of mouthguards are available on the market today, and selecting the best in this overwhelming crowd can be challenging and time-consuming. But to make matters more comfortable for you, we have taken the time to compile a few crucial tips to help you select the best baseball and softball, mouth guards. Consider the following:


The main reason why you are purchasing a baseball mouthguard is its ability to protect your mouth. This part of the mouth includes your teeth, gum, and by extension, your tongue. An excellent mouth guard should offer maximum protection to these vital areas of your mouth and face.

On this note, you might come across mouth safety gears that only protect your teeth but not the gums. Avoid such unless it has other compelling features that make you think otherwise. For more information on facial protection and batting helmets [Read our Helmets Buyers Guide]


You might have noticed that in fast-paced sports like baseball, you don’t only use your nose to breathe. Your mouth also acts as an opening to take in more breath when things get tough.  The right baseball mouthguard has breathability, mostly in the form of breathing channels built into the safety gear.


Communication is critical in baseball. But mouthguards come in all sizes, materials, and shapes. Some of the devices in the market might not be the best when it comes to facilitating communication. However, devices with the breathing channels will often be more communication-friendly than those that don’t have these channels.

Medical safety

There are two dimensions to this consideration. First, it’s essential to ascertain that the material used to make the piece is safe and meets all the regulatory requirements and quality standards. Many high-quality mouth guards are made with safe materials such as medical-grade silicone and are free of BPA, latex, and Phthalamate, among other hazardous compounds.

Secondly, bacteria can be a menace if allowed to develop on the mouth guard. It’s strongly recommended that you go for a mouthguard that offers anti-microbial features; this will help you avoid health problems related to such accumulation of bacteria,

The Right Mold

Almost every mouth guard you get nowadays is customizable to a certain degree. But the best baseball mouth guard has to be super easy to mold. If you can get one that can be custom-fitted in under five minutes, the better for you. But the best that you can ever get is only available through an orthodontist or a dentist, but this can be very expensive.

However, you can still get a lovely and moldable mouth guard at a fraction of the cost. The “boil and bite” approach has been in use for years, and most of the mouth guards you’ll come across will require you to perform this procedure to create your custom mold.  The good thing about this procedure is that it’s quick, easy, and relatively cheaper.

Although the directions might vary from one mouth guard to the next, the basics remain the same; lowering the mouthguard into a container of boiling water and then biting down on the safety gear to secure your mold.

In case you have a sensitive mouth, don’t worry. Some mouth guards don’t require you to boil them. Instead, you just dip the new mouthguard into a bowl of warm water, and that’s it.

Some brands, albeit a few, provide an instant-fit material made using a gel that molds automatically to your specific bite. Such mouth safety gears are an excellent option if you are looking for a device you can wear straight from the package.

To Strap or Not

As you have noticed from this review, some mouth guards come with a leash. The purpose of this accessory is to enable anyone who opts to tether the safety gear to their face mask. Strapping the mouth guard is a matter of personal and the rules of the league. If the rules allow you to strap, then you can go ahead and buy a mouthguard with a leash.

On the other hand, if you are officially prohibited from using a strapped mouth guard during tournaments, you have no option other than to abide by them. In short, to strap or not depends on your personal preference and the rules of the game.


It’s not a silly idea to use a mouthguard in baseball. Baseball is indeed a contact sport. If using a mouthguard will save you just one trip to your dentist as a result of an injury sustained during a baseball tournament or practice session, then a baseball mouthguard will be worth the time and investment.

Take a look at the products in this best baseball mouthguard review and select the product that closely syncs with your unique circumstances; it will save your teeth and gums a lot of pain and trouble.