Best Baseball Bags

10 Best Baseball Bags in 2022

As you scout around for a credible review of the 10 best baseball bags in the market today, you need to arm yourself with some vital info about these bags in general.

Your baseball bag is one of the crucial things you need to make your time in the field fun and worth the while. You know there’s a list of things that you need to get to the field, whether you are preparing for a match or during the actual game. 

You don’t want to spoil the fun by wedging a bat or two under your arm, stuff your gloves in your pockets, carry your helmet in one hand and your cleats on the other.  And yes, that bottle of water- how do you carry it? It’s not surprising you need something great to take all these requirements and more. 

A superb baseball bag is your best companion here

But then, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of models of baseball backpacks out in the market. These baseball equipment bags come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and other features. In short, all baseball bags are not the same.

The best baseball carrying bag must meet some essential criteria. What do you consider when selecting the best baseball backpack? 

best baseball bags

best baseball bags

New Balance Men`s L3000v3 Metal Baseball Shoe

There are good reasons why this baseball bag steals the show as our top pick of the best backpacks for this game. For one, think of a kit that allows you to store all your gear in one place. That is the Athletico Baseball Bag.

On the sides are pockets for carrying two baseball bats while a separate compartment takes care of your shoes. You’ll be surprised by the spacious interior that has enough space for all your baseball sporting gear such as a baseball helmet, cleats, baseball cap, batting gloves, catching gloves, and all. 

If you carry your keys, wallet, or phone with you, this bag has smaller pockets to help you safely store these items while on the go or in the field.

This baseball backpack knows no age boundary – it’s the perfect bag for you, whether you are an excited and stylish youth or an adult who needs a neat and functional bag for your sporting activities.  

Even when packed, this bag is still comfortable to carry thanks to the lumbar protection for your dear back and the padded straps that ease the pressure on your shoulders. The fence hook makes it easy and convenient to hang up this bag at the dugout.

The polyester and high-density 600 Denier Oxford fabrics used to make this bag assure you of rugged durability that withstands everything from practice, tournaments to night games. 

The positive attributes of this bag are the reason the manufacturer gives you a money-back guarantee just in case you’re not satisfied with what you get.

Easton Walk-off IV Bat Pack Baseball Bag

One thing sets this bag apart is the approach it offers you to carry your helmet. With this baseball bag, you just clip your helmet into a harness on the outer side of the pack. 

At that position, your helmet is not only completely secured, but I also super easy to unclip. This simply means no more leaving your helmet on the bench between innings; instead, you just clip it onto your backpack.

The Easton Walk-Off IV features some sleeves on either side of the bag. These sleeves are high enough to secure your bats. What’s even better is that at the bottom of each of the sleeves, you find an accurately zippered pocket, which you can use to secure your phone, keys, or even coins.

If you are fussy about color, this bag comes in tons of color options. You can go for the camouflage body, a simple all-over shade, or even a contrasting two-tone mix.

If you want a macho look or a feminine look rest assured, this bag has a style that suits you.

Easton E110BP Bat Pack

This yet another great bag in our list of top 10 bats packs. The Easton E110BP features a compartment large enough to accommodate the balls and mitts, helmet, glove, and your clothes. On either of its sides, you find a sleeve; they allow you to carry two bats, one on each side safely.

There’s a compartment to carry your shoes, and the good thing is that this compartment can comfortably accommodate a man’s size 13 cleats.  

The generous padding on the shoulder straps ensures you remain comfortable even when carrying the bag when it’s full to the brim

Be sure that the sturdy fabric used to craft this bag gives it durability beyond just one season.

The only downside comes with the shoe compartment. If you have large shoes, they’ll compromise the space available in the main section. So this might not be your best bag if you have large cleats and plenty of equipment to carry.

DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

 Another roomy bag, this baseball backpack with a bizarre name, has several appealing features in place. The large main compartment promises to fit your helmet, gloves, and gear.

A separate shoe compartment helps you separate your dusty cleats from the rest of your sports items in the bag. If you have big braces, that’s fine. This compartment can accommodate up to a man’s size 13 and still leave some room to spare.

This Voodoo Rebirth Backpack is vented, thus ensuring no odors emanating from the bag’s interior.

Your phone is safe and well-protected from scratches. Thanks to the cell phone pocket lined with fleece, which prevents your phone screen from getting scratches when you store it there. 

Well-padded shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry this bag. The J-shaped hanging hook is a vital add-on when it comes to hanging this bag at the dugout.

Rawlings Sporting Goods Velo Back Pack

This product from Rawlings is an excellent example of genuinely comprehensive design. Rawlings Sporting Goods Vero Backpack is a bag that lets you secure your helmet, shoes, gloves, phone, and even your laptop. 

Its key selling point, which lands it the coveted list of our 10 best baseball bags, is the fact that this bag has an external helmet holder. This means your helmet doesn’t occupy any space inside the bag. In turn, this leaves you with substantial space to put your other critical baseball equipment.

The bag has a sleeve on either side of the pack. These sleeves enable you to secure two bats- one on each side. If you have only one baseball bat, you can use the extra sleeve to ensure and safely carry a bottle of water.

The bag’s design brings two neat pockets in the main compartment. These pockets separate your dirty cleats from the rest of the kit. On the front side of the bag, you find two Velcro strips that you use to attach and release your gloves quickly and with the utmost ease.

At the top of the bag is a separate compartment with a customizable valet tray. The neat sections here help you keep your valuables safe and secure. Your mobile phone finds a great home in the zippered pocket at the back of the bag.

It’s not just your phone, but your laptop is well-taken care of. A separate padded compartment is an excellent hiding place for your computer. 

And when the bag is not on your shoulder, you can use the external hook attached to the bag to hang it on the dugout fence.

Favor Gear Baseball Bag

If you are looking for an economical yet feature-rich baseball bag, then the Favor Gear Baseball bag might be your best bet.

This bag is made using the durable, high-quality 600 denier Oxford material and polyester. It’s this combination of materials that give the bag its strength and lightweight. 

Your sporting equipment is safe and secure inside the bag courtesy of the robust metal zippers leading to the main compartment. This compartment comfortably holds your helmet, a couple of mitts, a softball, and a baseball.  

Your dirty shoes are safely tacked away in the lower compartment where you can also fit your equipment too. On either side of the bag is a sleeve which you can use to keep two bats – one on each side.

What about your wallet, keys, or phone? Well, don’t worry. There’s a small zipped pocket to hold these items safe and secure. But if you want to put your gloves in this pocket, well and right, it’s big enough to accommodate them.

The straps and lumbar region have good padding making it easy and comfortable to carry along. Although this bag is not the showiest or the flashiest around, it is still a decent baseball bag for anyone serious about getting a cute bag for storing and carrying baseball gear.

Easton 510W Wheeled Bag

As earlier said in our introductory section, there are times when baseball players have to take heavy equipment over long distances or extended periods. If you are in this category of players, a wheeled bag might just be what you need. But which wheeled bag?

The Easton 510 Wheeled bag is one of our top choices in this list of the top 10 baseball bags in 2020, and for good reasons. 

This bag has got miles of space; you can pack in much more equipment and items than you can in the conventional backpacks. When it comes to moving your stuff around, you won’t have to do some weightlifting stunts. 

You just drag the bag along as you move, thanks to the heavy-duty wheels and rubberized pullers. But in case you have to climb some steps or cross muddy fields, there are straps to help you lift and carry the bag if the need arises.

At the bottom of the bag, there’s a pocket big enough to hold up to four bats. The vented pockets inside the bag ensure your sweaty kit dries faster, thus reducing the amount and strength of odors coming from them. 

The bag features a removable shoe panel. This means if you want, you can embroider the panel with your team’s name.

Louisville Slugger Select Stick Pack

If you are a little league player, you might find this neat backpack a great choice. Opening up the main section gives you locker-style experience – you can easily reach your equipment without having to scourge around.

A waterproof compartment offers you an excellent place to keep your baseball shoes. The fleece-lined pocket in the bag’s interior is a great place to safely keep your valuable be they keys, phone, and such other small items.

It’s easy to maneuver this bag because it has well-balanced straps that are counterbalanced the handles at the front side of the pack.

The only problem might be the size of the dual bat sleeves – if you are an older player, you might find these sleeves too small for your liking. 

Men’s Under Armour Undeniable Bat Pack

Available in black, navy, grey, scarlet and royal blue, this neat backpack isn’t too bulky. However, it still has lots of space for your equipment.

This bag is designed primarily to hold your batting helmet, shoes, and gloves. The bat sleeves on both sides of the bag allow you to secure two bats. The front pocket and the top section are great places to store your phone and other valuable items. One of the most significant selling points of this bag is, most likely, its all-weather attributes. 

This bag is made using Storm DWR, which makes it genuinely weatherproof, so if you deal with all-day tournaments in the pouring rain, you might find the bags superior ability to keep your kit completely dry.

Although the bag has a built-in J-hook for hanging it on the fence, this hook is on the inside. This means you have to open the bag every time you want to hang it on the fence. This might not be a significant issue; you can add a carabiner to the loop on the outer side of the bag.

Boombah Rolling Superpack Baseball

As the name rightly suggests, this is one bag you don’t have to lift to your shoulders. That’s why it comes in a rolling design. This might be the best bag if your preference is a rolling bag, not the usual backpack.

This bag offers you more space to pack your sports equipment than you can get from a backpack. For instance, it’ll hold up to four baseball bats.

In the main compartment, you can use the sturdy divider that’s well attached with Velcro to create a different section with front access. Your newly designed space can be an excellent place to store your dirty kit or even shoes.

Alternatively, you can make different use of this section by folding the driver away to create one larger space. This space is enough for your helmet, two adult gloves, a youth glove, and a fielding mask.

The heavy-duty wheels and the telescopic handle make it easy and fun to transport this bag with its weight cargo inside.

The one thing you might not like about this rolling bag is that it has no straps. So be ready to drag it along, no matter the terrain. 

Nevertheless, the Boombah Rolling Superpack Baseball offers you a great variety of colors to choose from. With a choice of no less than 42 colorways, you have the reason to get a baseball bag of your favorite color or color combo.

Things to consider


You’ll be using your bag to carry your baseball equipment and other requirements to and from the field. 

The items you carry in the bag have their weight. The baseball cleats, baseball bats gloves, and other add-ons are not weightless. It is this weight that you have to carry with you in the bag.

The problem is you don’t have to add a hefty bag to carry this weight. You are playing baseball, not training as a weightlifter. Your baseball carrying bag should be lightweight enough to allow you to take the weight of its contents without straining too much.

Your best baseball bag should be lightweight and easy to carry.


 The primary reason why you are buying this bag is to have all your baseball sporting gear and attire fit in one space. The best baseball bag must serve this purpose.

Standard bags generally hold the slugging stick while others can keep balls, gloves, cell phones, spikes, I-Pods, and even your cash.

Does that mean the more prominent the bag, the better it is? Not precisely; what it means is that you have to factor the size of the items you want to carry in the bag. Once you have an idea of the scale, select a container that accommodates these items and leaves a little bit more room for any other small addition. 

In short, the baseball bag you buy should not be too big or bulky. Otherwise, it will be clumsy to carry around as you engage in your favorite sporting activity.


Okay, you have a bag you think is of the right weight and size for your baseball requirements, but how portable is it. You’ll be using this bag to carry your sporting gear every time you have a match to play. 

Baseball bags come in four primary styles: the handheld, shoulders strap, wheeled and, the backpack. 

Each of these styles has its ups and downs. The shoulders strap, for instance, comes with a shoulder that lets you hang it on your shoulders as you move. The challenge here is that the weight is concentrated on one side of your body, which will tire you up faster than if it was evenly more evenly distributed. 

The backpack is the newest kid on the block and offers an added advantage over the other styles. The backpack baseball bag distributes weight more evenly than its other cousins. 

The wheeled option is an excellent choice if you intend to carry large sporting and related equipment. However, be ready for other rather clumsy experience compared to different types of bags.


You must pay particular attention to the material used to manufacture the bat bag you decide to buy. This is true for both the outer and inner material used to make this bag. Why? 

Baseball bags have to contend with the outdoor elements; the sun –and at times the rains and so on. Besides, they are prone to come into contact with other surfaces that can quickly destroy them or lessen the bag’s lifespan.

It’s advisable to choose a bag made of sturdy, durable, and water-resistant outer material. Bags made of heavy polyester might be your best bet here.

The inner material should be soft and scratch-resistant, which will protect the contents in the bag from getting scratches. So it’s best to choose a pack with a delicate mesh material or similar fabric.

Make your choice

With the insight you get from this review of the 10 best baseball bags 2021, it’s time to take the next step. Take your time and identify what your requirements are and select the best baseball bag for your sporting requirements.

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