Best Agility Ladders for Baseball

Best Agility Ladders for Baseball 2022

Baseball and softball are vigorous games that require you to demonstrate power and speed. But power and speed don’t just develop naturally. Granted, you might be better endowed in this respect than most of your colleagues and opponents, but then you need to sustain these aspects if you have to remain in top shape for these games.

And that is where agility ladders come in into the picture.

What is an agility ladder?

For starters, this is a plastic, multi-rung ladder used to help athletes to improve their agility and flexibility while at the same time increasing the user’s power and speed. Yes, when you are agile, you can move swiftly and efficiently. These are two vital qualities that any baseball and softball players must endeavor to perfect.

When you are agile, you can turn into whichever direction with ease but without losing your balance.

Some athletes mistakenly think the only thing they require to perform well in their games is strength training exercises, stretch outs, and cardio workouts. Well, no one can argue against the importance of these activities. However, more is needed. You need to get the appropriate combination of speed and coordination. However, without the right tools, this can be an uphill task for you.

If you are keen on improving, not just you’re the strength of your entire body but also your aerobic capacity, agility ladder drills should be part of your exercise regimen.

However, like with many other products, agility ladders come in many brands and models; some are excellent for baseball and softball while others are better suited for other purposes. So, selecting the best agility ladder for baseball and softball can be a tricky and time-consuming affair.

The purpose of this review to make the task of getting the best of these ladders a breeze. We highlight what we’ve found to be the best agility ladders for baseball and softball presently. The review ends by giving you some crucial buying tips to ensure you are making the best purchase for your training experience.

Our Picks of the Best Agility Ladders for Baseball 2022

Pro Footwork Agility Ladder

If you are looking for the best agility ladder for your off-season activities, this is one piece of equipment that won’t disappoint. This ladder comes with hurdler, which you can adjust to three different heights: 12, 9, and 6 inches. This feature enables you to customize this ladder to your preferred level of exercise and ability.

You don’t have to worry about its ease of storage since these speed hurdles take care of that; they fold up easily; hence are easy to store. In any case, the ladder’s design is a big plus since it allows the equipment to fit well into the carry bag provided.

Another thing that you’ll like about the Pro Footwork Agility Ladder is that it features durable rungs, which also facilitate uniform spacing. You won’t have to think about replacing the levels or the entire ladder after a few training sessions.

The cones are another feature that will please you; they are flexible and able to bounce back into shape even after you subject them to abuse in your agility training sessions.


  • It comes with cones and speed hurdles
  • The hurdles are adjustable
  • The entire ladder comes in neon green


  • It’s rather cheaply made.

SKLZ Ladders

If the primary reason why you are looking for an agility ladder is to improve your speed and power, the SKLZ agility ladder is an excellent choice.

This ladder comes with eleven rungs made using heavy-duty plastic. This material is very durable; thus, you are sure you are purchasing equipment that will last longer than most equivalents on the market. And remember, each of these rungs is 15 inches long and 17 inches wide, making them spacious and robust enough to accommodate intensive training sessions.

This ladder does more than just boost your power and speed; it enhances your balance too. The SKLZ does this by allowing you to practice a diverse range of skills such as stability, balancing, and shifting direction. All these are the critical capabilities you need most to boost your baseball skills.

And if you want to use for training for any other spot, feel free to do so.


  • The rung spacing is adjustable
  • The ladder folds up easily
  • Comes complete with a carrying bag


  • If you are looking for premium quality, you might have to consider a different ladder.

Profect Sports Pro Agility Ladder

In case you’re searching for an across-the-board agility training set, you can count on the Profect Sports Agility bundle as your smartest option. This set comes with cones, a 15-foot agility ladder, 4 metal ground anchors, and two eBooks. The eBooks show you how to boost your readiness for preparing.

You can use the ground anchor to fasten and secure the ladder l during use.

It implies that you don’t need to continue straightening out the ladder’s position. When you’ve finished your preparation, you can store all your hardware in the heavy-duty carrying that the maker has provided. Likewise, Profect Sports gives a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • It has a super-nice craftsmanship
  • It’s an ultimate set
  • Comes with training eBooks
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some buyers complain they never received the eBooks


If you are here looking for an agility ladder that will serve not only you but also your kids, then the Blzpro Agility Ladder will help you very well. This is an adjustable ladder, which makes it an excellent choice for kids and teenagers; you can adjust it to suit their respective sizes and requirements.

Another thing you’ll like about this ladder is that it’s as easy to roll out as it is to use. All you’ll have to do is fix the equipment on the ground using the four pegs then start your training.

But don’t let its ease of use mislead you to thinking it’s not ideal for professional athletes; far from it. The ladder receives accolades for providing high-intensity training that boosts your practice, improves your cardiovascular, and increases your stamina.

Simply you can use this agility ladder for extended periods without getting fatigued. Blzpro is easy to store and carry thanks to the 2 carry bags provided for storing and carrying the equipment.


  • There are different colors to choose from
  • It is a durable ladder
  • It comes with two carrying bags


  • The cones might not be as massive as you might want them to be

20 Ft Agility Ladder & Training Set

This 20-foot Mantra Sports agility ladder includes a reasonably generous number of  12 rungs, making it an excellent choice for both expert and intermediate athletes to improve their performance in baseball and (or softball).

The rungs offer you the opportunity to adjust your training intensity since you can change them to match your current training needs.

Another plus of this ladder is that you can use it irrespective of the prevailing weather condition.

You are spending money on this item; the manufacturer does well to provide you with a lifetime warranty and an elaborate double-wall chart highlighting the different footwork drills that can help you achieve your intended results faster and more effectively.


  • It has 12 adjustable rungs
  • Eight drill cones providing direction and balance
  • Four rust-resistant pegs
  • Comes with a carrying bag for storage and portability


  • No noteworthy con so far

Juvale Speed and Agility Training Set and Resistance Parachute

In case you are specifically looking for an agility ladder that does more than just help you improve your footwork but also helps you build strength, the Juvale Speed and Agility Training set is a great choice. This package comes with an agility ladder, stakes, 6 yellow disc cones, and a resistance parachute.

You can use this ladder for different training scenarios since you can adjust the distance between the rungs to suit the specific situation you want, from strength training exercises to cardio workouts.

The steel-made stakes enhance your safety as they ensure the ladder is firmly secured.

Not many training sets come with a parachute set. On this note, this set gets a big plus. The parachute set helps create a drag that forces you to use more effort and improve your overall speed and strength.

This agility ladder is ideal for baseball and softball athletes and coaches, rugby players, PE teachers, footballers, track athletes, and many more.


  • Fully adjustable rungs are allowing alteration of rung distance.
  • Suitable for a wide range of other users such as PE teachers, coaches, basketball players, etc.
  • Comes with a compact bag.


  • The parachute might not be as sturdy as you might want.

Benefits of Using Agility Ladders in Training for Baseball

There numerous compelling benefits that make this a must-have equipment. Consider the following:

Agility and reflex time

Baseball is one of those games that require players to change and shift direction with the utmost speed. That is what agility is all about, and that is what an agility ladder enables you to achieve.

But that’s not all; even if you are a seasoned player, you still need to do some warm exercise before a tournament. Such activities help to increase your heart rate and enhance your reaction times. Agility ladder drills are an excellent way to achieve these pre-game objectives.


If you want to develop quick feet as a baseman, infielder out-fielder, or any other baseball position, you cannot ignore the value that agility ladder training can bring to your gaming experience.

Having effective footwork is vital as it helps you develop better coordination and balance during the actual game.


Playing baseball requires speed and agility, and an agility ladder helps you address this challenge from two angles. First, agility ladder drills enhance the connection between your feet and the brain. This, in turn, leads to improved reflexes and better balance and response to light speed changes as you play.

Secondly, agility ladder drills reinforce strength in your hips, quads, and core; all these help increase resistance and build muscle strength faster. For a deeper look into the best speed training parachutes [Read our Buyers Guide]


An agility ladder is one of the best tools you can ever use for your workouts. This equipment does a great job by not only helping to strengthen your joints and ligaments but also raising your heart rate.

Agility Ladders Buyers Guide

Given the highlights of the best agility ladders for baseball, let’s focus on what to look for when buying an agility ladder. Never mind that in general, these ladders are inexpensive, but that does not mean you should just buy any agility ladder that you come across. Your money is hard-earned, so it’s prudent to get equipment that will serve you well.

Things to consider when buying the best agility ladder for baseball

Number of Rungs

Remember, the essential feature that makes this a ladder is the rungs attached to it. These are levels form the basis of your agility drills. Agility ladders come in a varying number of treads; some have 15 rungs, others have 12, 11, or 8 levels.

Since, in general, most agility ladders have a similar height ranging from 15 to 20 feet, it means the more the number of rungs, the smaller the spacing. Now, this is important when you are buying this ladder. 

A ladder with more rungs means it has smaller spacing, which, in turn, means the ladder is ideal for more intense training since it provides for shorter, more energetic steps. This type of ladder is best used by experts who need (and are used) to more intensive training.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, an ideal agility ladder should have fewer rungs and wider spacing.


Adjustability means the ability to alter the distance between the rungs mentioned above. Not all ladders have this feature. The importance of having a ladder with adjustable rungs is that you can easily alter your training experience with only that one ladder.

Adjustability allows you to shift from less intensive to more intensive and energetic agility drills without getting a different agility ladder. What’s even better is that you don’t have to get separate ladders for your kids, teenagers, or other people in your group who need agility drills of different levels of intensity and experience.


Although these ladders are moderately priced, it doesn’t mean you have to go for a ladder that will only last a few training sessions. You want to focus on your agility drills and overall training not to spend inordinate amounts of time scouting around for replacement ladders.

One thing you should focus on when establishing the durability of an agility ladder is the design of the straps. The straps should be somewhat durable and fray-resistant. If the straps are made of Nylon or similar durable material, you have a potentially more durable ladder.


When searching online for an excellent ladder, check whether it’s possible to secure the equipment to a flat surface. Ladders that come with anchors are lovely because they remain firmly secured as you go about your agility drills.


You don’t have to glue yourself to a single location for your baseball training exercises. There are times you’ll want to use your agility ladder away from your usual spot. Some manufacturers seem to understand this pretty well. That’s why they make compact agility ladders and training sets with carrying bags.

If you are prone to traveling and want to use the ladder to go for your games, it’s good to purchase a ladder easy to carry with you. Other than the carry bag, the ladder should be not only light-duty but also healthy and durable.


An excellent agility ladder should come with instructions on installing and using it, especially if you are a beginner. Even for experienced trainers, a good set of instructions is still necessary since new technology might be incorporated, which you were not aware of previously.

Extremely Affordable

If, as a baseball or softball player are looking for an inexpensive tool to help you build your strength, increase your agility, and work on your cardio, the agility ladder is an excellent solution.

This affordable equipment takes your fitness endeavors to a whole new level. An agility ladder allows you to perform diverse workouts such as beast crawl, short hop, and lateral shuffle. It’s no wonder that this equipment is also used for weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Interestingly, this inexpensive piece of equipment can bring such a variety of immense benefits not only to a baseball player. And yes, not just to this cadre of athletes but any other person keen to enhance their agility and do some strength training.

This review has presented the best agility ladders in the market today. It’s now your turn to reap the benefits of this remarkably affordable equipment. Go through the list once more and select the agility ladder that closely meets your expectations and bring your gaming experience to a whole new level.