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Best Baseball Glove Oil Buyers Guide 2022

No game is complete unless and until all the equipment used in playing the game are helpful and are in good form. It’s vital to place the gloves in the proper condition, or else they can fail to perform correctly while playing baseball.

However, to keep your gloves in suitable condition and health, you must purchase for them a glove conditioner or oil. The baseball glove conditioner will make the gloves skin new and rejuvenating and assist in the resurrection of the old rotten gloves.

Additionally, the glove oil will freshen and soften your gloves with vitamin E plus many other essential ingredients. Be sure to enjoy the best experience with fantastic quality gloves and never go down on the gloves’ quality.

Ensure you avail it without any compromise on quality. Sometimes you can be forced to fight a battle many times to get the victory.

1. Rawlings Gold Butter Oil

Quick information

  • Brand: Rawlings
  • Formula: Advanced butter
  • Dimensions: 1.6 by 4.5 by 76 inches
  • Gloves: softball and baseball
  • 14 x 14 inches: fabric
  • Quantity: 2 ounces

Enjoy added advantage: this glove oil from Rawlings comes with a red microfiber fabric being the best applicator cloth that you can use to apply the conditioning butter for a fantastic activity.

Golden opportunity: Purchase the suitable soft butter to help you condition your gloves before starting the game—best for getting into new gloves or even holding on to old glove-like newbies.

Everything you need: this gold butter oil comes with a great combination of reusable and excellent quality microfiber fabric and gold butter oil. Both of these products are mixed to make your gloves perform great.

Our Opinion: do you have a new glove to start with? Or are you simply trying to maintain your old glove? This is the best break in a kit, and it’s a 2-item bundle made for just that.

2. Pecard Baseball Glove Oil

Quick information

  • Manufacturer: Picard
  • Keep gloves: soft and safe
  • Measurements: 1.1 by 3.2 by 3.2 inches
  • Water-proof: yes
  • Perfect for: leather gloves
  • Color: white

Excellent functioning: makes the glove skin supple and soft, thus preventing it from cracking and hardening, more so during baseball’s tough usage.

Dual role: This glove oil keeps the quality of your baseball leather gloves and is excellent for tanned gloves. Furthermore, it makes their performance unique.

Advanced capacity: Pecard has an increased capability that makes it more outstanding than other greases in its performance and ingredients.

Our Opinion: it’s a great oil that safeguards you from weather damage and rain. It makes the gloves’ upper skin flexible and perfect. The oil doesn’t cause any harm to stitch and promises the gloves’ quality to remain how they are present.

3. Franklin Sports MLB Conditioning Oil

Quick information

  • Manufacturer: Franklin sports
  • Weight: 0.35 ounces
  • Measurements: 6 by 6 by 3.25 inches
  • Number of wipes: 25
  • Perfect: travel pack
  • Easiest: application

Keep the gloves secured: up to half of the baseball game operation depends on gloves. They should remain in the best shape and form. Therefore, ensure you use Franklin sports MLB glove oil if you want them to maintain the quality of your gloves.

Unusual ingredients: a great combination of non-harmful and natural ingredients that make the gloves perfect, not only for appearance but also for performance.

Most accessible and convenient: use the wipes, keep your gloves adorable, great for use, then throw away the used wipes. Nice to travel with disposable wipes.

Our Opinion: make sure you enjoy the fantastic ingredient natural wipes meant to boost the convenience of making your baseball gloves better in terms of appearance and performance.

4. Wilson Premium Glove Oil

Quick information

  • Manufacturer: Wilson sporting goods
  • Softens and preserves: leather
  • Length: 7.2 inches
  • Convenient: spray bottle
  • For: leather gloves
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Version: 2020 and the original version

100% pure oil: This excellent glove oil from Wilson conditions softens and hydrates your favorite leather gloves. Wilson oil is 100% pure and has no additional petroleum distillates.

Ideal formula: it naturally repels water, thus protecting your glove’s skin from other damages, boosts its life, and makes its performance excellence.

Imaginary and impossible: start by washing the gloves’ surface, then apply the best glove oil using the best and comfortable application formula plus a best-made bottle applied within a short time. The leather will remain real within a natural ton.

Our Opinion: this oil is a 100% natural and pure formula without any non-green ingredients.

5. Nokona Glove Oil

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: Nokona
  • Proven: oiling formula
  • Maintains: original glove color
  • Break-in: cleaning and protecting gloves
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 7 by 1.5 by 1 inch
  • Leather: glove oil

Outstanding features: This glove oil comes in a tube that makes it simple to be used, plus the oil quality remains acceptable perfectly for an extended period.

Excellent manufacturing: the oil is known for outstanding results to arrive at the standards of perfection in glove care. Making sure that no stains on the gloves nor ruin the gloves from their original color.

Perfect formula: Nokona glove oil safeguards and hydrates the delicate skin of the baseball gloves. Manufactured for use in baseball gloves. Furthermore, it works well for glove conditioning for several games.

Our Opinion: this is an amazing glove oil. The training aid can assist both professional athletes and beginners in performing great on the field. This activity makes the baseball kit tremendous and suitable for use, thus increasing its life.

6. Easton Glove Oil

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: Easton
  • Odorless
  • Softens cleans, and restores
  • Ingredients: Lanolin and vitamin E
  • Easily: applicable
  • Measurement: 1.8 by 4.6 by 11.7 cm
  • Weight: 91g

Healthy Product: This glove oil is safe for use in every type of leather sports accessories together with baseball gloves. Nevertheless, it ensures that your gloves don’t tear.

Premium Blend: it has a non-darkening and non-coloring formula that restores flexibility and moisture to occasionally used gloves. It’s a great glove oil for professional players.

Unique Formula: Easton provides a high-quality and unique formula offering proper conditioning and consistent care for baseball gloves; it’s good olive oil that’s used for getting into new mittens.

Our Opinion: it’s designed to protect your brand new unique gloves as well as treating the old worn-out gloves. It offers excellent care to boost your gloves’ durability and useful life.

7. Jobsite Prime Neatsfoot Oil

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: Job Site
  • Dimensions: 1 by 1 by 1 inch
  • Highly durable
  • Lubricates: skin
  • Water-proof: compound
  • Ideal for: vinyl and leather gloves
  • Weight: 8oz

Restore your nice-looking baseball gloves: Preserves restores and protects the dried-out gloves with numerous creases on the gloves, thus retaining the appearance of the glove’s skin, giving them a better performance.

Multipurpose: protects your baseball gloves plus other leather items to resist water and safeguard them from the stiffness that may take place naturally through wet and dry.

Advance formula: The glove oil passes through the skin to water-proof and lubricate the fibers’ offering the feeling that permits the glove skin to breathe properly, making it new, flexible, and soft.

8. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: hot glove
  • Water-proof: yes
  • Best for leather
  • Clean softens and restores
  • Weight: 2oz
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Dimensions: 1 by 1 by 3 inches
  • Ingredients: Lanolin and vitamin E

Our Opinion: Are you tired of constantly changing your basketball gloves now and then due to harsh conditions? Just use the Jobsite Neatsfoot glove oil to make your old gloves look newer. The oil is good in making your new and old baseball gloves secured with high performance and incredible natural ingredients.

9. Fiebings Mink Oil

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: Fiebings
  • Dimensions: 4 by 6 by 6 inches
  • Highest durability
  • Suitable for leather products
  • Prevents: blemishes
  • Water-proof: yes
  • Weight: 6 oz.

Green Product: it’s a safe, non-toxic, and effective product. It doesn’t have harsh chemicals to ruin your glove. The glove oil is water-resistant and conditions your gloves.

Convenient application: Just apply the glove oil to the glove effectively, and after several minutes, the skin spills will be opened, and this will soften the gloves properly.

Nothing works quickly: The mink oil penetrates on the baseball gloves safely and promptly. It breaks on the old and new gloves, thus maintaining their new looks.

Our Opinion: It is an amazing product that will just make the gloves look awesome, like new gloves. Ensure you keep your gloves secured from sunlight and water using a perfect protective layer of this oil.

10. Wilson Pro-Stock Glove Oil

Quick Information

  • Manufacturer: Wilson
  • Durable and reliable
  • Softens, cleans, and restores clean gloves
  • Perfect for: leather gloves
  • Ingredients: vitamin E and Lanolin
  • Weight: 60 gm
  • Types: white and white version 2020

Soft like butter: This amazing glove oil has a chemical formula that’s made of vitamin E ingredients and resembles butter that makes the gloves soft like its own.

Resurrects your gloves: Are you still admiring your old gloves but are not in good condition? You don’t have to worry! This glove oil from Wilson will just make your gloves resemble newly purchased gloves to assist you to maintain their quality for an extended time.

Idealized processing: Restores the natural aroma and upgrades the color of the gloves. Simply wipe a small amount, then enjoy the best quality outcome.

Resurrecting your gloves: You are in love with your old gloves, but they are worn out, don’t worry; Wilson Pro-stock glove oil will simply make it like newly bought and help you retain its quality for a longer time.

Buyers Guide for The Best Oil for Baseball Gloves

Several manufacturers offer you and your baseball life an upgraded and better quality performance by making your gloves perform best of all gloves. Sometimes it’s hard to find the kind of oil that will change your gloves shiny and new.

However, here are vital factors to keep in mind when planning to buy a baseball glove oil.


Before buying a glove oil, make sure the oil is purely manufactured using natural ingredients such as Lanolin and vitamin E. The ingredients will make the gloves look great in terms of appearance and won’t damage their skin with other ingredients used in manufacturing local glove oils.

Additionally, make sure you read the product label that you are interested in then always ensure it has Bee wax, mint oil or Neatsfoot, or a combination of the three. Pine tar is also another organic ingredient that conditions your leather gloves properly. These natural ingredients won’t only make your gloves effective, but will also make them free from toxins. You can use them without getting worried about rashes and skin allergies.

Water-Proof Quality

Anytime you think of purchasing baseball glove oil, don’t only be interested in a product that will assist in conditioning your leather gloves. A nice oil won’t just break on your gloves but will also top up a water-resistant layer on top. The water-proofing feature performed by the oil protects the baseball gloves from cracks that normally develop over time. Glove oils manufactured with mink oils and beeswax are great in offering this water-resistant effect to the gloves.


Sometimes it’s necessary to purchase a glove oil that you can easily use; for example, a spray oil is quite suitable. Making use of a different piece of rag now and then becomes a stressor.

Quality and Color

Ensure that the oil won’t alter with the color of your glove to a different thing that you never wished. Try to purchase an odorless and color-free baseball glove oil that won’t harm the color of your gloves.

Continuous Effectiveness

The glove oil you choose to use won’t display any noticeable effects on your baseball gloves immediately you start using it. Cheap glove oils manufactured with excess synthetics will display that. They will only assist you in breaking in the new glove but will fail to maintain the frequent conditioning of its leather.

Thus, the glove oils above are the best as they are made of natural ingredients that will offer you a good ball grip. Be it a quick throw by the defender or a powerful shot of the batter, a properly-conditioned glove lowers the possibility of missing the ball.

Frequently Asked Questions On Glove Oils

Can I oil a brand new baseball glove?

Yes! Never forget to oil your baseball gloves during the entire season. Make sure you apply the glove oil to protect the gloves from their time of purchase. It’s a nice idea to make your gloves durable and to maintain their performance.

Can I use coconut oil be used on baseball gloves?

Generally, you can use coconut oil on leather baseball gloves. But coconut oil is only used when you don’t have any conditioner or professional oil. However, when using coconut oil, only take a little amount, apply on the gloves then rub the oil properly.

How do MLB players break in their gloves?

Most of them break in their gloves by placing them inside water. Some folks place them in the microwave. Some players like Rodriguez lathers them using cream.

Some break in their gloves by putting them in water. Some put in the microwave. And like Rodriguez, he lathers them with shaving cream.

What are the differences between conditioner and baseball oil?

Many people always use glove oil once their gloves get too stiff, more so when they are brand new. When using glove oil, make sure you wipe it in the correct position. Conditioners are more for gloves’ maintenance. You can use conditioners to break in, but they are not that effective compared to oils. The difference is, conditioner is more of petroleum, a jelly-based product.

Can I apply the conditioner after every baseball match?

No! don’t apply the conditioner or the glove oil after every game. Once you apply, the best glove oil may provide a long-lasting effect on your gloves. Ensure you use the cream after each game to protect the gloves from bristles.

After how long will the glove oil take to recover the baseball glove?

Basically, after 24 hours, the glove oil should have provided full protection to the gloves. Place the gloves at a mid-temperature once you are done with the application. The temperature should vary between 60-80 degrees. The gloves will absorb the glove oil utterly.

Will the conditioner or the baseball glove oil add weight to the glove?

If you apply the oil in excess, it may top up some weight and ruin its performance as well. Only apply a proper amount and good quality of the oil.

is it safe to apply the oil straight on the gloves?

It’s good to apply the conditioner or the glove oil indirectly using your finger or a fabric. Using the direct application is wrong as this may end up ruining the leather spores making it unbreathable.


First of all, make sure you decide on what you want. If you wish to break in the glove, then find the best baseball oils. Once you buy a perfect lubricant, it will boost your experience for an extended period, bringing perfection and ease while playing.

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