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10 Best Baseball Field Rakes 2022 [Infield Grooming Tools]

Grooming your baseball field is concerned mainly with simple aesthetics. Yes, you wish to have a beautifully and professionally looking field. That’s not a complex task! But what’s essential is that your baseball field is safe for a match. As one of the groundsmen, your primary concern should be directed to players’ safety. More so players who will be taking the field. Proper baseball field maintenance is vital.

However, if you wish to maintain the baseball field and bring it to a perfect state where the players can feel secured, you must have a baseball infield rake. Eliminating stones and rocks and removing spoils will not only make the infield look great but also make it safe from bad hops and playable.

Sometimes finding the best baseball field rake is a stressor. But what can make this process a success? It can be time-consuming to get the best product if you lack the correct information.

But the good news is, here is a detailed review of the best baseball field rakes.

1. Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake


  • It has an extended rounded tooth that gives a smooth raking action
  • It’s a user-friendly rake
  • Constructed with durable materials to enhance longevity

This powerful product from the Aluminum landscape comes with a standard design making it one of the most famous professional models in the industry. Midwest 10036 has long and extended teeth that deliver a smooth and non-gouging raking action. Additionally, it’s designed with a striking edge that makes it a great landscape rake for grading the baseball field.

Also, many baseball grounds workers have fallen in love with this eye-catching field rake as it has a sturdy wrap-around bracing as well as a heavy-duty and durable double rib design that enhances head stability. This feature is essential as it promises a long-lasting performance despite any heavy professional use to your field rake.

It has a solid 66-inch powder-coated aluminium handle plus a 6-inch rugged non-slip vinyl grip that adds more comfort. The rake measures 4-inch height, 36-inch width and 66-inch length.

And that’s not all….

Midwest has a robust aluminium plug built on the head to handle the connection. Other rakes use plastic or wood plugs, and others lack plug at all.

2. BSN Sports Aluminum Maintenance Rake


  • It has an all-aluminium construction
  • The handle is 58 inches long
  • Light-weight and a durable equipment
  • Oversized teeth for pit maintenance and field grooming
  • Product measurements: 8 inches by 12 inches by 12 inches

Whether the baseball team is practising deep in the offseason or hosting a tournament, the playing field needs to be appropriately maintained. It features total aluminium construction that is hard to break any hard-packed dirt on the playing field.

BSN sports maintenance rake also comes with oversized teeth that are designed to rake through any dirt on the baseball playing field, as well as dispersing clumps. A big thanks to the smooth side of the field rake that allows you to level dirt to a uniformed area.

The rake has won the hearts of many people as it comes with a long 58-inch handle designed to help you rake dirt easily without straining your back. That sounds great.

3. Trigon Sports Double Play Rake


  • Durable and a solid construction
  • Versatile and innovative with two teeth design
  • Great for every kind of sports
  • Product dimensions: 2.01 by 5.98 by 65.51 inches

This versatile double-play rake comes with an innovative design. Its constructed with two teeth design that’s used to make the baseball field cleaning process s breeze. The long teeth are meant for general raking and wet clay removal, while the shot teeth are essential in breaking up the hard-packed clay.

Also, the rake comes with a 36-inch head and durable wrap-around braces that promise you longevity. You don’t have to be worried about going back to the shop to buy a field rake after every 2-3 years.

What’s more….

The rake is a 66-inch powder-coated and comes with an aluminium handle having a 6-inch non-slip vinyl grip that delivers maximum comfort while cleaning the field.

4. Track & Field 24 Inch Pit Rake


  • Designed for minor league coaches and recreation maintenance personnel
  • One side has an extended and sturdy tooth.
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75 by 67 by 6 inches
  • Weight; 4.45 Pounds

Track and field is another amazing field rake that makes it a perfect choice for almost every playing surface, including golf sandpits, track and field, and baseball-softball track. Many people have fallen in love with this fantastic equipment as it’s constructed with aluminium that promises you durability and won’t rust after repeated use. It’s designed to last season after season.

Also, the rake features an extended and tough tooth that helps in breaking down all uneven areas on the field. The opposite side is designed for levelling and grooming all the playing field.

It’s a great field rake for recreation maintenance personnel and minor league coaches. Furthermore, the quality of the Track and Field pit rake is backed up by a full 3-year warranty.

5. Track & Field Emporium Baseball Infield Rake


  • Light-weight and aluminium rake
  • Powder-coated handle
  • Smoothens and rakes track landing pits and baseball infields
  • Easy to use

Track and field Emporium infield rake is a 36-inch durable and light-weight Aluminum rake used for levelling and raking softball and baseball infield. The good news is, one side of the rake features long and sturdy teeth, and the other side has a straight edge meant for levelling the baseball field.

The handle is powder-coated to enhance durability and makes it a more convenient field rake to use for an extended period. It’s a user-friendly baseball rake that measures 2.91 by 7.87 by 67.01 inches that you can carry from one place to the other with ease.

6. Yard Tuff YTF-53HPDM Drag Mat


  • Product measurements: 0.38 x 5 x 3inches
  • Zinc-plated finish
  • Durable construction
  • Heavy-duty steel mesh

Yard Tuff’s 5′ x 3′ drag-mat is the best way to make sure your levelling needs are sorted as per your requirements. This fantastic product is constructed using galvanized steel mesh to enhance a sturdy drag mat that you can depend on to make the field clean. Just drag the equipment manually using the included tow rope to grade or level a range of surfaces.

The sturdy and zinc-plated finish promises you that this field rake will be long-lasting and resist rust. The equipment is a nice way to level up your baseball diamonds and playing field, as well as a perfect way to prepare the food plots.

Also, it’s designed in a way that can assist you to drag fertilizer to the ground for enriched soil. It’s a versatile tool that can assist you in a range of projects.

7. Midwest Rake 12036


  • Solid aluminum plug in the handle to head connection
  • The handle is constructed with Powder-coated aluminum
  • Solid wrap around the bracing
  • Aluminum landscape rake
  • Comes with extended and rounded teeth that delivers non-gouging and smooth raking ability

Midwest is an Aluminum landscape that’s designed with extended and rounded teeth that delivers a non-gouging and smooth raking action. Additionally, its striking edge is perfect for grading the field. It comes with a strong wrap around the bracing and a durable double rib design that promises you a long-lasting performance as well as maximizing on head stability.

This strong and 66-inch powder-coated handle is designed with a 6-inch and a non-slip vinyl grip to enhance maximum comfort. It comes with a solid aluminium plug located on the head to handle joining compared to other brands that use plastic or wood plugs. Others don’t have a plug at all.

Midwest Rake measures 4-inch height by 36-inch width by 66-inch length.

8. Trigon Sports Field/Aggregate Rake


  • Versatile making it a perfect rake for every sports level
  • Quick shipping
  • Durable construction
  • Light-weight and durable designed with over-sized teeth
  • All solid aluminum construction

Trigon sports field rake is an amazing tool that features an all-aluminium construction meant for institutional use. Additionally, this aggregate rake is lightweight and durable, having oversized teeth making it a great tool for field grooming. You can use one side to level and the remaining side to rake your field.

With its solid construction, you don’t have to worry about quality. What’s more, it’s backed up by a lifetime warranty. So, you don’t have to be worried about a money refund or product replacement in case of any issue.

9. Double Play Rake


  • A versatile field maintenance rake
  • Short teeth located on one side
  • Long handle
  • Product measurements: 2 by 6 by 67.5 inches

A double play rake is a must-have tool for any softball or baseball field as it assists in making the playing conditions more efficient in every play. It’s a versatile field maintenance equipment that can be used on any type of sport field.

The tool comes with a long handle that promises you simple use without the need of bending over for a long time. Additionally, the rake is designed with short teeth on one side that helps in breaking apart huge dirt clumps. On the other side, the long teeth help in the grooming of dirt to make it smoother.

10. Trigon Sports Aluminum Landscape Rake


  • A versatile landscape rake
  • Solid construction
  • Light-weight and durable with oversized teeth for quick field grooming
  • Features an aluminum construction
  • Product dimensions: 2.25 by 5.5 by 59.25 inches

This eye-catching tool from Trigon features an aluminum construction meant for institutional purposes. It’s a light-weight tool that comes with oversized teeth that helps you groom the field easily. It features a solid construction thus promising you longevity and it’s a versatile product that can be used in every level of sports.


Weighing only 4.95 pounds, you can easily maneuver with the rake around the baseball field without struggle.

Field Maintenance Tips: How to Drag a Baseball and Softball Infield

Softball and baseball infield maintenance can be a stressor. But you must display your effort through committing to frequent care and you’ll end up getting a smooth and playable baseball field during the entire season.

However, what is the ideal methods for making a baseball infield in proper condition? You don’t have to fret! Here are the techniques to maintain your baseball infield. But you must understand that these maintenances only work in the “skinned” parts of the field where no grass is available.


Maintaining your field starts with regular leveling. Sometimes it can be tempting to just drag a mat, groom the ground then call it a day. Although doing this will just improve the nature of the field, not its performance.

Field leveling maintenance should be carried out after every play. Immediately a play is over, make sure you scan the baseball infield to check on the uneven regions. For tiny regions, you can use a leveling rake. Ensure you work on the area by raking the material from a raised spot then deposit it on a low-level spot. In case the area is dry, make sure you wet the newly leveled region then tamp it down to assist you to keep it in position.

Bigger infield maintenance jobs require using a leveling tool from a riding mower or a tractor. Before you use a leveling attachment, make sure you use needle tines or a nail drag to loosen the material. As you level the field, you can make some broad sweeping turns in different directions along the target area. In case the infield area is dry, water the region then tamp it to assist in keeping the freshly infield area in a nice state.


This activity prepares your infield area for play giving you a nice and finished look. This activity should be done only after you are done with leveling. For a perfect grooming result, use the following steps:

  • Start by removing the bases then fill the holes using a rubber plug
  • Take a nail drag then “scarify” the field that assists in breaking down compacted materials around
  • Next, finish grooming the field using a broom
  • Once you are some feet from the outfield grass, raise the drag then shake it to remove excess field mix.
  • Having done that, take a rake then smoothen out the pile left behind by the drag
  • Finally, groom the base paths using a hand rake

Please consider the following while grooming your field

  • You should begin and end grooming different spots in the region each time
  • Ensure you change the way under which you groom to prevent the formation of uneven spots
  • Groom at a steady pace. Don’t move too fast as the drag can bounce leaving uneven dirt deposits.

Things to avoid while grooming

  • Never use grooming equipment on grassy areas
  • Never use a drag mat around two feet of the grass edge as this can cause the formation of lips
  • Never use a drag mat close to home plate
  • Never attempt to drag the base paths in case there is grass on the infield. Rather use a hand rake


In case you stay in areas with cold winters, sometimes you may be worried about what to do with your field during the offseason periods. However, when the fields aren’t in use, the best thing to do is leveling, rolling the field, then leaving it alone. Loosening the upper layer through grooming develops a situation in which wind and rain can displace the field mix.

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